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Female golf course employee

Ok, so our POS system does not allow refunds if someone slides their card. Like LITERALLY DOES NOT ALLOW IT. There’s no button for me to push. No tab to click on. I can’t do it.

So this man comes in, buys tokens for the driving range and a soda. I tell him everything he needs to know about the range and then off he goes.

We also allow 2 middle schools and the high school to use our facilities, so their golf teams can practice. 99.9% they never tell me what they are doing that day and I can’t spend my time looking out the windows to see, because I’m busy doing my job.

So the man comes back in.

“You didn’t tell me the range was full.”

I lean over the counter to look out the window. Sure enough, packed full of kids.
I say, “Uhhh… Give me a minute and I’ll tell them to move.”

The reason I asked for a minute was because I had a line of customers to deal with, and since I’m the only employee, I have to lock up the building when I leave.

He says, “Nah, never mind. Just give me a refund.” and places his tokens and drink on the counter.

I tell him, “I’m sorry, but since you ran your card, I can’t issue a refund.”

Then he replies, “Ok, just give me a refund.”

I stood there for a good second, thinking my brain had crashed or something. So I say again, “I apologize for this, but since you used your card, I am unable to do a refund. The system won’t allow it.”

He stares at me and then says, “Yes you can. Give me my money back.”

I sigh and resist the urge to roll my eyes. “Let me call my boss and see what I can do.”

I picked up my cell phone, because my boss’s number is programmed into it and it is much less hassle than trying to get our shop phone to dial out. I call him and tell him what has transpired so far. He reiterates the ‘no refund ability’ to me and tells me to ask if the man is local, so he can hang onto the tokens and use them another day if he so chooses.

I put the phone down on the counter behind the till, still connected to my boss.

“Sir, are you from the area?” I ask.

He sneers and says “I’m from *town literally 10 minutes away*.”

I reply, “Ok, great! My boss says that we can NOT do refunds, but since you’re in the area, go ahead and hang onto the tokens and use them next time you’re here. I apologize for the range being full, but the tokens don’t expire so no worries!”

He leans in across the counter, and hisses “don’t be a fucking bitch.”, grabs his tokens and drink and storms off.

I can hear my boss saying ‘hello? hello?’ through my phone so I pick it back up.

My boss says, “Did he just leave?”


“Did he say what I think he said?”


“I’ll pull the transaction details tomorrow, get his name from the card and deal with this at a higher level. I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks. I have to go! Customers waiting!”

I hung up the phone and carried on with my job. Like, strangely enough, being called a fucking bitch didn’t ruin anything. I was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day!

Tricks like this stir me up. Now your secret’s out.

Nygmobblepot 3x22

all i can say is: SO. MANY. PARALLELS

the amount of batcat x nygmobblepot x jim&harvey even barbara&tabitha and bruce&alfred parallels in the finale was off the wall, some of them were even back to back. all i see is some hEAVY nygmobblepot foreshadowing, so lets break them down:

bruce: …because you don’t believe in anyone or anything but yourself!
selina: it’s called surviving. and unlike you, i know who i am. i don’t need anybody to tell me.
bruce: i know you better than that.
selina: yeah, i thought you did. 

*a few scenes later*

ed: you will always fail, because you will never change!
oswald: maybe! but at least i know who i am! that day by the edge of the river, that was the day you were reborn, and that was a lie! your entire persona is based on a lie, and there is nothing you can do to change that!

okay. above ^^ we see the parallel between oswald and selina (”i know who i am”) and between ed and bruce. bruce expresses that he knows who selina is, and ed does the same thing, telling oswald he will never change after a second ago (recall: you will always fail, oswald, because you will always let your base emotions drive you) he told oswald who oswald was. selina tells bruce that he doesn’t know her, and oswald shows ed this as well when we see that his entire plot was to get ed back at the docks. oswald knows ed. selina knows bruce. (flashforward to “i know who you are, ed.” yes, he LITERALLY says this.)

oswald also tells ed that his entire persona is a lie, like how bruce’s total persona is essentially “a lie”–we see this towards the end of the episode when he reveals to alfred that he isn’t sure of who he really is, saying “i’ve been trying to find who i am for so long, searching for some greater meaning. i don’t know who i am.” but we’ll get to that.

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Words Can Hurt

SPN FanFic

~Dean and Y/N investigate a couple of strange deaths in upstate New York.~

Dean x Reader, OMC (Ryan), Sam (barely)

4,129 Words

Warnings: SFW, few curses, mentions of show level gore and deaths, tiny bit o’angst, mostly crack and fluff to finish. 

A/N: This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean  500 Followers - Do It Like Dean Challenge! Congrats Sweetheart! My prompt was, “Start talking Chuckles!” Hope you like it!

