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hi i just was wondering how tall are eren and levi in the reincarnation au?? their height difference seems to be bigger than canon

Yup, it’s bigger and I’m happy you noticed because it’s one of my fav things in the AU flsjfsljfsl. Eren is 20 so obviously he would be quite a bit taller than his 15 year old self. Levi is still 160 cm, Eren is about 180 cm.

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Yup, the bigger a character becomes the more people comment on them, both positive and negative. idk that Iris is the most popular character, but she's up there, probably one of the most popular characters on the show and at the very least one of the ones that creates the most buzz and response. And that's without her being a meta or a traditional superhero.

I can mostly agree with you. 


How the hell did the Mulan toddler doll changed so much? Mulan is one of my favourite childhood disney films ( I also love Belle dearly) and this doll that they did now, looks so whitewashed and girly and just WRONG! The first doll (animators collection) she looks addorable, cute, is wearing trousers and looks like what she would indeed use as a child, the second one (my first disney) her eyebrows have been plucked and are now light brown, she has makeup, her face is more oval shaped and even her eyes are bigger. Yup, she pretty much got out of the show toddlers and tiaras! (And don’t get me started on how disgusting that show is, it should be considered child abuse)

ps: I wanted so badly to trash the disney store I went to a few days ago as well because they paired Belle with Gaston, yup, all the other princesses/heroines, had their princes or love interests (well Pocahontas had John Smith and not John Rolfe, which is not only historically inaccurate, as in the sequel she did end up choosing Rolfe and not Smith, so it is also wrong when talking disney) and Belle, instead of having the Beast (Adam, but some sources say it isn’t his real name so…) as human (yes, doing a Beast doll, would cost more, or having the head change as they did on a doll before), nope they paired her with Gaston… Because you know… She was so into Gaston… IS2G