yun shen

American Performing Arts Gothic

Your local regional theatre is doing Les Miserables again, except this time it’s set in Harry Truman’s White House. You’ve only heard of one of the five shows in your touring presenter’s season. The other four are starting Diana Degarmo. Shen Yun is coming to town for the fourth time this year. You’ve never heard of anyone attending it and the theatre they listed on the ads doesn’t exist.

Last night, I was at a Chinese performance called Shen Yun. It was about Fa Lun Gong and a bunch of our cultural dances that originate from China. My cousin and I went with some of our family and we were surprised by how many white people were there. 

After Shen Yun, I realized why white people think they understand us. They see our dances and our performances and they automatically think they understand my culture and values. They feel like they are a part of my culture by wearing a fucking qi pao to a Chinese performance. They think by imitating our language (they think they’re speaking it), they automatically are so culturally aware and understand how we must feel and everything we do. 

I am just so sick and tired of these damn people thinking that I am exactly what these performances are. There is so much more to my damn culture than a bunch of fucking glittery clothing and drums. I wish they would stop trying to act like they know my values and culture because they don’t. 

Also, it is a fucking privilege that we let them in on our dances and shit. Just because they are there doesn’t mean that that means them a part of it or a part of my culture. 

I’m sorry this rant is so repetitive but I am just so angry.