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The List (Part 1)

I tried writing a fic for the first time so I’m sorry if it sucks. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors as English isn’t my first language. Feel free to correct me.


“Virge! Ro! Lo! Time for dinner!”

Patton counted exactly three seconds in his head before the sound of 2 doors simultaneously being opened was heard; followed by the familiar sound of running. He had barely set down the tray of meatloaf when Virgil already seated himself with Roman seating across him.

Yup, he sure did love dinner time.

“Thank goodness, I’m starving. ” Virgil was about to get himself a serving of meatloaf when someone swatted his hand away.


“Virgil, we have to wait for Logan.”

Only then did Virgil and Roman notice the empty seat.

“Well, can someone call him already? The meatloaf’s growing cold!” Roman whined as he propped his chin on his elbow and eyed the dinner. Virgil had to stifle a snicker at the prince’s hungry stare at the food in front of them.

“Virgil, why don’t you call him? He must’ve been too busy again to notice the time.”

“Can we just leave him some meatloaf? He always misses dinner anyway.”

“And that is exactly why we’re going to wait for him tonight Roman.”

“Ugh, fiiiiine. Virgil make it quick.”

With a small sigh, Virgil walked back into the hallway, passing through each of their rooms, then finally stopping at a navy blue door. He knocked three times; it was their signature knock. The other two’s knocks were always excited and excessive.





“Hey nerd, it’s time for dinner.”

He waited a few more seconds this time. Still nothing.

“Dude come on. We’re all hungry. I’m sure whatever that is can wait.”

Again, silence. The anxious trait couldn’t help but let out an exhausted huff.

“Fine, I’m coming in.” He knew it was wrong to enter without permission but he was really starting worry as well.

He turned the doorknob, surprised that it wasn’t locked, then pushed the door open.

The first thing he noticed was that the logical side was nowhere to be found. He felt his panic rise a bit at the absence of said trait. The next thing he noticed was how organized and tidy the room was. Before he knew it, he had fully entered the room and was inspecting every table, chart, and schedule posted on Logan’s wall. He still can’t grasp how he managed to keep it so orderly with all these papers stuck in the room.

In one section was Thomas’ schedule. Virgil can’t say he wasn’t impressed when he saw that the spaces alotted for all three weeks from now were already filled in. He had even started filling in the fourth week.

Just beside that was a list of important dates that Thomas should remember; and it was filled with dates until the next two years.

He continued looking through a chart of what Thomas should eat, a list of video suggestions (he should really tell Roman about some of those), a to do list and a bunch of other papers.

He was about to leave and try to find Logan in other rooms when he noticed one more list near the door. Virgil scanned it and couldn’t help but wonder what the heck it was for. He started reading through each item on the list.

1. Talkative

Solution: Lessen amount of words and only speak when necessary. Failure to execute solution may lead to an increase of being associated to item #2.

2. Boring

Solution: Avoid giving facts that are not of others’ interests and excessive blabbering about topics the others might deem ‘boring". Try looking for trivias that they will find entertaining. Preferably about bands, puppies, and theater.

Virgil’s eyes widened when he realized it was referring to them. He also felt a part of him crack as he let the implications of this list sink in. He kept reading.

3. Killjoy

Solution: From time to time join in the others’ activities and try not to ruin it for them. If it seems like they are not enjoying due to your presence, make an excuse and leave. This way they can continue their fun.

‘Is this why he doesn’t show up at movie nights?’ Virgil’s chest started to ache as he read the rest of the paper.

4. Least favorite

Solution: Use vocab words more often (and appropriately) to gain attention of the viewers. This is not a guaranteed solution to create a respectable image but it may help to at least change the audience’s view on you. This may also catch the others’ attention which can lead to them listening to any future input. With luck, they might even consider it.

Virgil eyes started to leak when he read that one. He knew he was the who said it. He didn’t know Logan took it heavily.

5. Robot/Emotionless

Solution: Sadly, although you have feelings, emotions must remain supressed as to not affect any decisions or own logical mindset in any way. Set a reminder to explain this to the others someday.

Virgil’s tears couldn’t be held back anymore at this point but it was the last item that really left a hole in his chest.

6. Useless/Insignificant

Solution: It has long been established that the others can take over your duty and do it just as efficiently as you do. Thomas will be able to function normally without you. Given this, still make an effort to contribute in any way. Work harder to compensate for lack of importance. It is the least you can do.

