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Another addition to my fave dress collection, and this time its Korra bae!!!

The dress is from Georges Hobeika. I really love the cool tones of this dress with all the butterfly details. Luving the blues and yup Water tribe represent!!

 I might also draw the other ladies from the Avatar series if I find a perfect dress that suits them.

Asami ver. http://doritosluv.tumblr.com/post/133109552496/miss-sato-looking-beautiful-in-georges-hobeika

Now available on my society6 https://society6.com/trizhami please check it out!

Enjoy!!! ^o^

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Hello! Can you please recommend anything Taejin? I really like your blog btw!

Mine by taethereal is really nice. There’s a bit of angst, but it’s resolved. Soulmates!au, nsfw

kiss me if it’s real by shrdmdnssftw is a classic. Features Tae with cat ears, a tiny bit of angst, and some smut. One of my faves!

To pay the rent by AwkwardBeansidhe is pretty decent. It’s mainly composed of dialogue, and it’s pretty cute to boot.

and fortune’s still smiling down on me (aren’t we lucky?) by kokorojin. One word: AMAZING. I’m going to dedicate a post to this one, yup, mmhm. 

it’s 3 a.m. I should be asleep

but I saw this post and thought  “hey I could use that as some sort of ship tag for them.” Thus, this was born! And then, somehow, I started thinking of ship tags for other Hetalia ships…

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Do you watch b99? I think everything rosa diaz says sounds smth derek would say: amyjake(.)tumblr(.)com/post/164564245577/i-always-thought-it-would-be-funny-to-kill

Of course I watch b99!! Best show ever!

And guess who my fave character is? Yup. It’s Rosa. I have a very specific pattern of favorite characters haha

30 Questions

Tagged by: Abby( @leia-regina) Thanks, girlie!!

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 30 people.

Nickname: Jess

Name: Jessica 

Gender: female

Star Sign: cancer

Height: 5′9′’

Time: 8:12

Birthday: 7/11

Favorite Band(s): Led Zeppelin

Favorite Solo Artists: John Lennon, Andy Grammer, 

Song Stuck In My Head: Honey I’m Good// Andy Grammer

Last Movie I Watched: A League of Their Own

Last Show I Watched: Bar Rescue

When Did I Create My Blog: 2013

What Do I Post: SW, memes, bandom stuff, fave sport teams, beautiful actors, fave tv shows/ movies, nature, puppies

Last Thing I Googled: Stephanie Perkins

Do You Have Other Blogs: yup

Do You Get Asks?: not very often

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: because buzzfeed unsolved

Blogs You Are Following: 1.6K

Followers: 1.5K+

Favorite Colors: red, mint green, peach

Average Hours of Sleep: 7/7.5hrs.

Lucky Number: 22, 126

Instruments: piano and clarinet (omg same! though I’ve only played a liiittle bit of piano)

What Am I Wearing: clothes

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1-3

Dream Job: freelance artiste

Dream Trip: backpacking across Europe

Favorite Food: anything with cheese, bread or chocolate

Nationality: (Irish, Polish, German) ‘Murican

Favorite Song Now: Wasted// Tiestro; Matthew Koma

I’m not going to tag 30 people cause that’s just too many but I’ll tag… @buckys-fossil; @chillachin; @bilbao-song; @blacksheepboybucky; @the-punforgiven; @theprincessleia; @rebel-rebel; @lightsidecalling; @lightningstruckagain; @batsonthebrain

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U should post your top 5 fav shirtless calum pics!

ok i know u said 5 but i got carried away (calum’s body is beautiful can u really blame me)

1st of we have the obvious one, the one that dragged me in

External image

then we got this which is also hella obvious (just look at that perf golden skin fuck)

External image

look at that dip in his collar bones i am so turned on (also again, beautifully golden skin!!!!!!)

this one is an oldie but a goodie!!!! look at his soft lil tummy i wanna kiss it so bad

External image

shirtless cuddling a puppy?!???!???!!! hell yes that’s one of my faves

External image

and this wow just look at that smolder i am melting

External image

and that was only the pics, now let’s move on to some gorgeous gifs!!!!

again, the obvious choice (this makes me weak everytime ok i literally cannot deal with how good he looks)

External image

i want to kiss him everywhere pLS

and finally some back appreciation too bc hot damn does that man have a nice back ok just !!!!!!!!!

yup those are definitely some of my faves but literally all shirtless moments are my faves bc his body is art and i just wanna cherish it like it deserves

((i hope this post even works bc i’m on mobile and also no pics or gifs are mine so lemme know if they’re yours bc i just found em on google tbh))

Harry Dares Draco That He Can't Get Someone To Serve Him Liqour
  • harry: on a scale of 1 to 10 how drunk are you?
  • draco: *looking up with sleepy eyes abd messy hair* *droopy grin* hehe... 69 *burts into a fit of giggles*
  • harry, while draco is laughing and leaning on him: yup time for bed
  • draco: *high fives self*

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Hi, i really loved your glorious post on ontae..In your tags you mentioned that you actually have a file full of ontae hugs, will you be generous to share with us some of the precious ontae hugs/moments, esp the old ones?? I got into shinee during View era and ontae has been my otp since then. Sometimes feel that there isn't enough ontae, so i tend to get excited whenever i meet fellow ontae lover...Thanks ^-^

this post

hi!  i will always share any ontae i have & will always look up any i don’t.  here’s a baker’s dozen of ontae hugs, including the infamous l.a. k-pop festival snuggle of 2014.

baby ontae!

sneak attack!