“I just do not get it. It’s like… the guy literally took a long walk off a short pier.” Dean shook his head, confused and also just a little bit amused by their current case.

Y/N nodded, looking out at the calm water. “Yup, that’s exactly what he did.” They were standing on the edge of a broken down pier overlooking the Hudson River. The old wooden dock had been long abandoned and overtaken by the greenery that lined the coast. It was mostly hidden from the road, but today, police tape and flashing lights brought attention to the crime scene.

A man walking into the cold water and drowning in itself wasn’t enough to bring hunters into town, but add that to the three other odd deaths that had taken place over the last week, and Y/N’s interest had been piqued. She turned and climbed back up the small frozen hill, her heels digging into the dirt, and smiled at the handsome detective who held his hand out for her.

“Well thank you sir,” she said, accepting his assistance.

He flashed a brilliant smile, all teeth and twinkling eyes as he looked her over, his hand locked around hers. “Not a problem at all Agent. It’s not every day we get the FBI to help us out; and never agents as beautiful as you.”

Y/N laughed, blushing at his compliment, “Well, we do try to help out where we can.”

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Just want you to know, @maybalwild​  you are my first request!! I FEEL SO EXCITED!!!
Of course I’m going to do this, Defender of justice Numa at your service!

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  • I feel like talking about jealousy or possessiveness, Jaehee is really chill.
  • Don’t get me wrong, she does get jealous because, deep down there, we all feel insecure sometimes, and jealousy is connected to that insecurity.
  • Even though you constantly tell her how beautiful and kind she is, there is always something that makes her self-conscious. She won’t tell you, surely, but it´s not that hard to notice.
  • She trusts you with all her heart, but it does get her sometimes when someone tries to get a little too friendly with you.
  • You see, Jaehee wouldn’t ever make a scene… Like ever.
  • She is acts relaxed at all times.
  • But if someone flirts with you, she will react quick.
  • One day, you two went to get coffee to a shop that was near Jaehee´s work.
  • You were waiting for her when a guy appeared out of fucking nowhere and started flirting with you.
  • And you were uncomfortable, like really trying to go because: 1. This guy was creepy. 2. You had a girlfriend and 3. There your girlfriend was with the coffee you were paining for since you woke up.
  • “Darling, is this a friend of yours?” Jaehee asked holding your hand and making your contact really notorious.
  • You said nothing.
  • “I’m MC’s girlfriend, Jaehee Kang, I think there is a misunderstanding here…”
  • The guy looked at Jaehee up and down and chuckled. “No, we are just being friendly here, aren’t we?” He asked you with a cocky smile.
  • You didn’t say anything.
  • Jaehee nodded and was ready to drag you out of there but then she hear something loud and clear.
  • “You know she is just confused, right?”
  • You two stopped your steps and turned around to face the guy, who was almost cracking himself up.
  • “What did you just say?” Jaehee asked maintaining her composure a way she only knew how.
  • “Once she tries a man, she will leave you in no time” The guy replied.
  • And, not thinking it twice, Jaehee poured her flaming hot coffee all over the guy’s pants.
  • “Shame… I really wanted that coffee” Jaehee shrugged.
  • You were shocked, and the guy was too.
  • “Serves you right” you commented before being dragged out of the coffee shop by your girlfriend.
  • You heard a lot of curses and screams from the guy, but you didn’t pay attention to them.
  • Once you were far away from that situation, you hugged her and giggled. “Who knew you had that in you?”
  • “Well… I know I’m usually calmed”
  • “Yeah, how do you do it?” You asked certainly surprised.
  • “The secret is in working with the devil for a long time…”


  • Okay, so when you first think of Zen you would never even imagine that he is insecure.
  • Think again though: his childhood; the way his mother treated him, always telling him he was ugly or weird.
  • So, of course, even if he hides it with a false narcissistic comment about himself, he will feel self-conscious!
  • We all know that he is possessive and the jealous type, so I pray for anyone who would even think about you in a non friendly way…
  • He sees anyone as a threat and he is extremely protective over you.
  • That’s his motto.
  • It is hard to put Zen in a bad mood, but if you look for it, you will certainly find it.
  • Sometimes, you would watch Zen rehearse his lines with all the cast.
  • You enjoyed it, because he seemed so passionate about it, and even more when you were there.
  • But there was this particular actor that got on your nerves.
  • Of course, you didn’t say anything, because all you wanted it was for Zen to succeed and you knew that causing a scene wouldn’t help in any way.
  • So you remained quiet. Zen only had to present the play and that was it. You would never have to see that guy ever again.
  • But in a occasion, this guy was being extremely persistent.
  • He was getting a little too close, physically I mean.
  • Zen noticed right away so left everything he was doing and ran to hold you into his arms.
  • You could breath again, well kinda, Zen was squeezing your lungs.
  • “Leave my girl alone” Zen said lowly.
  • It was terrifying.
  • “Why don’t you let her speak for herself, huh?” The guy replied with an air of arrogance. “A pretty mouth like hers is meant to be used”
  • And that was what it took to make Zen break…
  • Or should I say make Zen break that guy’s nose?
  • Yeah… Zen punched him so hard that he broke his nose.
  • Both of them got fired that day.
  • And you apologised a hundred times but Zen didn’t care.
  • He was glad that you were safe and that he gave that guy a lesson for messing with his princess.