He didn’t know that Logan felt this way. He felt so… horrible. His friend was hurting and no one saw it. The worst thing about it was how Logan treated it like those were facts; flaws that he must change. He took all of those as if it was his own fault.

He had to let the others know about this.

He wiped his eyes dry as much as he could and headed for the door but stopped in his tracks when he was blocked by a certain logical side.

“Virgil? Is something the matter?”

Female golf course employee

Ok, so our POS system does not allow refunds if someone slides their card. Like LITERALLY DOES NOT ALLOW IT. There’s no button for me to push. No tab to click on. I can’t do it.

So this man comes in, buys tokens for the driving range and a soda. I tell him everything he needs to know about the range and then off he goes.

We also allow 2 middle schools and the high school to use our facilities, so their golf teams can practice. 99.9% they never tell me what they are doing that day and I can’t spend my time looking out the windows to see, because I’m busy doing my job.

So the man comes back in.

“You didn’t tell me the range was full.”

I lean over the counter to look out the window. Sure enough, packed full of kids.
I say, “Uhhh… Give me a minute and I’ll tell them to move.”

The reason I asked for a minute was because I had a line of customers to deal with, and since I’m the only employee, I have to lock up the building when I leave.

He says, “Nah, never mind. Just give me a refund.” and places his tokens and drink on the counter.

I tell him, “I’m sorry, but since you ran your card, I can’t issue a refund.”

Then he replies, “Ok, just give me a refund.”

I stood there for a good second, thinking my brain had crashed or something. So I say again, “I apologize for this, but since you used your card, I am unable to do a refund. The system won’t allow it.”

He stares at me and then says, “Yes you can. Give me my money back.”

I sigh and resist the urge to roll my eyes. “Let me call my boss and see what I can do.”

I picked up my cell phone, because my boss’s number is programmed into it and it is much less hassle than trying to get our shop phone to dial out. I call him and tell him what has transpired so far. He reiterates the ‘no refund ability’ to me and tells me to ask if the man is local, so he can hang onto the tokens and use them another day if he so chooses.

I put the phone down on the counter behind the till, still connected to my boss.

“Sir, are you from the area?” I ask.

He sneers and says “I’m from *town literally 10 minutes away*.”

I reply, “Ok, great! My boss says that we can NOT do refunds, but since you’re in the area, go ahead and hang onto the tokens and use them next time you’re here. I apologize for the range being full, but the tokens don’t expire so no worries!”

He leans in across the counter, and hisses “don’t be a fucking bitch.”, grabs his tokens and drink and storms off.

I can hear my boss saying ‘hello? hello?’ through my phone so I pick it back up.

My boss says, “Did he just leave?”


“Did he say what I think he said?”


“I’ll pull the transaction details tomorrow, get his name from the card and deal with this at a higher level. I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks. I have to go! Customers waiting!”

I hung up the phone and carried on with my job. Like, strangely enough, being called a fucking bitch didn’t ruin anything. I was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day!

Tricks like this stir me up. Now your secret’s out.

So you know how there’s music in the simulation? Is that just chosen by Zinyak? Do you think that he has all the music ever created by the humans? Like what the fuck? 

Maybe I wanna go through the simulation and listen to fucking fireflies by Owl City or Celldweller or some other shit but like what the fuck????


7 Misconceptions in Greek Mythology!

These are just a small selection of things I’ve seen and heard people thinking on the internet. A lot of this comes from Greek Mythology based media, which has become increasingly popular. So I’m here to clear things up!

