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I'd like to see Dylan do a meaty character drama to really show off his range. Lots of crying. Lots of husky monologues. A few sex scenes for the academy. I need it.


  • Saeran: (closes eyes and tries to chill for 5 whole seconds)
  • Saeran: I cannot.


[insert generic but nonetheless true message about how life is expensive]

Didn’t feel like doing a big complicated price chart, so I figured I would just do an example of average prices for the full body (most common option) - all of these are pretty changeable, considering all informations cited above !

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When your friend texts you and asks you what you’re doing, and you say “chilling with bae”.

What they think you mean.

What you actually mean.


Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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  • Dazai: Chuuya~ would you hold something for me?
  • Chuuya: ...that's your hand?
  • Dazai: ;)

Imagine this. What if tonight we will get the scene where alec is pushing magnus into the bedroom and the episode ends there? They will actually do the do after the “it’s not only you who is vulnerable”. And we get to see malec waking up together in episode 2x08? Just imagine this.


Just when you think you can’t get any gayer….

GayStew + muscle car = cold shower required

so there’s been a lack of Egil pics for while now and this  ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ is the reason why. That current face is certainly not Egil but Im to lazy to wipe it haha. Also though its not the best faceup i really like it (I totally rushed to towards the end, and it shows T-T) I feel like I might want to redo this faceup again someday, this time taking the proper time to execute it properly haha :( 

…….you know the fact that he shares a body with Gera doesnt help either -__-

Ok but do you ever wonder how barry brought julian back to star labs after knocking him out? He had to take him in his arms right? BRIDAL STYLE. Yes imagine the Flash holding an unconscious julian in his arms pressing his body protectively against his chest as he speeds over to star labs, strips julian off his cloak and ever so gently puts him down on the floor of his cell (he may or may not have put a lil kiss on his forehead bc jules so cute omg). That’s exactly how this scene went down right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