  • We all know this little innocent boy.
  • He is really possessive. Like wow man calm your man tits down.
  • Yoosung hates violence and is a truly believer of the power of words…
  • But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to claim his place if you flirt with his girlfriend.
  • It is hard to unlock that secret attitude of him… But it does exist.
  • So when a guy started unashamedly with you while you were waiting for your boyfriend to finish his classes.
  • He got pissed.
  • So he walked until he was next to you and put his arm around your waist, claiming his place.
  • “Is this your little brother?” The guy asked, clearly wanting to pick on Yoosung.
  • Oh no.
  • Yoosung was pretty sensitive when someone questioned his manliness
  • “I’m his boyfriend” Yoosung replied with a tone of voice that you have never heard from him.
  • “Ha! That’s a good one” The guy chuckled patting his shoulder. “So, can I have your number?” He asked completely ignoring Yoosung’s presence.
  • Okay, to everyone’s surprise, Yoosung tried to hit him in the face.
  • Key word: tried.
  • He tripped with his own feet and hit his face on the ground
  • You lectured him while you bandaged his forehead.
  • “Okay, so what did we decide?” you asked for the fifth time.
  • “To not fight” Yoosung said pouting.
  • “Yeah, and that’s why…”
  • “You love only me” he ended the phrase with blushed cheeks.
  • You kissed his forehead and cuddled him all afternoon.
  • That was not the last time he got jealous, but it was the last time he got hit trying to protect his girlfriend.


  • He is more a possessive type than a jealous type.
  • I don’t think that Jumin gets jealous, he isn’t insecure at all, but he does want to own everything he can so…
  • I fear for any guy tried to flirt with you.
  • It happened one day, when you were in a business event and you lost him in the crowd.
  • It would have been fine but then a guy just dragged you to a corner, making you extremely uncomfortable.
  • “Mrs Han, am I correct?” He said, his breath smelled like alcohol and you tried to keep some distance between you two.
  • You didn’t want to cause a scene, this was important for Jumin so you just had to get out of there as quiet as possible.
  • But this man didn’t let you.
  • Just as you were losing all your hopes of freedom, Jumin saw you approached you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you hard.
  • It didn’t take long for him to slip his tongue into your mouth, leaving you breathless when he broke the kiss.
  • Calm down Jumin, jeez, we are in public.
  • Your husband smiled at the man whose jaw was hanging open and said “Oh so you met my wife”
  • Then he got closer to the guy, he was whispering something in his ear.
  • Or so you thought until the man dropped to his knees holding his stomach in pain.
  • Jumin punched him in the stomach.
  • And the paparazzi were thrilled.


  • Okay, listen up. I think Seven is a really jealous person.
  • But he covers it up with his jokes and being a dork.
  • Like, he will always make research about your male friends, just in case.
  • Seven, you are a hacker.
  • So when one day you two actually went outside to buy groceries, he was being his usual self; joking around, making bad puns with anything he saw on the store.
  • But then a guy approached you and started hitting on you.
  • And you didn’t even notice?
  • What the hell?
  • Seven just grabbed a pair of beets from the vegetables aisle and got near to you and the guy.
  • Just like a little boy, he wanted to get your attention.
  • “Hey, MC! Look! Drop the beet… Get it?” he said dropping a vegetable.
  • You laughed and clapped, cheering his joke.
  • But then the guy looked at you and said “You know this clown?”
  • Oh no, he didn’t.
  • Seven looked like a puppy that has been hit in the snout.
  • “Say that again and I’m gonna beet you up, get it?” 
  • Seven just did that, he threw the beet to the guy’s head, grabbed your hand and you two run away from the supermarket laughing your arses off.
  • From that day, you started buying groceries in a different store.

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Everyone: ready for school!?



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(Aesthetic images via Tumblr // Cast images via Google)


7 Misconceptions in Greek Mythology!

These are just a small selection of things I’ve seen and heard people thinking on the internet. A lot of this comes from Greek Mythology based media, which has become increasingly popular. So I’m here to clear things up!

