Ok, so I was musing on @yesyunniechan‘s Chat AU and this happened:

* Conan has entered the chatroom
aaand here’s our brat
yo, Kudo!

Hi, Conan-kun!
Masumi: lmao
Ran: What do you mean, Hattori-kun?
Kazuha: Heiji, are you an idiot?
Kazuha: where do you see Kudo-kun?
Ran: What is going on?
Heiji: I mean
Conan: I have to go to the toilet, I’ll come back later!
* Conan has left the chatroom
Sonoko: again!?
Kazuha: Heiji
Heiji: ?
Kazuha: you mean what?
Heiji: oh, that
Heiji: I meant that he had to go to the toilet, like he said
Kazuha: huh?
Sonoko: what kind of answer is that
Ran: I don’t understand anything!
* Shinichi has entered the chatroom
Shinichi: hi, everyone
Ran: Shinichi!
Shinichi: Ran!
Heiji: that was fast, Kudo
Shinichi: long time no see!
Ran: What?
Sonoko: what
Kazuha: Heiji?
Masumi: I so love this chat

detective-yoite  asked:

Hello. Would you mind telling me where you are reading Detective Conan? I'm behind and don't know where to find it. Thank you! Hope you have a great day!

I just use good ol’ kissmanga (<< a link to deteective conans manga) and if you arent already you should definitely follow yunnie (<< link to her blog) cuz she translates the manga… and some episodes? i know she did the ep 1 remake

Hope you have a great day!! (i’ll post this in case anyone else is doesnt know where to find the manga and heres the anime too the animes also on crunchyroll under the english dub name CASE CLOSED) 

Important Announcement [Birthday&Letters!]

So, 12th of April is my birthday. It will be here soon and… I kind of want to share it with you, guys… DCMK community became a huge part of my life and I decided to do something I’ve never done before.

For my birthday, I want… a letter. Or letters :3 In the Internet era, letters are becoming more and more rare and a handwritten letter is something you don’t usually see.. Thus I thought that it may be an interesting idea :>

I really hope this suggestion is not time/money consuming, though ;_;

I think that receiving a handwritten letter from some of you guys would be the best present there is. After all, handwritten letter means somebody sat, took a pen and wrote those words. Somebody on another side of the world… 

So, this is what I wanted to say. 

Address will be under the ‘keep reading’.

Keep reading