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I feel bad for camila tbh.. She keeps saying in interviews she is done and over with the person but i would like to say she is not and that she is just forced to say or if not she wants to prove herself to be stronger. Every single night she is listening to all these songs in spotify about how she wants her love back, or about how she misses that one person or about how that one person is beautiful. That small and fragile talented baby there is hurting. ALWAYS PROTECT CAMILA CABELLO! LOVE ONLY

Yeah you can genuinely see how hurt she is over this person and I hate seeing her like that! I think she’s trying to get closure but all these continuous questions about it are making that difficult. I really feel like interviewers need to tone down the questions they ask! Yup I totally agree with you on that last part! 👏❤️

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Yup, totally agree: expert level! Well done Frederick, NOW she thinks you're an asshole -.- ^^ But I love that he's such a complex character *-* What would I give to hug Theo right now :'c I wonder who that girl was since she was sitting with Fred and Billie's parents... *insert deeply thinking face here* Anyway, have a wonderful evening/night! ♥ P.S. Yeah totally meant Theo and not you (Freddie) in that one ask. Idk how but I mixed things up... ^^"

OH THAT’S ANGELA. she’s theo’s boss, and frederick’s dad is angela’s boss. I’M HAPPY YOU THINK SO ABOUT FREDERICK, i worry sometimes actually that he comes off as kind of typical, bland “rich jerk” type, but there are limits to how much of his character and backstory i can show right now. this isn’t his story, it’s theo’s, so it’s not his time to shine yet. hopefully i won’t lose interest anytime soon and i’ll get to show his story too, but in the meantime there will just be the limited information theo gets from/about him and some vague hints. 

thank yoouu <3

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I don't think BPkeith arc will happen. it will either be allura or lance. There are just so many things that go against BPKeith 1. the fact that last season was all about him and if they do BPkeith then it will be focused on him again 2. Keith and Red lions bond being emphasized 3. temper, not a team player 4. Keith will have to much on his plate in s3 (his galra heritage, Loosing Brother figure again) so if he gets a leadership arc this season then the show will be the keith show

yup! i totally agree! but i don’t really want black paladin lance either, mostly because while i do think he’s a better leader than keith, he isn’t a better leader than allura.

i think keith will try to be black paladin and then it just doesn’t work out for him, so allura will end up taking charge and becoming black paladin throughout the rest of the season until they find shiro

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i know that he will be a shorty™ forever but can you imagine if fuyuhiko got a growth spurt like hiyoko and he ends up tripping and bumping into things 24/7 for a coulpe weeks before he gets better orientated

A/N i can’t believe i wrote 3 growth spurt prompts (naegi, hiyoko, kuzu) but i still prefer them as shorty squad

Fuyuhiko Gets a Growth Spurt

“Goddammit! Why the fuck is this so hard?!” Kuzuryuu swore as he hit his head on the doorway for god knows how many times already.

He’s a bit late but he finally gotten the extra inches in his height. He should be happy and he honestly was at first. He secretly kept track of his growth every day and rejoiced with every millimeter added until he reached his full height just recently. He felt high and mighty as he was now able to look down on others literally. He couldn’t have been any happier.

But as the days went by, he slowly started to realize that being tall wasn’t all that great. In fact, it was downright annoying. Sure, no one would be able to make any shorty jokes about him (not like anyone ever dared) but now he was making an embarrassment out of himself. He always kept bumping into things because he kept forgetting that he wasn’t short anymore. Always. Without fail. Every single damn time.

“Crap!” He swore again as he bumped into a desk on his way to his seat. He muttered to himself darkly, “This isn’t what I signed up for.”

“Um… Are you a-alright?” Mikan asked meakly. “It sounded like you may have hit the desk hard.”

“I’m fine. Absolutely great.” He replied sarcastically. He sighed because he already knew what’s going to happen next. Here comes the overprotective squad.

“You seem troubled. Are you sure you don’t need our assistance?” Sonia politely asked in concern. “In anything at all?”

“I already said I’m fine. No need to coddle me.” He clicked his tongue at her.

“Yeah, maybe let’s not help him.” Souda whispered from his seat. “He looks pretty pissed off.”

“Nice deductive skills. At least someone can tell when to back away.” He mocked.

“Some trials can only be overcome by oneself.” Tanaka uttered in a low and ominous tone. “A long and perilous journey lies ahead of you.”

