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Top 10 Hartbig fanfics you should read

10. Fix Me by searchingforthefucksilost

9. False start and second guesses by yotoob

8. Enemies closer by yup ithappens

7.A Matter of time by didyoustealmytoaster

6.Dominoes by yotoob

5.Camp Tako by Hartorotica

4. 9 years by Hartbig in onesies

3. Izanami by letusneverspeakofthis

2.Brooklyn by tastesofprose

1.Black & Gold by Wiredright

If I missed anything on the list that you think should be here let me know or want to ask a question also let me know :-).

Hartbig Fic: Drops of Jupiter

Hey guys, yup-ithappens sent me this fic to post for you all so you can still read it if you’d like.

Genre: Romance, NSFF

Word Count: 2,734

Author’s Note: So you all still have it if you want. It’s been really cool <3

Hannah stumbled out of bed, dragging her feet wearily across the hardwood floor of their bedroom, over the colorful striped rug and to her desk. She was dressed in one of Grace’s old “You’ve been Hazed!” T-shirts and red shorts and her hair had arranged itself into a messy abstract sculpture. She opened a drawer and lifted a notebook out of it, flipping directly to the last page and placing another tick mark next to countless others. Except they weren’t countless. Hannah knew exactly how many there were. Hannah knew.

“One hundred eighty-seven,” she exhaled, closing the notebook and placing it back in the drawer, shutting it away. One hundred eighty-seven days since she’d seen Grace. A small smile formed on her lips as she thought of the woman, and her eyes lit up. She went into the kitchen to pour herself a cup of tea and grab a banana, then hopped up on the counter and leaned her head against the cabinets. She ate alone.

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