yup he did

Tricks like this stir me up. Now your secret’s out.


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Everyone: ready for school!?


Story of Another Us has some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard like-
‘I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes, And a wasted heart to cast eclipses’ and ‘Memories are pay per view, It costs too much to think of you’

Why is this song only on the physical copy??? Why did they repeat Disconnected?? Will they ever learn???

The next show which Toma appeared is one of my favourite- Oshare izumu (おしゃれイズム). Toma really enjoys being in this show and he is so damn handsome and stylish in it. (ok he is kakkoii all the time tho)

Again main topic was Toma’s transgender role as Rinko. Toma explained how they made him “boobs” and sexy decolt. XD Then Toma went eat in some fancy restaurat and enjoyed his food to maximum. (how I love watching this eating parts ♥) In the end we had surprise… Toma DANCED (yup he did) with his kohais. He was soo cute ♥

Anyhoo lets see how kakkoi and kawaii he again was…

again “thinking Toma” XD 

nooo Toma, you are not making me crazy with seeing you touching that lips of yours. Definitely NOT you baka!!!

you feel guilty?! yeah you should! :P dont act innocent Toma XD 

what!!! you know you are teaser XD


nani? naaaaniiii?

what is…

…so funny?! (dang it, he is endlessly cute ♥ ) 

his smile 

is my


“thing” about him 

my kokoro, my kokoroooo *dies of nosebleed*

This smile, this angelic mischievous smile! Gosh how I missed it!!! Love him ♥ I am so weak when it comes to this man 

  • any why love this show?

because of great close ups XD 

best part is hereee XD a“date” with Toma XD

Toma and beer = ♥ (Ikuta, Ikuta, why u so cute Ikuta?! T_T )

kanpai darling XD 

(Toma you are not behavimg like old man whose only happiness is beer are you!?XD)

somebody use this pic in vocabulary with pics to define word happiness XD

this would be my motivation to cook XD to see this face XD 

ashamed Tomacchi? nah dont be XD 

*le Toma thinking about what to eat next* still kakkoii ♥

he is really like small kid XD ♥ adorableeeee 

you had great time ne Toma?

why I am even asking! ♥

New Monster theory

Watching the new teaser, I noticed something :

Don’t you feel like something is missing ? 

Yes, THE MEAT ! There is no steak!!!

Now remember EXO at KCON in 2013 ? Remember what Kyungsoo said ?

Yes, That was a hint. EX’ACT Monstermind is D.O ( pun intended )

Here’s a pic if you don’t believe me:

Now, time for the explanation, Satansoo and his slaves ( exo members ) went to eat, (at the time, they were okay with being trapped in a clinical facility funfunfun) 

BUT there was no steak. OMG NO STEAK !!!! Soo went mad !!!

And that’s why Kai killed everyone. I mean OTP  anyone ? KAISOO!!!! Yup he did this for the love of soo.

anonymous asked:

Did joe mention jack in his livestream???

Yup, he most certainly did :)

Just briefly (from what I know), because he threw the Red Nose character at him and Joe was looking for it.

jinbrigadedance  asked:

No wait, she said "I failed as a wife and as a mother"; BUT he failed not only as a dad, but as a man.

yup he did fail. but what matters the most is his actions about that fail and how others will treat him because of it… what’ll happen??

What if in the next book we get to see Hearth’s home again and he has to interact with people from his past and he introduces Magnus and Sam, but then he introduces Blitz as his boyfriend and Magnus does a double take because he’s not sure he read that sign right but yup he did “why didn’t you guys tell me i really should have known it was obvious”.