yup my tears

Confession: Shipping Sheith has helped me heal and move on from a previous relationship and therefore is very personal and means a lot to me. I’ve never had a ship hit THIS close to home with my personal experiences (and just fyi, me and the person are the same age). Shiro and Keith’s dynamics are so similar to a relationship I’ve had but because I view their relationship as healthy and built on deep mutual trust (and over 18 lol), I’ve been able to find an avenue to channel and work out a lot of my unresolved feelings about my past relationship. Discovering Sheith was exploring different ways in which two people with such dynamics can work it out and be healthy. Through all of that, it’s helped me heal and has brought me a lot of comfort. Of course, it’s not the only reason I ship them (come on, the shoulder touch, and all the other moments, big and small!), but it certainly holds a special place of deep significance in my heart and it’s unfair to invalidate those experiences.

Conclusion: You have no idea the reasoning and the story behind every person who ships what they ship. Please don’t assume or judge. I view these characters as adults and project them as healthy. Please respect our experiences.