  1. Hades was really good, he did all he could to make the underworld a comfortable place for his wife Persephone to live. He also was faithful to her and never sought out souls for his underworld, but waited for them to come to him. A lot of his perception as evil comes from the modern interpretation of Satan. Edit: If you are still unconvinced because of the Persephone story please click here and read two very well written responses as I am a terrible writer. If you need further clarification feel free to message me, but be respectful. I’m tired of being yelled at because people can’t be bothered figuring out what historical context means or that there isn’t one absolute correct version of myths.
  2. There are some that seem like exceptions to this one, firstly is Heracles, who actually was just intensely determined and no stronger than a mortal could be if they poured effort into it. Dionysus is the other, as he became an olympian. But he generally gets a pass from historians, since Zeus actually gave birth to him, and that’s said to have an impact.
  3. Hercules is Roman. You can imagine I cringe every time I hear his name in the Disney movie since he’s the only Romanised name in the whole thing.
  4. Hermes was often painted with his sandals to identify him and this leads to the idea that he needs them to fly.
  5. So basically the olympians started the big war, but Cronus kind of had it coming since he ate all of his children in order to stop the possibility of them overthrowing him like he had done to his father. So when Zeus freed all his brothers and sisters, that’s exactly what he did.
  6. Yup.
  7. In most texts, Ares almost always was on the losing side of wars, whereas Athena was almost always on the winning side. Turns out in war you need more brains than brawn. At least you got Aphrodite, buddy.

Fairy Tail: Chibis! (pt. 1 | pt. 2)

I just… wanted to draw the babies in cute casual clothes? Will make these available as prints/stickers in my Redbubble soon so watch out for that!

Just One Date (Ong Sungwoo)

『Author’s note: yay my first request for Wanna One!

Request: Can I have an Ong Sungwoo scenario when he wants to ask you out on a date but you think he’s a player so he proves to you he’s not? Thank youuu

Group: Wanna One

Member: Sungwoo

Type: Fluff❥』

“Hey (Y/N).” You heard someone say as they leaned on the locker next to yours. “Hi Sungwoo” you said casually as you switched your books from your backpack to your locker. “So how about a date Friday.” He said smirking.

Ong Sungwoo and you weren’t really friends, more like acquaintances. Having almost all the same classes as him there was never a dull day at school. Of course the thought of how cute he was always was in your head. Sure, you even wondered what it would be like to be his girlfriend but he was a player.

“Thanks but no thanks” You said closing your locker. You turned to face him. He had a shocked expression. “I don’t think you heard me right. A date with me. Ong Sungwoo.” “No I heard you and now you hear me I said no. Also you’re being kind of cocky right now.” You gave his shoulder a little pat before you tried to walk away.

“Why won’t you go on a date with me?” Sungwoo grabbed your arm. “Sungwoo I have to go to class.” You said trying to pull your arm away from him. “But I’m a nice guy, just ask all the other gir-” “girls?” you interrupted him. “Ask all the other girls? That’s why i won’t go out with you.” Sunwoo let out a sigh as he let go of you. He watched you walk away.

Even though you didn’t count Sungwoo as a friend he considered you one. He remembered the first time he saw you. In the classroom sitting by the window on the first day of school last year. He thought you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. It had only made him happier to know you were in some of his other class he’s also. Whenever he got the chance he always tried to make the effort in talking to you whether it was sitting next to you or asking to borrow your homework. Even though he seemed like a confident guy his heart always pounded in chest just thinking about going up go you. It took a lot to even ask you out. But here he was watching slip from him. Sung woo was determined to have a date with you though.

You sat in class thinking about Sungwoo. It was so hard to focus on anything the teacher was saying. Why would he want a date with you? You suddenly wondered if it was for a bet. Of course a player like him wouldn’t want to really go out with you.

A girl sat down next to you. Her name was Jisu. You didn’t really talk to her so you just looked at her as she smiled at you. “Hi” She said in a perky voice. “I saw you talking to Ong Sungwoo right now.” Why does she care. “Yeah, so?” “Well you know he’s a really sweet guy. After you talked to him he seemed really down.” “He seemed down? Confident Sungwoo?” You asked not believing her. “Yup that Sungwoo” “Did he put you up to something?” You suddenly asked you can tell she had a guilty facial expression. “He did, didn’t he! He’s such a player.” You let out a groan. “He’s actually not. Sungwoo is one of my best friends, which is why he asked me to talk to you. He only goes out with different girls because he’s been too scared to ask you out. He likes you a lot, ya know.” “Are you lying?” You were certain that what she was saying was all lies. “I’m not, you can even ask him yourself.” The girl put her hands up as if to say she’s innocent.

