I’ve been thinking about some stuff for the Tokyo Ghoul Medical Drama AU. In particular a meeting between Dr. Sasaki and Uta the medical examiner.

  •      Haise goes down to give some paperwork to Uta. When he goes down down to the morgue he sees Uta preforming an autopsy.
  •      Haise plans to just have a polite amount of small talk with Uta and then quickly leave. However before he can get away Uta hands him a tray with a kidney in it and says, “Hold this.”
  •      Haise stands there awkwardly not know what to say for a minute while Uta went about dissecting the corse before finally asking “What happened to this person?”
  •      Uta answers, “Poor boy he was an emergency organ transplant patient, it was a miracle he survived the first injury. Unfortunately e became ill a few days after leaving, the fever from the infection,  must have made him delusional, because he instead of contacting the hospital to deal with the complication he decided to try and cut out his organ with a kitchen knife. He was found by a school friend and died on the way to the hospital.”
  •      This deeply unnerves Haise for some reason.
  •      Hirako the surgeon enters the morgue and breaks the tense quiet. Uta looks up from his work. Hirako mutters he’s here for the paperwork on the dead boy.
  •     “Ah Take-kun,” Uta says, “It must be hard to lose a patient,” he pats a stool nearby. “You can stay and cry for a while if you need too, it’s nice and quiet.”
  •     Hirako glares daggers at Uta. Uta finally takes the organ tray back from Haise, and he backs awkwardly out of the morgue.