yuni draws

“Yuna dacing so the spirit of men can reach the afterlife place of rest.”

I bought some watercolors and wanted to try them out since I don’t really have much experience painting with them. I went to bed yesterday thinking of how the sending would look painted in watercolors, here’s the result. despise some minor proportion mistakes I think I really nailed it hehe. hope you like it too.

Soc Paper doll -- Kaberonian and Human

“…Yuni, you’re ‘barrassin’ me!”

((Hush, people need to honestly know what you look like. Bare paperdoll right now.))

“…but you didn’t gimme no shorts!”

((Honey, nothing’s showing. You’re fine.))


((*ignoring him* Drawing’s under the read more. ))

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Yeeah…basically this is normal canon'verse, but…just  with dream-add stuff on. Aka hearing aids and FINALLY GETTING THAT CHILD SOME GLASSES SO HE CAN SEE TWO FEET INSTEAD OF TWO INCHES IN FRONT OF HIM.

Also uncoveredillusions I am so sorry. I still suck at drawing Ienzo…but at least I got their size difference about right. *sigh*

((Thiiiis is something you’re more likely to see Soc wearing on NORMAL summer days – aka not in meetings or being ‘official’. *snirk*  Overalls and the ever-present leg braces.  

…yeah, his pants have snaps on the legs under his shocks. How ELSE do you think he’d be able to wear long pants when his shocks are tensed?

…and somehow I managed to make him look MORE like a toddler than usual. *facepalm*))