[150420] [FULL] The Ark in Jo!ns Interview

“In the team, what are you in charge of?” If we ask this to a rookie group, we’ll have answers like “I’m in charge of being introvert.”, “I’m in charge of being funny” or it could be specific answers as they’re living in the entertainment era.

We asked The Ark the same question, but the answer was different. “I’m not really good at it, but I’m confident in my singing skills.” “I don’t know anything than dancing but it’s something special.” “I studied a lot of rap”

If you’re looking at The Ark’s stage, many colors emerges. Innocence and plenty of charisma. They have a strong choreography that is as good as a male idol group, yet, they have a distinct personality. They may be a rookie group, but there’s no awkwardness on their stages. The Ark is well prepared and coming to talk about to show us natural things like dance, singing skills and expressions.

They may be coming as a rookie group, but their team work is the best. Our favorite group is here with improvised thoughts for the sake of their debut. With that in mind, the start with The Ark is quite impressive. Let’s meet the five members of The Ark (Jeon Minju, Yuna Kim, Halla, Jung Yujin, Cheon Jane) that are crossing the start line with their debut song ‘The Light’.

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