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WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”


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  • [hair]: length, colour, texture, whether it grows quickly or slowly, how manageable it is, whether it requires lots of styling, do they leave stray hairs everywhere, is it present on their face, is it present on the rest of their body, etc.
  • [eyes]: not just the colour, but the shape, the length of their eyelashes, whether they're alert or usually half-closed, large or small, sunken into the face, ringed by bags, etc.
  • [mouth]: are their lips always drawn thin or are they plump and kissable, what's their "default expression"/resting face, do they have all their own teeth, do they use their teeth to smile, etc.
  • [face]: what is the shape of their face, do they have pronounced cheekbones or a strong jaw, what's the size and shape of their nose, what's the size and shape of their ears, do they stick out, are they pointed, etc.
  • [skin]: obviously colour, but also if they're inclined to run hot or cold, do they have any blemishes or unusual markings, are they inclined to blush, are they freckled, do they tan, what does their skin feel like, etc.
  • [build]: are they skinny and petite or do they resemble a body builder, are they tall or short or average height, are they lean and wiry, are they overweight, are all of their features proportionate, etc.
  • [chest]: (potentially nsfw) what size are their breasts if they have them, nipple colour and shape and size, do they have visible muscle definition/abs, etc.
  • [groin]: (potentially nsfw) any information pertaining to genitals - length, girth, shape, colour, "unusual features", also includes the rear and its general appearance, etc.
  • [hands]: are they large or small, do they have pianist's fingers or short stubby ones, do they tend to get sweaty or are they always dry, is the skin rough or delicate, are the nails painted or chewed or sharp, etc.
  • [legs]: are they solidly built, short and stubby, or long and graceful, do they have knobbly knees or rounded knees, what's their gait, etc.
  • [feet]: do they have a habit of going up on their tiptoes, what's their usualy stance, do they tend to shift their weight to a preferred side, etc.
  • [other]: any other obscure feature or tiny detail that the asker is interested in, could include fantastical elements such as a tail, wings, horns, must be stated by asker, etc.

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"Okay next question for all of you...if you had the chance would you do it with Chat Noir?"

“Okay next question for all of you… if you had the chance would you do it with Chat Noir?” Alya’s eyes scanned the circle as she tried to suppress her giggles. Adrien nearly choked on the popcorn he was eating, as he began to think that sneaking away to a boy girl sleepover at Marinette’s might not have been his best idea…

“Yup!” Nino said without hesitation. A strangled sound escaped Adrien’s throat. I so did not need to know that dude! Adrien thought to himself.

“No way! Way too much leather.” Rose stuck out her tongue in disgust. The leather is actually quite comfortable and formfitting thank you very much!

“Well if I had to pick a dude I guess I would do it with Chat Noir,” Kim said uncertainly.

“Excuse you!” Max squeaked indignantly.

“What about you Marinette? Would you do it with Chat Noir?” Alya said pointedly. Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Please, he’s not my type,” Marinette snickered.

“Not your type!?!” Adrien practically shrieked causing Marinette to nearly jump out of her skin.

“N-n-no not r-r-really,” Marinette stammered.

“What is blonde not your type?! Is heroism not your type? Nice smiles aren’t your type?!?” Adrien continued to screech.

“Sounds like someone has a crush on Chat Noir,” Alya teased

“WHY AREN’T I YOUR TYPE?!” Adrien shouted.

“WHAT?!!?” The group shouted in unison all heads swiveling to face the blonde boy. Marinette stared back at him in stunned silence. Shit!

I’m not accepting any more sentence prompts just finishing up the ones I have.


distorts are nice


15 days of bates motel
 ⤷ day 4: favorite episode- goodnight, mother (4.02)

“We’re broken, we’ve tried. We want peace and happiness but the world just won’t allow it”.

If he’s not daydreaming about Finland, he’s reading a book.

…Or scratch that, he’s probably not reading the book either–just daydreaming about Finland.

Happy birthday to Sweden! [June 6th] 

He’s one of the sweetest characters in the series. ^^

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love DeForest Kelley, we know, you love DeForest Kelley so much, he is the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love DeForest Kelley, we KNOW , you love DeForest Kelley you fucking love DeForest Kelley ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE DeForest Kelley. WE GET IT.
The inevitable (Pt.4)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  After Hoseok is sick of you moping around after your break up and Yoongi overworking himself he made a plan to put you guys together. Despite surprising you with the sudden meetup you come to terms that maybe it was okay to move on already. He’s a mafia member with a short temper? Well, nobody’s perfect.

