yun shoot


        Really? Sending me to check out the gym just because our names are similar?

        Scarlet sighed to herself as she approached the Gym – only in name, really. It was a fancy, modern-seeming establishment with bright lights and seemed more like an auditorium than a place for battle. But apparently there was indeed a Gym Leader here, as indicated by the sign, and to Yun’s amusement, nicknamed ‘Shooting Star Scarlette’

        And Yun was off shopping at the local Mart with Nate, who’d pointed out his team of birds was little match for a Rock-type Gym…not that her Fire-type bias was any better.

        As Scarlet stepped inside, loud but muffled music nearly blasted in her ears, a sharp contrast to the seemingly quiet outside. Must be soundproofed or something?

        “Geez…the Rock-type Gym Leader being an actual rocker? Not very funny…” she muttered, following the source of the music until she could find the Gym Leader herself.

Some iKONdom's myths (just for fun, not real)

1. Even YG Entertainment does not know how to spell Junhoe (?)’s real name.

2. Dong Hyuk knows every single one of iKON’s dirty secrets and uses this knowledge to threaten all of them.

3. Yun Hyeong, in fact, has very broken and dry lips.

4. Jun Hoe is in love with Bobby. That’s why he is awkward with him. 

5. Bobby never lets mom watch his SMTM perf or she will have a heart attack. 

6. Jin Hwan has the most sex appeal out of them. 

7. Han Bin REALLY never dated before.

8. Dong Hyuk does not shower very often. 

9. Yun Hyeong is a cruel stepmother in disguise who will seek revenge on any member who hurt him. 

10. Jun Hoe has a sensitive heart despite his constipation-symptom-like countenance. 

11. Bobby and Jun Hoe will never talk unless there is some food to share. 

13. Yun Hyeong probably is shooting some commercials for NIVEA.

14. The visual battle will never end because all of them are teenagers and puberty is unpredictable. 

15. Han Bin is female-phobic.