yun shoot


It was rather normal for Seo-yun to have to shoot at perps or criminals in their attempts to escape. It was rather average for her to give chase through crowded streets and quiet alleys. This was part of her job. Making sure that criminals came to justice. 

Today was no exception. Having left her partner behind to give chase, Seo-yun was hard on the trail. In fact, at this point she was on his tail. Running through the crowded streets and yelling in order to keep civilians out of the way. 

Finally wrestling the man to the ground, it was a struggle for her to stay in charge of such a thing. The two switched who was on top, tumbling and rolling through the street. Fighting for her gun. Fighting for dominance.

After this went on for a few minutes, it seemed as though the police officer had met her match. That was, until the sound of gunshots rang through the air.