“i love onew” (literally what he said.)

i love that somehow jinki looks so much smaller than taemin in this.

what we don’t see in this is taemin throwing himself against jinki’s chest.  #snuggles

the moment that broke ontae shippers everywhere.

this is what it looked like from behind.

after jinki’s surgery, his first performance i think.  i started crying & posted it to facebook. 

after jinki slapped his bum.

just kickin’ it back stage.

remember that time taemin lost at the game & he went running to jinki?

yup, this happened.

this.  just…this.

the end.

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Since I basically view you as keeper of the ficrecs, do you happen to know of any bagginsheild fics where they pretend to be dating or married for whatever reason? Or where people constantly mistake them for a couple? It's my absolute favorite trope

yup! fake/pretend relationship trope fics coming up:

also you might wanna check this post later for replies/reblogs with more recs

October 1

Happy October, everyone!

It’s the last Mexico show of the 7/27 Tour in Guadalajara! What a crowd!

Camila had a new hairstyle for today’s M&G:

Normani posted some crowd pictures today!

Ally x Selena!

Dinah had a great time in this country!


Congratulations for 3 well attended and amazing shows, Fifth Harmony! Off to Europe!

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*drumroll please* (yup i know again bc i don’t know what to start with)

I have recently reached 4k (tysm cuties) so i will be updating my faves page! yaaayyyy woot woot yaaaayyy again (i’m the only one partying)

I love the people in my faves right now and I decided to update it for me to meet new people here in tumblr so yeah here we go!


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higher chances (more like a cheat sheet uhuh)

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-tag me in your posts!! (i track #checkthisoutsam)


-a follow from me (if i’m not yet following you)

-promos we could do together like p4p, shoutouts and screenies

- of course, chat buddies!

so get reblogging pals so this could get some good amount of notes and it would really make me a happy kiddo ☺!

i still haven’t decide when i’ll be choosing my faves so just reblog lil peaches so i don’t look like a dork :-)

Hello! As a huge thanks for 2.1k followers (which is amazing, thank you all so, so much ♡ especially @iwaizoi for making me this lovely header, Dani you’re too good to me ;u;), I decided to do some blog rates!


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I agree with what you said to that anon. Harry is the only one my dad recognizes/comments about when they're performing (and not bc he's my fave since I never talk about 1d to him hahah) and it makes me so happy! Harry is a natural, his future is bright whatever he decides to do

Yup.. If people don’t like One Direction, they’ll admit they like Harry. If people like 1D’s music, they won’t necessarily follow every member, but they’ll follow Harry on Twitter or Instagram. People who don’t care about 1D will still post pics of Harry on their tumblr’s. Fashion bloggers, other artists, designers, people who are in the spotlight want to get a pic with him and post it on their Instagrams so they can show people that they’ve been around him at least for a minute. And a lot of them will caption it with ‘I just had to’ or ‘I couldn’t help it’. Or something in the ‘nicest guy ever’ family. He’s a topic of conversation. People emulate him. Spoof him. Dads and moms knows who he is and even admit they like him. Kids like him. Grandmothers like him. Celebrities and the average guy on the street like him. He’s just fucking likable, you know. Because he’s talented as hell, gorgeous and stylish, and one of the nicest people around, but he also looks like he could fuck you good. And he’s got that undeniable quality that people want to possess. Want to be around. Want to witness. He’ll always make people curious. They’ll always want more, and that is one of the many reasons why I think his future is sparkling bright :)

I think I see a bit of a pattern forming here.

check out my favourite characters in the last 3 tv shows I watched…

Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold (of Once Upon a time)

Originally posted by weloverumbelle

Ridiculously Sexy? yup. Nice suit? Immortal? you betcha. UK accent surrounded by American accents? Has a thing about making deals and contracts in exchange for favors? Morally dubious at best? here he is, my guy. 

Also: Abandonment issues, daddy issues, and makes heart eyes at pretty girls like a dork. 

And then there is this Mofo:

Crowley, (of Supernatural)

Originally posted by mooseleys

cute, english, immortal, morally dubious deal-maker in a nice suit? check and mate. 

and finally, my most recent and current fave of all:

Lucifer “the actual devil” Morningstar

Originally posted by dekerstar

Sexy, English, immortal, heart-eyes-at-pretty-girls-making, nice-suit wearing, morally-dubious, deal-maker with abandonment and daddy issues? Yup. He is all of this. 

And the point is, I have a weirdly specific taste in men and I am depressingly predictable when it comes to my faves :’)))))

My favorite part about tumblr is I never had to come out like in most other scenarios. I just started posting pictures of pretty girls and other lesbian stuff. people were just like “yup that’s a lesbian” and it wasn’t a big deal because everyone on this website is queer.

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are you aware there's a huge war going on around your JW post or

Yup and this has been me the whole time 

I’m a busy adult with many important things to do and I don’t have time to respond to the petty complaints of children on the internet.

Thank you to the folks who are defending the honor of accurate dinosaur representation in film in my stead, though!