You felt sick all of a sudden. You asked to go to the restroom and hurried out of the classroom. ‘No way what she said was true.’ Even if he did like you that’s not an excuse to go out with a girl every weekend.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?” Sungwoo ran up to you. You felt mad. Was he trying to embarrass you?! Tears formed in your eyes. “Hey what’s wrong?” He said wiping your tears with his sleeve. “Why would you put Jisu up to that?” “Put her up to what?” He said looking into your eyes. “Saying you like me and you’re too scared to ask me out.” You pushed his hands away. “What else did she tell you?” He said looking at the ground. Why was he suddenly embarrass? “The reason why you always go out with other girls.” You simply said.

Sungwoo let out a loud sigh. “It’s true. Everything she told you. I’ve liked you since he first day of school last year. When you sat by the window, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Do you know how nervous I get just thinking about you! Even now, I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack. (Y/N) the feelings I have for you are so unbelievable. And I know I go out with a lot to girls but I just wanted to see if i can get rid of these feelings because i know you’ll never be interested in me. But I can’t get rid of them, so please just go on one date with me.”

You had a big smile on your face. Ong Sungwoo just confessed to you! It felt like a dream. “Don’t just leave me hanging like that. Give me an answer” Sungwoo said with nervousness in his voice. “Fine, but it has to be a good date to make up for always being with other girls while you had feelings for me.” You said half jokingly. “Of course” He said holding your hand.

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anonymous asked:

Sam seeing Dean kneeling beside Cas, holding the front of his trenchcoat with both hands, head bowed. Sam placing a hand on Dean's shoulder, holding back his own tears. Dean gasps a cry, Sammy kneeling behind him and holding him to his chest as Dean breaks down, shaking Cas until Sam isn't sure if he's hugging Dean or holding him back. Dean finally stops, Sammy now holding them both upright, tears on both their faces. Dean speaks. " I loved him, Sammy". "I know Dean. He knows- he knew. He did."

Yup. :(((

thegraceofebonee  asked:

Wait, Brent use to pole dance? I'm gonna be thinking about this for a minute.😶

Haha yup! He did it for about a year with me and then had to stop because he had a hernia, and then had to get surgery to get it removed (that was about a year and a half ago). He just hasn’t come back because it’s 1) too expensive for him; and 2) he’s more interested in lifting weights at the gym now :P 

Little Avenger - 5

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: Peter and you went on your first mission together. While you both were excited and all buzzed up, Bucky couldn’t help but be the overprotective dad he was to you.

Author’s Note: this one is my personal favourite. It took me so long to write and edit. The word count is more than usual but you won’t be disappointed. It’s got some nice fluff and cute Peter. Hope you like it!

Warnings(s): swearing, drinking and fighting

Word Count: 2568

Part 4, 6

Originally posted by captainamericacivilwhore

The day had arrived and Peter was regretting being at the tower deeply, he thought he would get to enjoy your company. Little did he know he would have to meet Bucky. He didn’t hate him; god, he didn’t. it was just that he was very protective of you and could be very intimidating.

‘so, parker, how was school.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at him. they were sat opposite each other on the table. At that moment, Peter knew exactly what criminals felt like during their questioning.

‘it’s Saturday, sir. We don’t have school today.’ He chuckled awkwardly.

‘right.’ He said. ‘let me tell you a few things, okay?’ he looked at him and he nodded.

‘if you try anything funny with (y/n),’ he leaned forwards. ‘I will kill you.’ he said and Peter tried to hide his discomfort. ‘and, if you let anyone else touch her, I will hold you responsible.’ he leaned back and toyed with a knife. ‘well, I might not have to worry about it, because she’s capable of things you can’t imagine, with or without her powers. it’s just my duty as she’s more than a sister to me.’ He kept the knife aside. ‘that’ll be all.’ he smiled and signalled him to leave.

‘I-I’ll keep that in mind.’ he left hurriedly.

‘you were threatening the kid? Seriously, buck?’ Steve asked as he brushed passed Peter.

‘that kid will be all alone with (y/n) in some crazy ass party, I had to! I needed to make sure he doesn’t take any advantage of the situation.’ he defended himself and Steve sighed in response.

Peter was all set for the mission before you and was waiting with Pietro. Their friendship was an odd one but he was the only one who didn’t tease Peter that much.

‘so, you have something planned for tonight?’ Pietro wiggled his brows.

‘what do you mea-, what?! No!’ he said with an embarrassed expression.

‘come on, parker. When will you take the big step. Just say it already!’ he slapped his shoulder lightly.

‘it’s not all that easy, dude. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.’ He scratched his cheek.

