yup im used to it


meet seventeen: choi ’s.coups’ seungcheol.
born aug 8th, 1995 in daegu, south korea.
hip hop unit member, unit leader, seventeen’s leader, trainee for six years.
seventeen’s dad (daddy coups), LEGS, a huge dork.

cred (x)

doodled up a bad mrkenyon to help relax after how today has been. also wanted to test with scribbling with the crayon tool. used random colors and outfit bc i didn’t have a ref ripp


Alright, I thought of this scenario a while back, and long story short, it ended up as a collab fic the little feels monster kazriku~ Hope you all enjoy our work!

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Summary: Bill takes control of Stanford and carries out his plans to obtain the power that laid beyond the portal. This fic is centered on Ford and the aftermath of Bill’s deeds.

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