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // Pt.5 // Pt.6

Originally posted by parkejimins

As exhausted as you still were you slowly opened your eyes to take notice at the clock in front of you. It read 8:27 and suddenly your minded was flooded of thoughts of last night. You shake your best friend awake as he slept next to you on the couch. Hoseok groans, grabbing one of your wrists.

“…What is it..?”

“Did Yoongi come home? Did he call either of us? Oh my god, shouldn’t he have been back by now?”

Hoseok finally sits up, stretching his arms. Your rambling wasn’t ideal this early in the morning but he fully understand due to your circumstances.

“Y/N. He’s fine. I promise you that last night and we both agreed to just trust Namjoon. We’ve been with him for years and there’s no way something went wrong.”

You shot him the saddest puppy dog look you could manage, making him feel guilty.

“I’m serious. He’s okay..”

“But what if-“

“Do you trust him?” He asked, looking more serious than usual.

“Well yeah-“

“Then he’ll handle it. Maybe you should just go get dressed and I’ll try to call one of them to see what’s up.”

You were grateful he was here right now because who knows what you would have done without him. You smiled, giving him a hug.

“Thank you for staying with me. I’m sorry I’m such a mess right now.

He sighed, not being able to hold back his own smile.

“Who wouldn’t be when the person they care about is fighting another gang? I mean remember all those times I got into fights and you worried for nothing?”

You nodded.

“I know, I know. He was just already hurt and-….I get it. I’ll just wait for him to come home.”

Hoseok rubbed the top of your head, teasing you.

“Good girl. Now go shower and I’ll see if Yoongi has any food worth cooking. The dude really needs to stock up his fridge but I’m sure you’d be happy to help him with that.”

“Yup~ Since this is his place though I might have to change into his clothes…”

“I doubt he’ll mind. If anything, I think he secretly loves shit like that.”

With a smug look on your face you got up from the couch.

“Good. He should get used to it.” You commented before running off to his bathroom to take a shower.

Hoseok fiddled around the fridge trying to find something edible for you two. He wasn’t the best cook but he prided himself for being able to make basic things when he needed to which was more than you could say for yourself. As he started to pull things out he heard his phone going off somewhere in the living room so he tried to search for it. Long after he heard it ring he still couldn’t find where it was hiding out.

Frustrated he came over to the bathroom door, leaning against it.

“Hey Y/N! Where’s your phone at? I need to call my phone with it!”

You could hear him talking but to no avail were you able to understand him. So, you turn off the shower and wrap a towel over yourself, opening the door.

“What? I can’t hear you when you’re not even talking near the opening.”

Hoseok froze, not expecting you to come out like that. He has assumed you would have just changed in the bathroom and he wouldn’t be seeing you standing there dripping wet in only a towel. This really wasn’t the time for thinking about the things he was but it was bound to happen anyway.

“I-I…um…need your phone to call mine…”

You rolled you eyes. “Alright. Alright. Just make eye contact with me while you talk, please?”

As you walked over to your old pants and pull your phone out of the pocket you hear a sound from the door. When you place your phone into Hoseok’s hand you turn around, standing In the doorway to see a shocked, blood covered boyfriend of yours.  Yoongi’s eye sharpen as he steps over with heavy feet.

“What the fuck is going on?” He growled.

At first all you felt was confusion until you realized how the situation must have looked. You run over to him, afraid to put your hands on him.

“Wait a second! Hoseok was only here to keep me company because I was so frantic while you were gone!”

Yoongi moved past you, ignoring your statement. He stops in front of your friend, glaring up at him.

“I’m out there busting my ass while you’re in here having sleepovers with my girlfriend?”

Hoseok didn’t look threatened though, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms.

“A fight you started. They were just making you clean up your mess.”

Yoongi’s hand flew up and as almost a reflex you grabbed his wrist.

“Do you want a bullet to the throat? I’m on a roll right now and I don’t think you want to be #5.” Yoongi threatened.