“Heh, tell me about it. Everything just keeps getting in my way.” He played along as he recalled the number of times he bumped into something just this morning.

“You heard the guy.” Koizumi remarked. “Just give him some space.”

“Yup! Totally agree!” Saionji seconded and then chuckled darkly, “Because he’s going to need a lot of space at the rate that he’s been bumping into practically everything.”

“Huh, didn’t know you wanted to die early that badly.” Kuzuryuu smiled at her with a thinly-veiled death threat.

“You’ve undergone quite the development!” Teruteru cooed as he got another nosebleed. “I wonder just how much you developed in other places as well.”

“Don’t even fucking try to imagine or I’ll cut yours off.” He barked at him.

“Pick Ibuki! Ibuki has great idea!” Ibuki raised her hand and jumped up and down excitedly. Even though she wasn’t prompted she still continued to talk, “How about everyone, aside from Kuzuku, wears stilts? Maybe if we all grow taller too then Kuzuzu could adjust better!”

“Are you fucking serious right now?” He raised his voice as he felt his blood pressure rise along with his temper.

“Nah, that wouldn’t work.” Owari crossed her arms as if in thought. “If we all got taller, wouldn’t he revert to Chibi-Gangsta?”

“That’s it! You’re all just asking to be killed right now!” He yelled as he slammed his fist on his desk.

“Now, now. There’s no need for violence.” Nidai tried to calm him down. “They all mean well.”

“You think I don’t know that? That’s what makes this more annoying!” He grunted because goddammit this would’ve been easier if they were all assholes. But no, they were all genuinely trying to help and it frustrated him even more.

“You guys are overthinking this.” Ryotwo commented. “Just give him a few weeks and he’ll adjust naturally. You’re only making this worse.”

“Fucking finally! A voice of reason!” He threw up his hands in resignation.

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Nagito declared with his usual smile. “His hope will definitely overcome this small and insignificant trial.”

“That’s actually strangely comforting. You’re not going to get anything else from me.” He answered with the closest thing he could come up with as thanks.

“Let’s all put some more faith in him.” Nanami “He’ll ask for help when he needs to.”

“I can’t believe someone actually gets it. You all heard her, right? Listen to our class rep, she knows how to deal with this stuff.” He said as he felt himself able to finally breath easy.

“It seems as though everyone is worried over you again.” Pekoyama quietly commented from his side. “We have a wonderful class, don’t we?”

“Yeah. Yeah, we do.” He scoffed and he didn’t know it at the time but his smirk had turned into a genuine small smile. “No matter how annoying they are. They’re all good friends to have.”

Having to deal with the growth spurt was annoying and his classmates’s reactions were even more annoying than that. But even so, no matter how much or how little he changed, everything else stayed the same.

Until he hit his head again and he realized that no, not everything was the same. Some things were more annoying now.

“God fucking dammit!”

Including doorways.


Closing the (Height) Gap - kuzupeko

Kuzuryuu stared at Pekoyama in awe.

He wasn’t looking up at her anymore. He was now looking at her. Actually looking at her on the same level. Directly in the eyes. And wow, he felt as though he was seeing her for the first time.

He never knew how much the angle colored his vision of her. Now that he could properly take a good look of her, he was able to notice things that seemed to just slip pass by his vision. Her face looked more serene up close and her eyes seemed just a bit brighter whenever light was reflected from her eyeglasses just right. He could even count her eyelashes if he could get even closer. Just a little bit closer…

“Is something the matter, young master?” Pekoyama asked oblivious to the reason for his suddenly flush face.

“N-No, it’s nothing.” He stuttered and coughed as he quickly turned his head away in an effort to hide his blush. He also made an attempt at making up an excuse for staring. “I thought I saw something caught in your hair, that’s all.”

“In my… hair?” She questioned as her hand unconsciously went to check.

His eyes widened and without thinking, his hand reached out and gripped her by the wrist. “It’s fine! There’s nothing there. I already checked, okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded. She’s not entirely sure why he seemed so flustered about something. She blinked and then her eyes widened by just a fraction as she spoke softly, “Young master…”

“What? You-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence since he was stunned.

Pekoyama’s other hand had reached forward and brushed him lightly by the ear, it was warm and ticklish, and oh so very close. Her face was the epitome of calmness and quite the opposite of his as he internally panicked. Kuzuryuu’s heart hammered wildly and he could have sworn he was turning all shades of red.

