yunjae quotes

i want to go home,
not to a place, not to a person;
maybe to a place, maybe to a person.
definitely to a feeling,
definitely to some feeling.
i’m begging you;
let me go home, let me feel home,
—  because i’m sick of being in this cold house all alone
I’ve gone through life without question,
As to why everything is so bleak;
Without color, without heat.
So when you came I thought it was a dream,
For how could there be so radiant a being?
—  you’ve painted my world in technicolor; you’ve filled my bones with the warmth of summer; now all i ask is for you to never leave.
YunJae quotes (because I'm not talented in any form of the visual arts oops)

Jaejoong: “Once, I leaned my head on Yunho’s shoulder because I was tired, and I felt his heart beat super fast for some reason.”


Yunho: “My things are mine. Jaejoong’s things are also mine. Isn’t that great?”


Jaejoong: “Maybe people that haven’t been hugged by Yunho don’t know this, but - ah, I shouldn’t say this because I’m a man - if Yunho hugs you, your heart will beat faster.”

Yunho: “I hug Jaejoong a lot because it calms me.”


Jaejoong: “I met Yunho in 2001. Then we met again in SM and I was a bit surprised. I guess it’s fate.”


Yunho: “As crazy as this sounds, I don’t think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He’s more like my other half.”


“The love that we share is very hard to explain. We’re best friends, but yet we’re not.”


Six quotes for six years - I wish this anniversary had come under better circumstances. But I will always keep the faith that somehow, everything will work out in the end. #Happy6thYunjaeAnniversary

"As you feel TVXQ as a memory we do the same. If things work out (among our members) later... It would be nice if we can look back and talk about the fun memories... We debuted 10 years ago... We can talk about this since a long time has passed... Now, let's moving onto the next song..."

[TRANS JJ’s Comments and video clip] After Junsu sang ‘Hug’ and danced to it, fans started chanting TVXQ so JJ tried to respond to it and wrap it up smoothly. He never said he missed the others or wants reunion. He merely recognized the fans’ feelings. Watch from about 2:30. (watch)

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I’ve loved loved loved loved you more than anyone else

I was always thinking that I’d risk my life for you

The most precious one is standing by, 

I cannot forget my special one

The starless night, Sayonara, 

I wish that I wake up and find it all a dream 

-Yunho (A Boat Tied to a Pier)

Actually, I’m scared

That you don’t know me even when you’re looking at me

We will turn back our love

Ask for each other’s names with racing hearts

We need to have our first loves again

In heaven where there is no light

-Jaejoong (Heaven)