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[TRANS/@s_yunny] El almuerzo de hoy es diferente a lo habitual haha  Eran fideos de mariscos muy deliciosos y sazonados de arroz con pimientos picantes y fideos salteados~ #DeliciosoAlmuerzo #BuenaPersona #EspecialesAuriculares kekeke Inglés: Lukieworldwide Trad: Pam ~ Lunafly “Perú” (more…)

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At Warung Pancong Mang Kumis & Mang Dadang

Gausa pulang main aja hahah – at Warung Pancong Mang Kumis & Mang Dadang with nadia, Yunni Lestari, and Rere – See on Path.

alhamdulillah. berkat doa dan dukungan semuanya 😂 juara II yeay 💕 WE DID IT!! AISI!! with GaliHamdhani, Yunnie, Ruth Verawaty, Tirsa, Indah, Metha, and Astari – View on Path.

vivibest21 asked:

Omg i know the feelsssss!!! And ya i met them in toronto and yub is such a sweetheart hehehe you chose a good one even though they are all awfully cute hehe my bias is yunny of course lol and i agree all their songs are true piece of art

;______; i am jealous ;;__________;;