yuo're amazing


Happy Birthday Jyo. Hope you’re have an amazing day. You’re such an amazing friend. I don’t even know where to start. I remember first time we met was in IPK CG and then we started scrapping each other and that’s how it all started. Gradually, we became such good friends and then our accounting talks LOL. Seriously I love talking to you and you are one of the closest friends I have over here. Thank you for being friends with me. & Do I needa talk about your amazing talent?? Your gifs and edits are so fucking flawless like I can’t even… You legit leave me speechless and sometimes I feel like killing you for being so talented. LOL (I jk) But seriously in all honesty, I seriously adore your work. It’s absolutely amazing! I can just hope one day I can have at least 1% of your amazing-ness. So on this very special day, I hope and pray you keep getting more and more amazing if that’s even possible. Have an amazing day and I wish you life full of success, love and joy. I love you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH<3 I miss talking to you. Hopefully e’ll catch up soon. Have fun!

Oh yeah this is a lil present from my side. It’s extremely ugly and I absolutely hate the way it turned out especially the text, don’t even try convincing me otherwise but you know I can’t be amazing like you. So accept it the way it is! Once again a very very happy birthday to you. I LOVE YOU <3 Mwaaahhh *hugs*