[tagged] five writing goals

Erm, so. Once upon a time I got tagged by buttface called Isa and kept forgetting about this and well. I remember right now? *^*

tagging you to list five writing goals. tag five other people.

  • try to force through even when I lose my initial steam. Usually I write only when I get inspired - actual words in my head and all - and I quit immediately after I wrote out what came to my mind. I need to learn how to come up with stuff consciously and just. continue. 
  • get rid off the habit of writing only in one-sitting. It’s nasty and discouraging since I often think of the time constraints/the time and end up resigning from writing even if inspiration actually strikes.
  • include dialogues! Normally people talk! They don’t in my fic! So, basically, make these two jerks actually converse. Even if dialogues are frightening to me :’(
  • break up sentences more. I was told several times that my sentences get run-on and confusing and well, that’s not a good thing, is it. This is linked with my love to hyphens so - eliminate them too. Ironic, I know. Pun not intended.
  • Write actual plot 8D Or not, I should be speshul. 

Tagging: subtled cause she totally ignored Isa and that’s unforgivable and yes. Not letting her off that easily. :3 frozen-tea and maaaaybe dentedsky and shim-jung-love? Also, yunhopan \o/