anan cover story

ENG TRANS : @beriko0214

The photo session was taken place in winter in Seoul.

Q: Can you give a message to the readers of anan?

YH: When does this issue of anan go on sale? March 12. Oh, then it is close to the White day, is not it? Okay.. 

YH speaking to CM: Does a man get something from a woman on the White day?
No? Which one…?

CM : Its from a man to a woman. A woman will receive a gift from a man.

YH: Okay.. then everyone please get something (nice) from someone you love :D

CM: You just spoke about all the women’s wishes… and its so difficult. The probability is so very low.

YH (a bit thrown off) : Well…well…I still wish that you get something from someone you love!

Q: What about Changmin san? Do you have a message to the readers?

CM: Spring has come and it is getting warm. Please watch out for allergy :D

(Staffs burst into laughter)

CM: Oh, what I was trying to say is.. well… okay.. let me say, In this spring, please spend your time with (listen to) Tohoshinki’s new album!

YH: Okay, let me tell you.. While watching out for allergy, you should listen to Tohoshinki’s heartwarming (heartfelt) album and please receive a gift from someone you love! :D