  1. Hades was really good, he did all he could to make the underworld a comfortable place for his wife Persephone to live. He also was faithful to her and never sought out souls for his underworld, but waited for them to come to him. A lot of his perception as evil comes from the modern interpretation of Satan. Edit: If you are still unconvinced because of the Persephone story please click here and read two very well written responses as I am a terrible writer. If you need further clarification feel free to message me, but be respectful. I’m tired of being yelled at because people can’t be bothered figuring out what historical context means or that there isn’t one absolute correct version of myths.
  2. There are some that seem like exceptions to this one, firstly is Heracles, who actually was just intensely determined and no stronger than a mortal could be if they poured effort into it. Dionysus is the other, as he became an olympian. But he generally gets a pass from historians, since Zeus actually gave birth to him, and that’s said to have an impact.
  3. Hercules is Roman. You can imagine I cringe every time I hear his name in the Disney movie since he’s the only Romanised name in the whole thing.
  4. Hermes was often painted with his sandals to identify him and this leads to the idea that he needs them to fly.
  5. So basically the olympians started the big war, but Cronus kind of had it coming since he ate all of his children in order to stop the possibility of them overthrowing him like he had done to his father. So when Zeus freed all his brothers and sisters, that’s exactly what he did.
  6. Yup.
  7. In most texts, Ares almost always was on the losing side of wars, whereas Athena was almost always on the winning side. Turns out in war you need more brains than brawn. At least you got Aphrodite, buddy.

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Jemma proposal maybe?

(Sorry it took me so long!)

“You have to be kidding me.”


“You actually did that?”



Emma smirked. “Well, do you see me breaking your wall with my bare fist?”

Cristina, still gaping, let out a squeal. “Emma! You’re getting married!”

Emma stumbled, her arms suddenly full of Cristina. She let herself squeal too. “I KNOW.”


It had gone something like this:

Emma wasn’t a nervous person; she just wasn’t. She was usually able to keep her cool during tense (and awkward) situations, because that’s what she had trained herself to do since she was twelve.

This time was no different.

“Jules?” she asked, opening the door to his studio. She found him in front of a white canvas, biting on the end of his paintbrush.

“Yes, princess?” he turned and flashed her that smile that always made her dizzy. She walked farther into the room, closing the door behind her.

“Am I interrupting your, uh,” she glanced at the empty canvass, “masterpiece-producing process?”

Julian stuck out his tongue and reach out for her. She took his hand and let herself be pulled into his arms, letting out a yelp when Julian nuzzled her neck.

“You know you’re the only one allowed to interrupt my masterpiece-producing process,” he muttered, pressing feather-like kisses along her collarbone.

“Hmm, I do know that,” Emma said, closing her eyes briefly. Focus, Carstairs. She threaded her fingers through his soft hair and pulled back, smiling. She kissed his lips briefly. “I have a question.”

Jules looked up at her adoringly. It made Emma’s heart flutter, her pulse quicken. She touched his cheek. “Marry me.”

She saw Julian’s eyes widen with surprise, then saw him schooling his features as he always did. She could see the corners of his lips tugging up.

“That’s not a question.”

“I know.”

“Then what am I supposed to answer?”

Emma grinned, moving to straddle Julian’s lap.

“You’re not supposed to say anything,” she said, pressing their foreheads together. “You just have to do it.”

She could feel Julian’s ecstatic energy thrumming through him, could feel the way the smile almost split his face in half. She was almost sure he could feel the same about her.

“Alright,” Julian said. Emma pulled back slightly. He was beaming. “Alright, I’ll do it.”

Emma closed her eyes, letting the happiness and overwhelming surge of love settle inside her. She kissed Julian hard on the mouth, cheeks, the bridge of his nose. She had never felt so giddy in her life.

“Yay,” she whispered.

Words Can Hurt

SPN FanFic

~Dean and Y/N investigate a couple of strange deaths in upstate New York.~

Dean x Reader, OMC (Ryan), Sam (barely)

4,129 Words

Warnings: SFW, few curses, mentions of show level gore and deaths, tiny bit o’angst, mostly crack and fluff to finish. 

A/N: This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean  500 Followers - Do It Like Dean Challenge! Congrats Sweetheart! My prompt was, “Start talking Chuckles!” Hope you like it!

“I just do not get it. It’s like… the guy literally took a long walk off a short pier.” Dean shook his head, confused and also just a little bit amused by their current case.

Y/N nodded, looking out at the calm water. “Yup, that’s exactly what he did.” They were standing on the edge of a broken down pier overlooking the Hudson River. The old wooden dock had been long abandoned and overtaken by the greenery that lined the coast. It was mostly hidden from the road, but today, police tape and flashing lights brought attention to the crime scene.

A man walking into the cold water and drowning in itself wasn’t enough to bring hunters into town, but add that to the three other odd deaths that had taken place over the last week, and Y/N’s interest had been piqued. She turned and climbed back up the small frozen hill, her heels digging into the dirt, and smiled at the handsome detective who held his hand out for her.

“Well thank you sir,” she said, accepting his assistance.

He flashed a brilliant smile, all teeth and twinkling eyes as he looked her over, his hand locked around hers. “Not a problem at all Agent. It’s not every day we get the FBI to help us out; and never agents as beautiful as you.”

Y/N laughed, blushing at his compliment, “Well, we do try to help out where we can.”

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The Proposal - Brett Talbot

Requested by Zeronix (on Wattpad) – Hi *grins* Could I please request a Brett x reader (cause you’re doing amazing with Cody Christian/Theo stuff and are satisfying that pretty face’s need) where you two have been dating for a while and go on a trip to England or something and he surprises you with a proposal and maybe a promise to get a cute cottage there (in wherever they vacationed) one day? Please, and if Brett is too hard for you to write, maybe Derek or Theo works too.

Word Count: 1,250

Warnings: None, just fluff.

Author’s Note: I rarely write Brett imagines, so enjoy this one! Also, I’m back with new imagines!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

For their fifth anniversary, Brett and Y/N planned a trip to England for two whole weeks. It took a lot of planning and saving a lot of money, but the two managed to make it happen. Luckily, their anniversary was during the summer and they didn’t have to worry about missing any classes or having to wait to celebrate during a break from school.

During their vacation, they visited a lot of touristy places like Big Ben, Stonehenge, Tower of London, Hyde Park, River Thames, and the London Zoo. Of course, they tried every restaurant and cute cafe Y/N saw. She was a foodie, especially with Italian since it’s her favorite. She loved wine and she couldn’t help but try different kinds every night for dinner. Brett didn’t care where they went or what they did, as long as Y/N was happy. Coming here was on her bucket list and he wanted everything to be perfect. He let her plan the entire trip, with the exception of him planning their last night together.

He told her he wanted to do something special for their last night, a romantic dinner. This was no surprise to Y/N as Brett has always surprised her with romantic surprises. However, Brett was about to pull the biggest surprise ever. One she would never forget and would tell their future grandchildren someday.

Y/N let out a small sigh with her eyes closed after taking the last bite of her favorite dessert. “This entire dinner was amazing.”

Brett chuckled as he nervously put his hand in his pocket; double-checking the ring box hasn’t suddenly disappeared into thin air. “I’m glad you loved it, baby.”

She fluttered her eyes open and immediately locked them with Brett’s. She placed the fork down on the plate and pushed it aside before reaching out for his hands as she spoke, “I’m serious. Everything about tonight was perfect. A romantic candlelight dinner on a rooftop that has an amazing view of, not only the country side, but the stars too,” she looked up with a huge smile on her face. She lost count how many stars shined so bright, but she didn’t care. She was happy. She was in love and in one of the most beautiful places in the world with her best friend. “Tonight couldn’t get any better,” she whispered as she saw a shooting star. “Make a wish, babe,” she whispered. Brett saw her close her eyes and make a wish. He didn’t feel the need to repeat her actions to make a wish. He already had a wish and he hoped she’d say yes.

When she rolled her head back and looked at Brett, she gave him a sweet smile. “Did you make a wish?”

“Yup, did you?” He asked.

“Of course,” she squeezed his hands.

He brushed his thumb across her knuckles. “What did you wish for?”

“I can’t tell you that, silly! Then it won’t come true,” she giggled. “Besides, it’s not like you’re going to tell me what you wished for.”  

“I wished that you would say yes,” he admitted.

Her heart skipped a beat. For a spilt second, she thought maybe he was about to ask her to marry him. She immediately pushed that thought in the back of her mind. He wasn’t going to propose tonight. They had a plan; the typical and safe plan. They would finish school first and then get married once they had careers.

“You know I’d say yes to you anytime about anything,” she smiled. Then she shook her head, “I take that back. I say yes most of the time,” she chuckled.

Except Brett didn’t laugh with her. He was completely nervous and her pervious statement made him more nervous. What if she didn’t say yes? After all, they weren’t done with school. They had student loans. They didn’t have stable careers. They each had a part time job that was enough to pay rent for their little apartment, and had to work extra shifts to make this trip happen.

“Brett?” She whispered, pulling him out of his thoughts. He looked extremely nervous. She had never seen him like this before. “What’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat, pushing back the tightness, and took a deep breath. He squeezed her hands and looked into her worried eyes. “Y/N, I love you. You know that, right?”

She nodded slowly as she eyed him carefully. He was scaring her. Her heart was beating like crazy. The sound of her heartbeat was echoing in her eardrums. “And I love you…” she trailed nervously.

“These five years with you have been the best years of my life. I fell in love with a woman who became my best friend, and I can’t imagine living my life without her, her laugh, her touch, her sweetness, her kisses, her love…” he trailed. As he spoke, tears formed in Y/N’s eyes as her heart continued to pick up its rapid pace. She knew what was happening and she was ready for it.

“I know we had a plan,” he pulled out the small black box from his pocket and knelt down on one knee. Y/N gasped as her hands flew to her mouth. Her heart was racing, as the tears in her eyes fell down her cheeks. They’ve talked about having a future together, but she couldn’t believe it was finally happening. Their forever would start sooner than expected.

“But I can’t wait another second,” Brett continued. “I want my best friend to be my fiancé, then my wife, and someday the mother of my kids. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he paused and took a deep breath. “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

She nodded repeatedly before she wrapped her hand behind his back and pulled him in for a kiss. “Yes,” she mumbled between kisses. “A million times yes!”

Brett chuckled as he pulled back. He pulled out the ring from the box and grabbed her left hand. Y/N watched as he slowly slid on her new diamond engagement ring. Brett held her hand and admired the view for a few seconds before he kissed her wedding finger.  

“I promise to fulfill every promise I made to you. We’ll get married like we planned. I promise to buy you your dream house, no matter where it is. If it’s back home or here, as long as I’m with you,” Brett promised.

“It’s absolutely beautiful here. I would like to move here someday,” she turned to see the view from the rooftop in the night sky. “Maybe after we retire, and we’re old and gray,” she giggled as she looked back at Brett. “This would be a nice place to live after a long and happy life together.”

Brett’s lips formed a huge smile, knowing they would have a long and happy life together. “Whatever you want, baby, I’ll make it happen.”

Y/N cupped his cheeks and leaned her forehead against his. “I love you, Brett, and I can’t wait to be your wife.”

Brett smiled as he leaned in and kissed her. “I love you, too.”


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Fairy Tail: Chibis! (pt. 1 | pt. 2)

I just… wanted to draw the babies in cute casual clothes? Will make these available as prints/stickers in my Redbubble soon so watch out for that!

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*SQUEAL* Oh my gosshhh! CONNOR- YOU SAID "HAZEL"! :D I'm so happy! How is Hazel gonna react to that?! (I'm literally squealing with happiness right now! This was too perfect!!)

Anonymous: Omg yayyy Connor is trying to say Hazel! ^^

@time-kid-cross​: OMG Conner said Hazel’s name so cute OMG


@rainonarainbow123​: OMG was that Connor’s first Word?!   (No, but it is the first name he said! ^^ (~Wolfie)


@jetyq​: Yaaaaa Conner make your sis happy

Anonymous: Omg Connor!

@ragedfoxy13​: Omg omg omg!!! Did he just almost said hazel?! That’s so cute!!!


@helloimfirebox: YES CONNOR SAY HAZEL OMGGGGGG!!!!!11!!!!!!1


(Yup! He did say what I thought he was trying to say! :3)

Nygmobblepot 3x22

all i can say is: SO. MANY. PARALLELS

the amount of batcat x nygmobblepot x jim&harvey even barbara&tabitha and bruce&alfred parallels in the finale was off the wall, some of them were even back to back. all i see is some hEAVY nygmobblepot foreshadowing, so lets break them down:

bruce: …because you don’t believe in anyone or anything but yourself!
selina: it’s called surviving. and unlike you, i know who i am. i don’t need anybody to tell me.
bruce: i know you better than that.
selina: yeah, i thought you did. 

*a few scenes later*

ed: you will always fail, because you will never change!
oswald: maybe! but at least i know who i am! that day by the edge of the river, that was the day you were reborn, and that was a lie! your entire persona is based on a lie, and there is nothing you can do to change that!

okay. above ^^ we see the parallel between oswald and selina (”i know who i am”) and between ed and bruce. bruce expresses that he knows who selina is, and ed does the same thing, telling oswald he will never change after a second ago (recall: you will always fail, oswald, because you will always let your base emotions drive you) he told oswald who oswald was. selina tells bruce that he doesn’t know her, and oswald shows ed this as well when we see that his entire plot was to get ed back at the docks. oswald knows ed. selina knows bruce. (flashforward to “i know who you are, ed.” yes, he LITERALLY says this.)

oswald also tells ed that his entire persona is a lie, like how bruce’s total persona is essentially “a lie”–we see this towards the end of the episode when he reveals to alfred that he isn’t sure of who he really is, saying “i’ve been trying to find who i am for so long, searching for some greater meaning. i don’t know who i am.” but we’ll get to that.