“Stop it!” You yelled.

Both of them looked back at you in surprise. You tightened your grip on him, avoiding their gazes. You were sick of these two bickering when nothing had even happened. You were mentally tired and you didn’t need Yoongi getting into a third fight when he was already hurt.

“Look, I’m glad you’re safe but please just shut up for a second! Nothing happened! I was worried sick about you and I thought about going after you but he stopped me! He was there for me and he kept me safe. Doesn’t that matter to you? God, I promise you. Please….just trust me like I trusted you last night.”

Yoongi’s anger completely wiped off of his face. He put his other palm against the hand you used to hold his wrist and pulled you off of him softly. He brought your hand up to his cheek as he stroked it with his thumb.

“…I’m so sorry. I know I worried you..”

Hoseok grabbed his backpack as he began to pack his stuff up to leave but you turned to him.

“Oh wait. I’ll go with you. I just need to change really quick.”

Yoongi still held onto your hand when you tried to walk away. As you felt the small tug you looked back at him.

“Please stay with me a little bit longer.” He said, sounding exhausted.

The pure neediness in his voice struck a chord inside of you. You nodded.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, okay? I’ll stay here with you. Hobi you can call your phone with mine so you can find it. Just leave it on the coffee table afterwards.”

Hoseok only gave you a short look before putting your phone up to his ear in search of his phone. You pull Yoongi’s hand along to his bedroom.

“Can I borrow some of your clothes?” You asked.

He nodded, sitting down on the bed next to you. He watched as you wondered around the room trying to find the right drawer of clothes.  As soon as you opened the correct drawer you stopped, thinking of something you should have asked earlier.

“That blood…Isn’t yours, right? You’re not hurt, are you?”

He had a zoned out look to him that you couldn’t place. It’s like he wasn’t fully there when you were talking to him. He’s been through a lot the past few nights so you couldn’t help but still worry about him despite standing right behind him.

“No, babe. I’m not hurt.”

You slide the clothes on easily since he wasn’t planning on turning around as you changed. When you finished, and you came up to him he seemed a bit happier, giving a small smile as he reached for your hand. You reached for the ends of his shirt, pulling it over his head.

He gave off a little smirk. “Is this a reward for living? Because I was thinking about you too the entire time I was out there.”

“Maybe later. For now you’re filthy and covered in someone’s blood. You need a shower.”

Yoongi threw himself back on the bed.  “At least lay with me for a bit.”

“Nope. Shower, Min Yoongi or I swear I will leave with Hobi.”

And that was the fastest you had seen that boy jump up from his bed. At least you knew he really wanted you there. Maybe he did deserve a bit of a reward. You bit your lip, getting a pretty good idea.

How the duet sums it all up in Yuri on Ice

So, I’ve already made a post about how Viktor finally got mad in the final episode, but there’s something else that I haven’t read about and really wanted to discuss.

I’ve seen many posts about how the duet in the next-to-final scene was choregraphed to illustrate the lyrics, and how the lightening was put in place to show how it all changed for Yuuri when Viktor came into his life. I’ve also seen some good analysis on how the lyrics represented Viktor and Yuri’s relationship. But I think there’s more. And I’ve decided to try and tell you about it. It’s going to be a bit long but I hope you’ll get interested enough to read throug the whole thing.

How the duet in YOI final sums up Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship.

Maybe even the whole show (I’m still debating with myself about this one, inputs are welcome !)

Now that I’ve been watching it several times (haven’t we all ?) it seems so clear to me, so please bear with me as I’ll try and explain it to you as well as I can.

First of all, it starts with Yuuri, alone. So alone, that the blue lightening here makes it look like even the audience’s not there for him.

Originally posted by ribbirasta

So here he skates, alone, tries his best, alone, jumps, alone.

I also have a theory that,if you consider that this piece sums up the whole show, the jumps might be a representation of his athletics performances at some infamous banquet ( :p ). Why ? Well, because, who comes in right after them ?

Originally posted by what-the-shit-mate

Yup. Viktor. And he comes rushing, might I add.
At this point, lightening changes, and see how Yuuri immediately welcomes him, but then turns away ?

