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Error x Ink fanfic

(part 6)

~Ink’s Pov~

Wow…I …..I never though…I’ll be felling like this…..
Im in love…with error….
Does he love me back?……probably not….
When I has still lost in my mind error walk in and sit next to me on the bed without me noticing

~Error’s Pov~

Does he really don’t notice that Im here?!
For fucks sake!
He’s going to pay >:)

I start tickling him like crazy and he laughs REALLY hard to the point he has crying and fell of the bed

Ink: haha…ha……Did you really have to do that!? You know that Im ticklish!

Error: yup thats the point

Ink: you idiot

Error: hehe I guess you ca call me that!

I help him to get back up and we start laughing like two idiots
Then I look at his eyes

~Ink’s Pov~

His eyes….were so ….beautiful. They were sparkling and looking at mine as his face got closer to mine
Then he puts one hand on my cheek and I put mine on his shoulders
I could’t control my body, he has just going forward
This has really happening!?

And we kissed
He gently pressed his lips (fuck logic of skeletons) on mine, then we put both of his hands on my hips and we kissed more deeply

~Error’s Pov~

*internal screaming*

Update on the comic!!

Hey guys! It’s ya girl!

As you may know, I shared the idea that I might start a comic!

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And guess what I found back!

Yup, thats right, two notebooks full of the story I wrote when I was 12.

The story is pretty lit, but I won’t tell you, I’ll keep it secret.

Anyway, I am going to rewrite this, so I’ll have my scenario!

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(It will be long but I’ll keep you updated)


I must be one of them. I have no money, no power, no luck… not even fortune.
          You are affectionate and have good sense. Also, good looking.