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Everyone: ready for school!?


Oh How the Tides Have Turned

Returning from a short detention, Siri Black was nearing the entrance to the Gryffindor common room when she spotted Jamie Potter standing by the portrait entrance.

Siri: Do you mind sharing your thoughts with the class, Prongs?

Siri: I know he’s willingly been talking to you recently, bu-

Jamie: Yup. He, um, he did.

Both girls stand in silence, individually processing this information.

Siri: I had a feeling it was gonna happen. Come on, I’m gonna go make them pay up now.

Siri: Oh hush you.

Based on this post by the amazing @asklilyluna

Thank you to the incredibly talented and wonderful @egdramaqueen​ for being my Jamie!

Yandere DRV3 Boys with tall, bullied S/O

I’m back with more yandere stuff! Haha, also thank you anon for complimenting on the last yandere imagine. It means a lot, so I hope you enjoy! ~Mod Kiibo

Shuuichi Saihara

~Absolutely adores you and your height is wonderful to him and helps him sometimes since you two are such great ‘friends’

~Will often stay by your side which you find cute but he is actually making sure no one touches or talks to you

~You have been bullied quite often, some people made fun of your height, your overall appearance, your personality

~They will pretty much find anything to bully you

~Saihara catches on with your mood changing and wonders why and when he finds out you are being bullied by a long conversation

~Oh boyyyyy

~”Don’t worry S/O, they will stop bullying you soon…”

~You thought he was comforting you which you happily accepted after what many people have done to you, it was way nicer than that

~But now he goes into action

~He sends letter to the bullies which he watches you and the bullies taking notes on who they are

~He asks them if he could meet them and well…

~Let’s say they don’t return the next morning

~You are honestly surprised that you don’t see them after their daily routine on picking on you

~You tell Saihara the good news after a couple of days that they aren’t bullying you anymore!

~He congratulates you and smiles

~Little did you know they were gone for good

Kokichi Ouma

~With such different heights, he uses your height to his advantage mostly piggy back rides

~Throughout these rides he would claim that he is the only one you can do this to and tells anyone to back off when they stare at the pair of you

~He started to realize after a while that you aren’t as happy as usual so he asks why out of the blue why was you acting different

~You say that you are fine but he doesn’t believe that for a second

~One day he sees the situation for himself and he is furious

~His S/O is being bullied?!

~How dare they!

~He decides to sort this problem for his S/O once and for all, they obviously shouldn’t be anywhere near his S/O

~Let alone insult them and even have the guts to hurt them

~So let’s end it once and for all

~After a couple of weeks when Ouma witnessed the bullying, the bullies never returned

~He now keeps a sharp eye on anyone who touches or talks to his S/O and if they do they will have the same fate as the bullies did

Rantaro Amami

~He loves everything single thing about you

~That includes how tall you are so he could surprise hug you from behind as well as many other activities

~Sometime soon he notices your behavior switches instantly

~You started not accepting anything he gave you so he questioned it to you

~After a while you suddenly slipped it out, he was slightly shocked on the outside but on the inside was burning anger

~He told you to describe the bullies and you did completely trusting in whatever he was planning

~After that he said that he would chat to them and make sure that they won’t bother you again

~And oh did he sort that problem out

~You felt nervous after that chat and when they didn’t show up to taunt you, you was quite relieved

~That chat must have worked after all!

~You was greeted by Amami soon after thanking him for what he did

~Yup, he definitely did have a great chat with them…

Kaito Momota

~You are both so close!

