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I think the reason a lot of people hate on Evgenia is not because she wins, but because she keeps on breaking world records. The world records she broke are Yuna Kim's long program in Vancouver and Mao Asada's short program in WC are very rich in everything and are rendered as masterpieces. The two are also legends in the sport. Whereas, her programs that broke the records are just technically superb, but lacking the "it" factor that the previous WRs has shown.

Scores go up all the time, Base Value gets adjusted, rules and elements change.

While I can even agree about Zhenia’s programs lacking a bit on “wow” factor you usually link to world records, to hate on her ‘cause she gets higher scores than Mao or Yuna got years ago, it’s really childish.

It’s like hating on Jason Brown because his best score is higher than Plushenko.

Hate the way judges are giving out scores now, but why trash the skater?

you know, the world is fair. we reap what we sow, you know? like, so, the world is -

actually nvm the world ain’t fair shit denis what can you not do

“Figure skating is obviously a huge part of both Yuna’s and Evgenia’s life, but Yuna was quite closed off. She never really seemed to care that much for her coach, the rest of the figure skating community or the advancement of the sport. She was just THAT good. But Evgenia is so enthusiastic, willing to share her experience and to take up new challenges, and seems like she will pursue in figure skating after her retirement. I am glad the WD now belong to someone whose character I appreciate”

What are your favorite quotes from figure skating commentators?

Here are mine.

Lots of good B.Esp (especially Simon Reed) quotes:

Yuna Kim 2007 Worlds SP: “Mind boggling! I have rarely ever seen a single skater skate to the music as well as that.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2013 Worlds SP: “It is such a responsibility to have talent like he has. For me, I still say it…I think he has the potential to be the finest figure skater in history.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 NHK Trophy FS: “There’s no 10s there but it’s mighty, mighty close….Unbelievable, well done to the judges…I bet within the judges’ marks there are some 10s in there…and I’d shake their hands if I knew who it was, but they’re all in random order so I’d never know who it is…but brilliant!”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2016 NHK Trophy FS: “And it’s not just the Japanese who adore him. And yes, he did have a mistake…or two…but he is so adorable, I think people by now have forgotten that he made the mistakes and just concentrated on the magnificent skating.”

And Kurt Browning (CBC) is always a pleasure:

Yuna Kim 2014 Olympics SP (at her score): “I’m surprised…I thought it would be higher.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 Worlds SP: “He claims moments out of nowhere, he’s in the spin and just by clenching his fists on the note, there’s so much ownership from this fellow, like a ballet dancer….It’s like he commands us. Show-off.”

Johnny Weir (NBC) is sassy:

Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 GPF FS (on his quad): “It’s like water. Suspended in soup.”

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Is it just me

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or are they basing Viktor’s career, his career, not his skating style/look etc, on Queen Yuna (Queen of the Ice Rink)??? 

Like, I see his story arc in YOI loosely following the same general theme (minus the Yuuri) as the end of Yuna’s professional skating career.

Just go check out her skating stats etc, I’m not gonna bother copying all of that in here, and be amazed. She’s got so many world championship wins and boasts a career wherein she has never finished a competition off the podium. 

Now, I know Viktor doesn’t have exactly the same legacy as her, but in spirit, he’s a damn fine skater renowned for his run of world championship wins. 

What I’m trying to get at is: his perspective of what comes next (minus Yuuri) might be heavily influenced by this golden run. He’s constantly expressed his desire to keep his audience guessing at what he’ll do next, and wants to keep them guessing, but once you’ve covered so many wins and are basically expected to never get below a certain level of skating, what else is there to conquer in ice skating? How dissatisfying will it be to keep going till old age gets to you? (not that he’s old, but in skating terms he’ll be “past his prime” soon)

Queen Yuna deliberately chose to leave the rink because, in my opinion, she realised that she was facing a similar dilemma to Viktor, in that - where does an athlete go from perfection? She was lacking motivation, and quite wisely - again, in my opinion - chose to go on to pursue other interests. 

She left a gaping hole in her fans hearts. At least - on the rink. But the thing is, she left of her own choice, recognising that there was nothing left to challenge her, peerless as she was. And so, she left in style. 

I wonder if they will conclude Viktor’s career decisions in a similar direction to Yuna’s? If they do, I won’t be dissatisfied with that result. He’s the King of the Ice (shut the fuck up, JJ, you’re a peasant compared to Viktor, don’t even) in YOI-universe, so I expect he’ll leave his throne with equal applause and sadness, and when he does - we’ll all cheer! Long live the King!