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In honor of all the Disney prince charmings that started this whole whump thing for me back when I was just a  kid! I’d see Aladdin drown or John Smith getting shot and I’d get butterflies in ma stomach, freakin’ butterflies! 

I honestly thought I was the most messed up corrupt human. But alas! The sun had risen and the day has come when I realized there’s a definition for this sort of thing, and a whole lovely community behind it! And now… now I can sleep at night :)

Conclusion, it’s Walt Disney’s fault…

[►] Out of all the touching that happened in today’s video, this part from the BTS was by far my favorite because we get some protective Ian here and I’m SO IN LOVE WITH PROTECTIVE IANTHONY! 

You can see the exact moment where Ian goes into full on protective mode with Anthony, hugging him tighter and bringing him closer to his chest while also bracing himself to deal with Anthony’s weight. He didn’t want Anthony to get hurt and did everything he could to prevent it from happening and IT WAS SO CUTE!