But just as soon as she reached forward, she had also quickly pulled back. “There was a petal caught in your hair.” She said with a small smile as she showed it to him.

It was the smallest of smiles but it had the greatest effect on him. 

Maybe he wouldn’t have seen it in all its full glory if it weren’t for his newly acquired height. Maybe he would have only been able to capture just a fraction of it. And Kuzuryuu thought that this may be one of the best advantages of his growth spurt.

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Dude you just perfectly encompassed what I think will and hope to happen between Blake and Yang. I don't know why people think it'll be happy. Blake needs to learn her actions have negative consequences. And not in the "my friends are in danger because of me" way but the "I hurt you badly and need to make up for it" way. Yang will be cold towards Blake and probably more focused on the fact her baby sister is being hunted down (and Adam obviously).

Yup! I totally agree. Honestly I don’t think Yang is gonna even give Blake the time of day. And she deserves it. Blake will think it’s because she blames her for losing her arm, but Yang will tell her she’s only mad at her for leaving. Re-enforcing what sun has been telling her. “The pain is when you shut us out.” Not what actually happens to them.

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yup totally agree with you but they hate lovetriangles and we know if that’s happen either R or E are gonna end hurt or death and bellamy doesn’t need a relationship for his arc anymore how the narrative is going is now or never no more third persons it’s them of course its gonna be drama and angst but not with third people,yes i can totally see they make us believe that and then we have bell moved on but still love her and think about her, idk i have agood feeling.

yeah, even if they don’t like love triangles i still can see them doing something

But i got a good feeling whether they do it or not tbh. 

Somewhere in Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 7 - Crash My Party

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,724
Warnings: drinking, language? 
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: Part 7 for all of you lovely people! The title comes from the song Crash My Party by Luke Bryan (I will not apologize for my current Luke Bryan obsession lol) so if you wanna take a listen while you read, please do so. Feedback is cool! :)

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As a retail worker at a department store, I'd just like to let y'all know that when I see someone lifting, I can snitch and get 20 bucks, but I usually don't (shoplifters of the world unite, good karma, etc) UNLESS they are being rude/making a huge mess. Just FYI, how you behave towards SA's could be the difference between being caught and not.

Yup I totally agree! ALWAYS be polite guys!!!

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Yup. I totally agree w/ what you're saying, I really like that it was Gajeel saving her because it's kinda become a subtle theme for him to save all the people he hurt before + it shows how he's grown from the selfish sadistic prick he used to be. Now all that's left is for him to save Jet & Droy :).

Thanks for agreeing w/ me , and actually , Gajeel did save Jet and Droy :

it’s just , not an extremely dangerous moment 

My thoughts on the reaction to this post

This is the post that I’m talking about. Almost all the comments by radfems are vulgar and cruel. 

You may not agree with medical transition but that doesn’t give you the right to attack ppl for transitioning. They’re trying to do what they think they need to to live. Yes, it’s true that a transwomen is not anatomically the same as a female. That doesn’t give you the right to attack them and make them feel worthless and disgusting and suicidal when that’s what drove them to transition I the first place and there’s no going back. 

A TW after transition is aesthetically/functionally more similar to a female than a TM after transition is aesthetically/functionally to male when it comes to genitals. (sexually, not reproductively) So how do you think it feels when TM see TW described as mutilated and disgusting? We already feel like freaks, you don’t need to help us along lmfao. 

You can’t claim to care about females and then disregard how your actions effect us bc you’re so hell bent on attacking TW. I see ppl trying to justify it as “it’s not worse than what they do to us” like yup, I agree that’s totally true. Is that really the standard you want to hold yourself to? “Not as horrible as them”? And then to try and pass it off as ~criticism and ~analysis? It’s ridiculous and insulting to ppl who are actually doing that. 

Seeing all these radfems try to justify their actions when they can’t see all the potentially gender critical trans ppl they’re scaring away makes me FURIOUS. Non of the gender critical TW I know would dare to think/say this, but I’m looking to the future.

Do you actually care about young trans ppl? Well if you do, you’ll act out of love and not hate and then MAYBE we’ll have a chance to help them. If you’re not down with that, then shut the fuck up, stay away from me and stop claiming you care about trans ppl.