‘hey, trust the ladies’ man,’ he pointed at himself. ‘I can tell she likes you, do something tonight, impress her.’

‘she doesn’t go for guys like me, she is one of those girls you read about in books, she’s an adventure herself.’ He smiled at the thought of you. ‘She goes for bad boys, not for awkward, sweet, goofs like me.’ He sighed.

‘give it a try, plus you can always save some bad boy stuff for,’ he looked at him and coughed. ‘other times.’ He winked at him. Peter snickered and punched him lightly. They were chatting casually until you walked in the room.

‘how do I look!’ you twirled to show off your red dress. The dress had lace designing and was the perfect shade for your complexion. your hair were tousled, your dress was perfectly flaunting your body and the light makeup made your features come out beautifully.

‘you look great, chip!’ Pietro grinned knowing how much the nickname annoyed you if anyone other than Natasha called you by it.

‘you look beautiful.’ Peter got up smiled at you making a heat rise to your cheeks.

‘you look rather dashing yourself, parker.’ You grinned. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you. you weren’t the type of girl to wear makeup and dresses and you never took off your gasses until it was necessary. Seeing you like that was just something different.

‘let’s get going, red.’ Bucky walked in the room as he wore his sweatshirt. ‘parker,’ he gave him a sharp look.

‘Bucky! How do I look?’ you faced him.

‘you look gorgeous.’ He smiled seeing your grinning face. You never got to be your age and you could today. But how ironical was it that it was for another mission. ‘get in the car, Nat’s waiting.’ he said.

‘okay, come on, Pete.’ You took his hand and led him out of the room. Peter looked at Bucky’s angry face.

Natasha was sitting in the front while she fiddled with her bracelet. You smiled at her when you saw her and she returned it.

‘isn’t my chipmunk looking amazing.’ She turned around to face you both.

‘well, it’s all your work.’ You grinned.

 ‘you look good too, Peter.’ She smiled at him and he muttered a thank you.

‘all right, let’s get this over with.’ Bucky got in the driver’s seat and put on the seatbelt.

It took you not more than 30 minutes to reach that place. It wasn’t very posh; it was an old mansion that required some maintenance. Pop music filled the car as you rolled down the windows. You could see many teenagers dancing, laughing and drinking when you looked around.

‘kids these days.’ Bucky said with a disgusted face. ‘okay,’ he turned around and faced you two. ‘no touching, no drinking, no kissing, no getting tattoos, no-‘

‘here’s your card, show it to them and they’ll let you in.’ Natasha handed you a card. ‘and shut up, Barnes.’ She glared at him. ‘you know what he looks like?’ she asked you and you nodded. ‘great.’ She smiled. ‘try have some fun while you’re at it.’ she winked and you both chuckled.

 ‘bye Nat, bye Buckbeak. Love you!’ you grinned and pulled Bucky’s cheek.

‘love you too, now scoot!’ he said grumpily. Natasha couldn’t help but grin at how much you had changed him.

You had to walk for a while before you could reach the entrance. You looked around and moved closer to Peter.

‘it seems fun.’ You said sarcastically to Peter.

‘I thought you loved these places, you know you are the ‘badass girl’’ he nudged you in the ribs.

‘that I am.’ You smirked and stopped by the entrance.

‘invitation?’ a guy with lip piercing said.

‘here.’ Peter handed him the card. He first examined the card and looked at both of you.

‘enjoy.’ He opened the gate and gave you a sly smirk. The place was dimly lit and smelled like a mixture of perfumes and cheap deodorants. It was blaring with new songs and was stuffed with people.

‘did he think we were…’ Peter turned to you.

‘yeah.’ You chuckled. ‘okay, lets split. We’ll be able to find him sooner that way.’ You said and he nodded.

‘be careful.’ You heard Bucky’s voice in your com.

  ‘the hell I will.’ You wandered deeper into the crowd. You walked around talking and laughing. The experience was pleasant.

‘did you find him?’ you heard Peter’s voice in your com. ‘nah, but I heard that he will be by the dancy thingy in about an hour.’ You said. ‘can you come here?’ you said through the com.

‘sure.’ He said. You were drinking some water taping your feet to the music all alone. Some guys had tried to talk to you but you had told them off. You weren’t in the mood to talk to some idiot and listen to his endless chatter about himself.

‘hey gorgeous.’ You heard someone say.

‘I am no- ‘you turned around and found Peter grinning. ‘Peter!’ you sighed in relief. ‘you won’t believe how many idiots I had to bear!’ you stood next to him.

‘well, I am here now. Let’s just sit somewhere.’ He found a place to sit and sat down with you.

‘I hate this place.’ You leaned back.

‘yeah, I can tell that.’ He chuckled. ‘so, did you find yourself a girl?’ you wiggled your brows at him.

