Betrayal (Angry Sex)

Apologies to the person who requested Yunho for taking so long, had computer problems >.<; And I’m not sure how angry they wanted it, but I didn’t want to make it too violent. - Admin FC.


You were waiting backstage at the SM Town concert. You sat near the stylists’ section, watching recently debuted rookie group SHINee’s performance on the propped up TV screen in the corner. There was a commotion everywhere - security running here and there, stylists grabbing random pieces of clothing off different racks that were spread variously around the room to piece together every artist’s outfit, camera men shouting incoherent instructions into their radio walkie-talkies.

You sighed; taking a sip of water from the plastic bottle Yunho’s manager had given you. “He’s getting ready,” he had said. “He should be out soon.”

Yunho had already finished performing; he was now in the change rooms getting ready to leave for lunch with you. SHINee’s performance finished, the cheers of the fan girls visibly loud even from where you sat. You waved at Eunhyuk and Sooyoung’s smile’s who dashed past quickly in the midst of getting ready for their upcoming performances. At that moment, SHINee were about to walk past you to go into the change rooms. You stood up and bowed at them, congratulating on their successful performance.

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