The story begins…【♥】

“Say.. Rinoa? Do you…
By any chance, know
anything about dancing?”

A random question out of the blue,
but she was quite curious, after all.
“, dancing with a partner?”
When equipped the songstress dressphere
she was able to dance on her own.
But with a person?
       Never has she experienced it before.

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Hello ;) Can you, please, do your top fave list of ladies and men SP and FS of all the time. Thank you.

Hi there!:)

Oh well, it would be more like fave programs in the period of the past few season than of all the time as I`ve really got into senior international skating in 2012-2013 maybe (and even later for males I guess). So don`t be surprised if this list looks a bit weird :D (it might include some programs which were earlier than 2012 but I haven`t seen all the programs before that time so I may have missed many good ones).
I tried to limit my list to top-10, however there are many more programs that I really like.
Ladies SP:
1) Kanako Murakami – Violin Muse
2) Kanako Murakami – Jumping Jack
3) Yuna Kim – Dance Macabre
4) Akiko Suzuki – Kill Bill
5) Satoko Miyahara - Firedance
6) Rika Hongo – Quidam
7) Kanako Murakami – Think of Me
8) Ashley Wagner - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
9) Elena Radionova – Flamenco
10) Ashley Wagner – Hip Hip Chin Chin
Ladies FS:
1) Satoko Miyahara – Miss Saigon
2) Akiko Suzuki - O
3) Rika Hongo - Riverdance
4) Ashley Wagner – Moulin Rouge
5) Elena Radionova – Rahmaninoff
6) Satoko Miyahara – Un Sospiro
7) Mao Asada – Bells of Moscow
8) Julia Lipnitskaya – Shindlerlist
9) Samanta Cesario – Carmen
10) Ashley Wagner – Black Swan

For fave male programs it`s even harder since I generally more interested in female skating and I started to pay enough attention to men only since 2013-2014… So here is a very weird list which may not contain amazing masterpieces bc I just missed them lol
Men SP:
1) Yuzuru Hanyu – Ballade
2) Tatsuki Machida – East of Eaden
3) Yuzuru Hanyu – Parisienne Walkways
4) Jason Brown - The Question of U
5) Daisuke Takahashi – Mambo Medley
6) Joshua Farris – Give Me Love
7) Jeremy Abbott – Pina
8) Adam Rippon – Queen
9) Shoma Uno – Legends
10) Han Yan – If I were a Rich Man

Men FS:
1) Yuzuru Hanyu – Seimei
2) Yuzuru Hanyu – Romeo and Juliet 1.0
3) Daisuke Takahashi – Beatles Medley
4) Jeremy Abbott - Muse
5) Jason Brown – Riverdance
6) Jason Brown – The Piano
7) Adam Rippon – Beatles
8) Tatsuki Machida - Symphony No. 9
9) Yuzuru Hanyu – Phantom of the Opera
10) Florent Amodio – Lion King

P.S. I included only seniors. If you wish to see such thing about juniors, just ask :)

The gem within her hands pulsed, a deep mint green glistened in the sunlight. This… this is what she had prayed for — an Eidolon.  Her prayers to the Goddess had been answered.

The revelation of her her accomplishment surged. 

I did it… I have become a summoner. “

With the gem deep in her hands clasped together, she fell to her knees, praying one again to the Deity

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Lincoln Jesser And Yuna Bring A Dance Number - Listen

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We bring you an exciting collaboration from Yuna and Lincoln Jesser titled ‘Baby Boy’. It is a complete edm meets pop tune, with great vocals and a unique sound which is sure to be heard across all radio stations. A definite dance number, which just enhances Yuna’s talent and brings Jesser again on the music charts.


Yuna has proved to be a great singer, who brings the right depth and personality to a tune. Lincoln Jesser has bought a subtle, sensual pop tune with a great mix of techno on it. It is emotionally charged deep house number, bringing an addictive touch to it, a sure playlist addition.