Originally posted by yuris-on-ice

That must be reminding you of how Viktor tried and tried again to get close to him in the firsts episodes with so little success.
And then Viktor proceeds to drag Yuri along. Until, finally, Yuri accepts him and then, what happens ?

Originally posted by enchantingnanami

Viktor lifts him up. I mean, he LITERALLY. LIFTS. HIM. UP. And not only does he lifts him up, you might notice that he also prevents Yuri from falling down. Yuri’s falling to the ice, and Viktor just goes “Nope, my beloved katsudon, not on my watch. Get up.”

And now that Yuri’s seen that Viktor not only lifts him up, but also will protect him from falling down (wich also happens in the show with that beautiful scene where Viktor makes Yuri cry), he gives in, and we get some lovely close skating with hugs and loving eyes, and sweet strokes on the cheek. Their relationship starts building up, strong and steady.

Originally posted by viktvr

And then, another lift, because, yeah, Viktor will ALWAYS lift him up. Notice the strong pose that Yuri takes in that lift. Legs wide open, arms open, confident, taking all of the space that Viktor think he deserves, and at that point I believe he also thinks he deserves it.

Originally posted by f-ire-fly

And now, well, now they’re on the same page, and how better to show it than with some synchronised dancing  ?

After that we get the most intimate passage of the song - and, I dare say, of thei relationship. Symbolized, of course, with that part showing their hands and matching engagement rings.

Then, they keep dancing together, and this time they are both leading the way, supporting each other. Viktor’s not dragging Yuri anymore. They walk at the same time on the same path.

I’ll just mention before finishing one of the last images where we see Yuri behind Viktor, now being the supportive one. If you think about it regarding their relationship, you can think of it as representation of Yuri’s decision to retire to let Viktor go back to the ice. And frome the whole show’s point of view … Well, we know what decisions were made.

Speaking of last image … How come we didn’t get the final pose of that duet ? The end ? The finish ? As much as I would have loved to see them in their final pose together (and you all know how important those poses are at the end of a program, and that’s a thing we’ve always been shown so far, in every program from every character), we can see the fact that there isn’t one here as something telling us … Well, there’s no end to that story yet.

Chris Evans Request

Hey!! Would you be interested in writing a Chris Evans x Reader imagine? they have just moved in together and they decide to buy a German Shepherd puppy as a playmate for Dodger and they have a conversation about having kids together some day. I LOOOOOVE your writing btw!!

“I thought of something we need for the house,” your boyfriend Chris walked into your bathroom as you got ready.

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” You and Chris had been together for a year and a half and had moved into a house together a month ago.

“You’ll see,” he grinned. You finished getting ready quickly and hopped into the car with Chris. You looked around as he drove trying to figure out what store he was taking you to and what you were missing in your house. After 45 minutes he stopped the car and you looked around.

“Chris, where are we?”

“See that building over there,” he pointed. “That’s where we’re going.” When you looked you saw the German Shepherds shelter’s little sign flapping above the door.

“Stop it! We’re going to get a puppy?”

“We’ve been talking about it since before we bought the house,” he laughed. “I figured today would be a good day to do it.”

“Let’s go,” you yelled and jumped out of the door bouncing with joy.

“Hi, how can I help you,” the man greeted you and Chris.

“We’re looking for a puppy to add to our family,” Chris grinned.

“Are you looking for a specific gender?”

Chris looked at you. “I think a girl would be nice. Keep me from being outnumbered.”

“I think I have the perfect girl for you. Right this way,” the man waved you on back and lead you back through the kennels. He stopped suddenly in front of one of the kennels. “We just got her in last week. She was lost on the streets a couple cities over when we found her.”

You knelt down and looked at the little all black puppy that was curled up with her little toy.  Her sad eyes looked up at you and slowly her ears perked up and she lifted her head. “Hi girl.”

Chris knelt down by you wiggled a finger through the cage’s fence. The little puppy took her time in getting up and sniffed cautiously as she stepped towards you and Chris. She sniffed Chris and your hands through the kennel fence and went back to her toy. She picked up her pink stuffed animal, turned, and walked back towards you and Chris, setting the toy down in front of your feet on the other side of the kennel. “She’s perfect,” you looked up at Chris with eyes that mimicked her’s.

“We’ll take her,” Chris stood up and stook the worker’s hand. When the two of you got back in the car with your new addition to the family in your arms he asked what you wanted to name her.

