yup another set

And More Flight Dividers

Yup, another set of them. Colour code for matching text included in brackets.

Arcane (d82bca):

Earth (7e4922):

Fire (ea8000):

Ice (c6d9ff):

Light (f5e646):

Lightning (21e3e1):

Nature (3ead28):

Plague (ba2a0d):

Shadow (570080):

Water (2f4cef):

Wind (9eda48):

And a sample of them being used in a bio, as well as a reminder that you can easily resize graphics posted on Tumblr by changing the number at the end of their URL, the choices being 250, 400, 500, 540, and 1280 (though if the size is larger than the actual resolution of the graphic, it will merely display at its actual resolution).

So the filename for first use of the Light divider is:

And its second use further down is: