Thank you, YUNicorns, for your amazing participation in our glasses project. We have received hundreds of photos through Tumblr, Twitter, and email. We haven’t credited the contributors of the photos in this post (this is more of a teaser/update), but within the next few weeks, we will do something cool to showcase all of your contributions (with full credit).

Stay tuned.

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Eyeglasses photo project

Hi, guys.

We just thought of something fun.

If you wear eyeglasses, take a picture of just your glasses at one of the following locations:

  1. Somewhere on your school campus;
  2. Your desk;
  3. Your favorite coffee shop;
  4. Next to your favorite book

Once you take a photo you like, submit it to us here. If you follow us on Twitter, you can also tweet the photo @The_YUNiversity. If you’d rather email it to us, send it to

We’ll post your photos here, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Twitter, and if the photo is really awesome, we’ll even feature it in our upcoming book!

You can submit more than one photo. Make sure we have some way of giving your credit. (Tell us your Tumblr name, Twitter handle, website address, etc.)

Let’s do this!

You guys rock!

Just in the past ten minutes, we’ve had over 35 awesome photos of your eyeglasses submitted.

  1. Keep them coming.
  2. We’ll figure out a smart way to showcase all of them without overwhelming our blog.
  3. Be patient. Your photo may not be posted on the same day, but we promise they will be.

This is exciting.

Well done, YUNicorns.