‘I have my eyes on this one girl though.’ He smiled. The thought of him being with someone else stung a little. You liked him and you couldn’t let that happen.

‘oh,’ you said. ‘who’s lucky girl?’ you nudged him with your shoulder.

‘um, let’s see, she has beautiful (y/e/c) eyes, great smile..’ as he described the appearance you could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

‘and she is sitting next to me.’ He looked at you hopefully and smiled.

‘what?!’ you grinned.

  ‘mhm.’ He looked down.

‘you meant all that?’ you looked at him.

‘yup, I did.’ He looked at you.

‘I- ‘you were starting to speak until you noticed the boy you were looking for. ‘Peter! Look he’s here!’ you stood up.

‘let’s get him and leave then.’ He said half-heartedly.

‘yeah, but not like that. We can’t just attack him.’ you said. ‘wait outside, I will get him there and then look after it all.’ You turned to him. ‘okay?’

‘okay.’ He tried to hide the sadness caused by his unanswered question.

‘great.’ You smiled. ‘how will you do it?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘by turning up the heat.’ You simply stated and he gave you a confused look. ‘just wait and watch. And don’t go out just yet wait for my signal.’ You winked at him and disappeared in the crowd. He took a deep breath and followed you.

You looked around and found the guy leaned against a table. He noticed you and passed a smile which you returned. You were thinking for way to get him to talk to you until an idea popped in your mind.

  You made your way towards the DJ and asked him to play your favourite song. You smiled and ran your hands through your hair as the music filled the air. You danced like you didn’t care and let your hair flow. You swayed your hips to the music and danced in a manner that Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you.

‘damn.’ Peter thought with his mouth agape.

You were just moving to the beat and looking for the guy until the song changed. Red dress by MAGIC! Played and you smirked at your victory. You looked at him and he locked eyes at you. he took a sip of his drink without breaking eye contact. He moved towards you and started to dance with you. you took in his appearance as he did so. He was wearing a leather jacket and distressed jeans, his hair were slicked back with hair gel and he smelled like cigarettes, spearmint and a heavy perfume. Peter clenched his fists and jaw at the scene. He couldn’t bear another guy touching you.

‘you wanna get outside? We can go for a ride or something.’ He looked said to you.

‘I would love that.’ You smiled. He took your hand and led you outside. You signalled Peter to follow you and he nodded.

You got outside and he offered you a drink. You had no other option, you knew it wasn’t something you should do but you ended up taking a few sips. You could feel it kicking in already, it was too strong.

‘name’s Chris.’ He introduced himself. ‘I have to say, you were pretty hot in there.’ he moved closer to you and you leaned against the cold wall.

‘thanks.’ You said. ‘I am pretty good at other stuff as well.’ You tilted your head and ran a finger along his jawline. You couldn’t concentrate well; the drink was messing up with your system.

‘mind showing me?’ he said in a low voice.

‘mhm.’ You said innocently. He moved closer but you slipped aside, kicked him in the side, punched him several times and locked him.

‘aren’t I great?’ you asked him. ‘who the fuck are you? get off me, b- ‘he couldn’t speak more as Peter had his mouth closed with his webbing.

‘don’t you know how to talk to a girl?’ Peter got in his face.

‘can you that with his hands too?’ you said to Peter and he nodded. ‘thanks Petey!’ you hiccupped.

‘(y/n) are you,’ he got closer to you. ‘are you drunk?!’ ‘that asshole made me drink this thingy, and it’s gotten me all woozy.’ You stumbled a little. ‘leave it all aside let’s get him to them.’ You picked Chris up. ‘let’s get going, hon. You had a lot of fun ruining all those lives.’ You stumbled again.

‘I guess I’ll take him, you just, follow.’ He said as he griped his arm.

‘okay.’ You smiled and followed him to the car. ‘do you want me to enchant his mind?’ you asked.

‘nah, I guess i’m good.’ he peter held on to the guys arm.

Some agents took Chris from there. Peter after giving them some instructions, helped you walk to your car where Bucky and Natasha were waiting for you. Bucky stopped talking to her when he noticed Peter half carrying you to the car. They both got out of the car and walked towards you.

‘what the hell happened?!’ Bucky asked.

‘Peter got me drunk.’ You whined and hugged Peter closely.

‘you did what?!’ Bucky lunged towards Peter but Natasha grabbed him.

‘no! I didn’t! that guy Chris gave her something! She had him on the ground when I reached there!’ he explained himself.

‘yeah, I beat his ass.’ You giggled.

‘okay, (y/n) come get in the car.’ Bucky tried to separate you from Peter but to no avail.