~He loves scruffing your hair and being around you in general

~He is makes sure that nobody else can be around you except from him

~He says things like he is the only one who can near you like this but you take it as a joke

~You started acting more cautious around everyone due to your bullying problem and not wanting to speak to anyone

~Kaito noticed and immediately asked in a concerned tone what was wrong

~You decided not to tell him because you didn’t wanted to be a bother to someone like him

~After that he started watching you from a distance like he did before but way more carefully

~Then he saw something that caught his attention immediately

~He saw you being insulted by a bunch of other people, them spitting vile names at you, making fun about everything about you

~This angered him

~So so much

~So. Let’s. Do. Something. About. This. :)

~The next day you never saw them again, well they were picking on you and making you so depressed so you’re happy that they stopped

~And everything went back to normal, you finally told Kaito about the situation but you said it was solved now

~He looked so happy for you!

~He now makes sure something like that never happens again

~He made sure of it

Ryoma Hoshi

~The height difference wasn’t something new to him

~He was used to being way smaller than others

~But he liked it when you called him nicknames about his height

~He didn’t want anyone else to have nicknames thought by you

~He stood by your side ever since you two met

~One day you two were walking together until a bunch of people stood in front of you both and started to pick on you

~You were used to this by now but this was something Hoshi never saw before

~He tried to back them off without getting hostile in front of you but it didn’t work

~They laughed at his attempt and walked off, leaving the both of you

~He helped you up and walked you back to your place and apologized for not helping as much

~You said it was fine and that it happened a lot, you wished him goodbye and he just stood there

~After that he asked to meet the same people in an private location

~And some payback was completed

~Now you’ll never see them ever again.

Gonta Gokuhara

~He likes everything about you!

~You are his precious S/O!

~So of course he likes everything about you

~He loves your height and thinks you are perfect this way!

~He keeps you to himself most of the times by you two doing things together

~He has to because he wants to watch over you all the time, he doesn’t want anyone to hurt you

~But one slip up makes a huge effect

~Gonta notices that you aren’t as happy, you are avoiding people including him, on edge all of the time

~Did something happen to S/O?

~No, that can’t happen.

~He asks you what was wrong and you decide to cut clean after his countless attempts of asking

~…S/O is being bullied?…

~…Why would someone do that?…

~…Why would a group of people do that to Gonta’s precious S/O?…

~He calms you down after that and makes you feel better, it works and he checks up on you often

~He decides to control this situation once and for all to make sure those people can never harm or insult S/O again!

~So he takes action and they will never be seen anywhere ever again in this world

~A couple of weeks later you realise it’s safe to conclude that they won’t bully you anymore

~You was pretty happy with it and told Gonta that they weren’t bothering you with those horrible things that they were doing to you

~Only if you knew how they disappeared


~He lovingly accepts every bit of you

~Even if you are way taller than him, that doesn’t mind him at all

~He often stays with you a lot, he is always there no matter what situation

~He is there, he says he wants to spend a lot of time with you because he cares about you a lot!

~You find that adorable so you let things like this slide

~You never notice his secret glares at people who come anywhere near you or talks to you

~One afternoon he realises after a hanging out session you mood instantly changed when you saw a bunch of people

~He asked you if was okay and you shook your head pointing to the group of people

~You explained that you was being bullied by them and didn’t know what to do because they kept on insulting you everyday

~Kiibo asked if you wanted to get away from the place and you nodded, he took that information in mind and instantly decided he would do something about it

~He immediately took action and everything was normal

~He realised that group was just an obstacle for him and also they were was harming his S/O

~Now he has his S/O safe…

~With this incident his guard only grows stronger and becomes more cautious with strangers and friends that get close to them

~It will never happen again.

Korekiyo Shinguji

~He loves his S/O so much

~Everything about them is beautiful

~He likes your height very much, your personality is delicate, your appearance is enchanting

~He adores everything about you

~He kept by your side and didn’t seem to care about other people

~He was lost in your beauty

~If anyone tried to chat with you he would politely shut them down

~If anyone touched you it would be replaced by his hand and tried to get rid of the person’s grip

~One day when you two were alone you decided to tell him what was going on in your life since it was affecting you badly

~He was quite surprised to hear what you had to say and when you told him he was distraught

~He silently comforted you for a while and said his goodbyes

~He had no regret for what he was going to do in this moment

~They shouldn’t have done this to such a beautiful person like S/O

~So this is necessary…

~All for them

~To protect beauty he must do this

~He is so delighted that when you told him they weren’t bullying you anymore, the look on your face was filled with such relief and glee

~Exactly what he wanted to see…