“Bruin,” you grinned at the fluff ball. “Give her a Bostonian name.”

“I love it.”

That night the two of you watched as Dodger played and chased Bruin in the back yard. “Look at our little kids,” you leaned back into Chris.

“They’re pretty great.” you two watched in silence as the dogs played when Chris suddenly spoke up again. “When do you think we’ll have our own kids?”

“When do you want kids?”

“Like 9 months from now,” he laughed.

“Well I’ll cut you a deal,” you turned to him. “We get married and I’ll give you a kid 9 months from then.”

“Marry you, huh?”


“Better keep your eyes peeled then, Ms. Y/L/N. There might be a ring in your future.”

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SidonxLink headcanon: little Sidon didn't remember much from when he met the Champion, not his name or his face, but something stuck with him all those years afterward: the awe he felt at the Champion's sheer *coolness*. His confidence, his courage, his kindness, his dedication to heroism... it left such an impression on young Sidon that he vowed to be like the Champion one day. After 100 years of dedicated self-improvement, he finally got to leave the same impression on the Champion.

((Oooh yes! I love this allot! Ha ha give me more :D if you ever send more, send it here or to my other blog @thetimidservant! lol I might make a SidLink blog.. yup! Or a Sidon one that doubles as SidLink.

Faye x Silque “””S”””

Yup, I wrote another one. It’s good practice, I might make writing fake supports not just for echoes but other stuff a thing I do sometimes. Maybe. Anyway here are some more cute girlfriends, also my first time writing Faye (and Silque) giving me some much needed practice to prepare for…more ladies ;) Hope you guys enjoy this one~

Faye: Silque?

Silque: Yes, Faye?

Faye: Um… What are you planning to do after this is all over? You know, the war.

Silque: Oh? Where’s this coming from, all of the sudden?

Faye: …

Faye: N-never mind. Forget I said anything.

Silque: Oh, you needn’t shy away, Faye. It’s quite alright.

Silque: Truth be told… I think that after this conflict is over, I’d like to continue healing.

Faye: Oh… Oh yeah?

Silque: Yes. This war has left many injured in its wake… And there will be more to come.

Silque: I feel bound to help as many as I can. It’s all I can do, really.

Faye: Wandering the land healing… That sounds like something you’d do.

Faye: It’s…it’s really noble. I’m happy for you.

Silque: Then why do you look so upset?

Faye: …

Faye: It… It’s so silly. I knew this was going to happen. I was so scared, but I knew.

Faye: Everyone is going to slip away…

Silque: Please don’t say that, Faye.

Faye:  I’ve never really dreamed of more than a quiet life in Ram Village.

Faye: But I knew none of the boys felt the same. They all wanted more. Especially Alm.

Faye: They want…adventure, to do great things. I always knew they were going to leave me.

Faye: Even though they’re my friends… There’s a distance, there.

Faye: The only times I haven’t felt that were when Celica was in Ram…and…

Faye: With you. The way you kept approaching me, wanting to know me… It made me feel strange.

Faye: It still does. Though… I like it, now. Your company is nice. You’re…really nice.

Faye: Too good a person to want to stick around with me…

Silque: …

Silque: Did I ever tell you how, when I was a young girl, my mother left me all alone at a priory?

Faye: W-what? No, you didn’t…

Silque: It was a terribly lonely existence. I still carry that loneliness with me.

Silque: We are kindred spirits, Faye. Perhaps that is why I’m so drawn to you.

Silque: Or perhaps this is what Mother Mila intended for me all along.

Silque: But either way, I know now that I want to keep you close to me.

Faye: You…you really mean it…?

Silque: I do. I could never agree to settle down in Ram Village, but…

Silque: I wish for you to accompany me on my journey. Perhaps as a devotee of Mila, yourself.

Silque: I will never allow you to feel so alone again.

Faye: That’s…that’s really… Yes! Y-yes, oh yes, I want to do that with you…

Faye: Oh, Silque… I’m getting so emotional, I’m sorry.

Silque: Don’t apologize. Your smile is such a lovely sight.

Faye: …

Faye: Silque?

Silque: Yes, Faye?

Faye: …Kiss me?

Silque: Heehee… Gladly.