‘no, I don’t wanna leave him. he’s nice and warm.’ You buried your face in his neck. Peter couldn’t help but smile, he had never had you this close. He quickly his smile when he saw Bucky clench his jaw.

‘no problem, Peter, get her in the car.’ Natasha said calmly. He nodded and helped you in the car.

‘can I have a makeup wipe?’ you cocked your head between the front seat.

‘sure, here you go, chip.’ She handed you a few wipes.

‘thanks.’ You sat back and handed one wipe to Peter.‘Pete, help me.’

‘o-okay.’ He took it wiped your cheeks.

Bucky clutched the steering wheel and Natasha nudged him.

‘let them be, buck.’ Natasha said to him. ‘look how happy she is.’ These words softened his expression.

‘I want to get rid if this dress.’ You huffed.

‘no!’ they said in unison.

‘I am intoxicated not out of my mind. I wouldn’t take it off here.’ You leaned back and crossed your arms over your chest. you started to feel your eyes droop, the drink had been too strong. You yawned and moved closer to Peter.

 ‘do you mind?’ you asked him.

 ‘not at all.’ He raised his arm and you snuggled close to him.

‘thanks.’ You hugged him close and he hesitantly wrapped his arm around you.

You arrived at the base and Peter helped you out of the car. He was about to leave but you stopped him.

‘leave me to my room.’ you pouted. He looked at Bucky for approval and he got a deep breath in response.

‘alright.’ He smiled and helped you in.

You both got in the elevator and you stared at him.

‘what?’ he leaned against the wall.

‘you like me?’ you smiled.

‘yeah.’ He looked down.

‘I like you too, a lot.’ You grinned and moved closer. He stopped you and you gave him a confused look.

‘you don’t mean it, you’re drunk.’ He smiled sadly and sighed.

‘no! I do.’ you pouted.

‘if you do, I’ll come here, tomorrow morning, and if you will still like me, I am all yours.’ He cupped your face.

‘at least let me do something.’ You said.

 ‘what?’ he asked.

 ‘this.’ You kissed the corner of his mouth. ‘we’ll get to it later.’ You winked and the elevator gates opened. ‘goodnight.’ You smiled at him and left. He stood there seeing you leave and he leaned against the wall again. the night was going to be a long one.

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Story of Another Us has some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard like-
‘I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes, And a wasted heart to cast eclipses’ and ‘Memories are pay per view, It costs too much to think of you’

Why is this song only on the physical copy??? Why did they repeat Disconnected?? Will they ever learn???

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 5.

Anyway here’s part 5 and I hope everyone likes it!!!

Word Count: 3256

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

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I woke up early in the morning, emotions from the previous night still making me shiver. It took more than a few minutes for me to actually sink in, that I wasn’t in my usual room, or my usual bed and that something unfamiliar was making my frozen body heat up.

I turned around in bed, only to be met by my husband’s sleeping face. I remembered the words he had said, when he thought I was sleeping.

I’ll never see Anna again, Y/N.”

I shivered again and found that my body was trying to find warmth on its own, when I unconsciously curled up under Sehun’s warm arm. It was as if returning to your warm house after a long walk in the winter freeze. Pleasant feeling left trails as it explored my body.

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Ok so everyone’s already covered the “Not Alone” scene left right upside-down & sideways, so I scrapped that idea for myself. Honestly there are a LOT of really memorable scenes, pieces in the story that really took me and put me IN the world of FFIX, that pulled at my heartstrings and everything else, even amusing ones that put me into laughing fits. I really  do NOT have an easy time picking favorites on this one. But today, I’m going with a very— very OBSCURE scene.

With Dagger & Steiner, when I visited Treno for the first time ever, I did NOT expect “ALLEYWAY JACK” to show up again. I also didn’t expect to have to REACT in an ATE. When I first started playing FFIX, before this scene, I thought ATEs were just scenes to be selected just for the sake of character, world & story development. And while I was right that they were there for that, I didn’t realize until THIS scene that they built on interactions with COMPLETELY OBSOLETE, UNIMPORTANT CHARACTERS. (No I didn’t even realize that in Dali with the innkeeper. It just didn’t click for some reason.) This was really freaking SWEET to me. I also didn’t realize until that moment that ATEs had consequences and branching scenarios depending on the player’s actions. So it was a real treat realizing that I could get two different outcomes from Dagger’s run-in with the Four-Armed Man.

Doubly so, I realized in that series of scenes that I was going to get MORE of that guy. How pleased was I. I was very pleased.
All-in-all, I choose Treno Tradition (and the following subsequent ATEs & scenes) as my CURRENT favorite, because it was so well-executed and involving and it helped me to love love LOVE a character that just did not matter to the overall plot.