yup this seems about right

@theravenofwynter I see a pattern emerging :) 

so, put the playlist on shuffle, on whatever medium, post 10 songs from your playlist (without skipping!!) and then tag 10 people. 

  1. An End Once and for All - ME3 
  2. Gonna Be Alright - Leon Reverse
  3. Something Just Like This - Coldplay, Chainsmokers 
  4. Mercy - Maroon 5
  5. Surrender - Cash Cash
  6. Gold Rays - Vynil Pinup 
  7. All Night - Icona Pop
  8. Body High - Mike Taylor 
  9. For a Better Day - Aviici
  10. Safe and Sound  - Capital Cities 

Spotify went from “TEARS OF PAIN, DESTRUCTION AND SOUL CRUSHING DESPAIR!” to happy indy electronic pop. Yup seems about right that’s basically me.  

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I read in your FAQ that you are doing your second degree jw how many years of university have you done and how old are?

23 (1993 like yoongi) and since I was 16 so like what 7 years? yup seems about right

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I remember finding Marble Hornets through your blog and being surprised at how actually serious it was. Then I found THAC and was like "yup, that seems about right".

the idea of someone looking at THIS blog and thinking “man this guy’s really got it together, i should see what else he’s done” is really hilarious to me

i’m so happy

Okay, So This Just Pisses Me Off Like Nothing Else

So, if you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you probably already know about how I feel that, canonically, Dean and Cas are the hottest people in the SPN universe. Like literally, if you add up all the quotes talking about hottie hot hotties, most of them are about Dean and Cas. I have a meta about it (x).

But that doesn’t mean I like how certain aspects are particularly shown in the show. LIKE HOW PEOPLE TALK ABOUT DEAN WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT HIS AESTHETICS. LIKE SERIOUSLY SPN UNIVERSE, WHAT THE FLIPPIN’ FLIP FLIP?

Can we just talk about how, YET AGAIN, someone talks to Dean about his features in a way that’s not exactly THE NICEST WAY POSSIBLE?

I mean, kick a freaking man while he’s down, why don’t you? Seriously, Dean gets this crap all the time. He’s put in Damsel in Distress situations ALL THE TIME. AS WELL AS RAPE-Y SITUATIONS.

And whenever people talk about Dean when it comes to looks, it’s ALWAYS someone saying something like THIS.

And Dean, with his freaking complexes and insecurities, how does that freaking affect his psyche? Everybody just associating his looks with effeminate features?

IT’S LIKE HE’S THINKING “Yup. That sounds about right. Everybody seems to think that.” He doesn’t even question it anymore. He just takes it. Which, maybe that comes with him becoming more secure with himself (good character development there) OR MAYBE IT’S JUST HIM SLINKING DOWNWARDS IN HIS EVER DEEPENING SPIRAL OF SELF-HATE. Because his father wouldn’t approve of a man with such features. And what does that woman say to Dean merely minutes later?

He never really accepted Dean in the first place, and Dean’s just swayed more and more away from the man John Winchester thought was perfection. I mean, look at his face when he hears this woman say that.

It’s just…he knows what his father will think. Even though he’s accepted that he can’t be the man his father wanted him to be and he once tried so hard to be. Even though he’s good the way he is, and he is becoming more secure with himself…so much of his hate towards himself comes from his father and how his father could never truly accept who Dean was. Even though Dean is able to convey his true thoughts about his father now, his father’s presence still weighs down on him, especially at such a vulnerable point in time. It’s just…WHY? PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW CAN JUST BE TOTAL ASSBUTTS TO DEAN WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL CONSEQUENCES TOWARDS DEAN! UGH!


Kan Davasi - Where its just between us… and three other wizards… and your draconian friends… and a freaking bone dragon… yup seems about right.