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Why Keith is the logical choice to Shiro.

I’m tired of seeing people say that Keith the worst choice, and that Shiro only chose him because he was the leader in the original series and in Voltron Force. And it’s only been a day!!

So, I’m going to prove why Shiro is doing the logical thing. We’ve all seen how Shiro and Keith interact with which other, they’re much more connected them the rest, when the gang found Shiro Keith was visibly worried about him, when they got to Keith’s shack there where clothes there that fit Shiro, which implies that they lived together at some point, and Keith took those clothes with him when he went to the desert, as the only thing left of his surrogate brother. This is very probable because Keith doesn’t have any family on earth (he is probably alien, but that’s not important right now), and considering how close they are, Shiro might have been his guardian before being taken by the Galra. 

Now, you’re all thinking: “okay that’s probably true, but what does that have to do with leaving the team in Keith’s hands!?”, well, it’s very simple, Voltron is the most powerful weapon in the universe, it’s to important to be left without a leader, and Shiro knows that, so who those he choose to lead it if he’s gone? One of the two aliens that he’s known for a few weeks? The cadets he’s known for a few weeks? Or the adoptive brother he’s known for years now? The guy he truly knows he can trust, the one who spent the most amount of time with Shiro, the one who knows how Shiro works the best. Sure he knows he can trust the others, and sure he knows Allura is a good leader, but he knows Keith the best, he knows that while Keith is hotblooded and temperamental, he is loyal, he is the one who can seize initiative before anyone else. You people want me to believe that Shiro, after experiencing being the black paladin, would be making a mistake by entrusting that on his brother? The one he trusts the most? NO!! He knows Keith better than we, the viewers, know Keith. If anything, we are the ones wrong for assuming we know these characters better than they know themselves!

Sure Allura can be a great leader, but only Shiro knows what is like to pilot the black lion, and he knows that Keith is the best bet, and being Shiro we can assume he took in consideration Keith’s temper, and that’s where Allura’s leadership skill come in, not to take charge, but to guide Keith, help him become the leader he is supposed to be, as his RIGHT HAND.

Yeah, we all know that to form Voltron you need all 5 lions and 5 paladins, and who better to pilot the red lion? If you all turn back to the show, who was the only character other than Keith to act on instinct? Allura. Hunk never, and I mean never acted in instinct, Pidge either plans ahead or goes and acts impulsively when her family is in the equation, and Lance acts on impulse, not instinct, not even when they found the blue lion, that was the connection between the 2 that made Lance go inside. But Allura, she tried to make her father see that they’re only option was to fight, she felt that in her heart, just like she did when they were debating over getting the red lion, that was all instinct, and she followed that, and they were victorious.

Also, Keith has show qualities to be a leader, when they found the Arusian warrior, Keith’s first priority was to keep the others safe, when Allura was taken he was the one to bring the logical/cold hearted choice of not going after Allura, and bringing all the lions to Zarkon on a silver plate, and when Shiro loses the black lion, Keith takes charge for a second, telling the other 3 to save Allura while he went to retrieve the black lion.

So, there it is, you want to say Keith isn’t fit for leadership, that Shiro is making a mistake by trusting his brother, just stop and think for a second, that they know each other better than we know them, and Shiro was, is and always will be a great leader, and I’m sure we can trust his decision.

Besides, that final scene in the trailer Keith was piloting the black lion, so there isn’t really any discussion over whether he will take on the role of leader. No seriously, watch that scene and then try and match it to every other scene where you can see either the black lion’s cockpit or the red lion’s, the chair he’s sitting on has black highlights on the top, like every other chair from every other lion has these highlights that match the lion’s colour. Yes the lights on the chair were red, but the lighting in the cockpit was purple, so…

…yup, 99% chance it’s the black lion. 

(But, if i’m wrong about that last part, with Keith in the black lion, sorry in advance, I’ve only seen that video in terrible quality)