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Sorry if this is out of the blue, and off topic, but I noticed you said you lived in Seattle now and I happen to be going up there in the near future for a college transfer! Do you have any tips for making it as a newcomer to the big city? I'm from Las Vegas, so moving to an actual city will be a huge change and I'm sweatin'. 😩

I do! I have moved A LOT in my life. And I have actually lived out that way, in AZ! 

Traffic is a B****. Seriously. If you are driving….anywhere basically from like 3-7pm you’re gunna have a bad time. 

Finding a place to live is intense. And expensive. Be prepared to find apartment complexes with like a 2yr waiting list etc. And the closer you live to the city, obviously, the more expensive. 

Lots of homeless everywhere (sad). Be prepared to see little communities of tents etc, these are actually called ‘ENCAMPMENTS’ 

You’ll see tons of these up in the hills and trees along the highway and like, a lot of places. 

When you’re walking around the city you might see druggies having episodes etc or hallucinating just keep walking and ignore. DON’T GIVE MONEY. 


There are dozens of amazing and fantastic food spots all over this area. Seriously, just…..spend a while going around trying out some food. Sushi, italian, smoked salmon, seafood at fishermans warf in pike place market…rjfnjefjf so good 

Pike Place is pretty rad, beautiful floral arrangements for cheap, delicious and fresh food, GO THERE. The stand kinda close to the “throwing fish” stand still serves as Dungeness Crab Cocktail and I recommend that as a little snack mmm. ALSO they have traditional French restaurants to famous food spots so popular that you are going to be in a 100 person line as soon as they open lol. I had my first Escargot at pike place and Oysters with Champagne Mignonette there. 

We get a lot of awesome shows! I saw BB King live here. We go and watch Shen Yun every year. We have a bad ass beer fest, and there are different cultural fests like every month in the city and they’re FREE TO ATTEND. 

People are really liberal here. I see a lot of street corner protests ?? like ‘fuck trump’ etc etc which is rad. 

Lots of weed. Just be ready. 

Also, LOTS of Teriyaki places. Like, a crazy amount of friggin teriyaki places. Also some gooooood RAMEN. KOREAN FOOD. HAWAIIAN. LIKE ITS NEJ THE FOOD DUDE I CANT STRESS ENOUGH.

And you will find that certain places seem to be like, heavy in a certain ethnicity just like a Chinatown or something. Like theres a starbucks where I used to live and I swear idk what it is but the oNLY customers were Japanese. AT ALL TIMES. How do I know? They speak japanese like on the macbooks I see japanese I was the only white ass in there ever besides a couple employees hahaha. So yeah that happens. 

Idk I could probably say so much more but the bottom line is WELCOME I love it here and I know you will, too. I’ve lived in a lot of places and I gotta say this is like, my forever home now. 

Its so wonderfully green and rainy in the winter and then in summer you get sun (which I hate but whatever I deal with it hahaha) 

Also Mt. Rainier is jfbefb GORGEOUS and I never ever get tired of seeing it on clear days as I drive. 

Last night, I was at a Chinese performance called Shen Yun. It was about Fa Lun Gong and a bunch of our cultural dances that originate from China. My cousin and I went with some of our family and we were surprised by how many white people were there. 

After Shen Yun, I realized why white people think they understand us. They see our dances and our performances and they automatically think they understand my culture and values. They feel like they are a part of my culture by wearing a fucking qi pao to a Chinese performance. They think by imitating our language (they think they’re speaking it), they automatically are so culturally aware and understand how we must feel and everything we do. 

I am just so sick and tired of these damn people thinking that I am exactly what these performances are. There is so much more to my damn culture than a bunch of fucking glittery clothing and drums. I wish they would stop trying to act like they know my values and culture because they don’t. 

Also, it is a fucking privilege that we let them in on our dances and shit. Just because they are there doesn’t mean that that means them a part of it or a part of my culture. 

I’m sorry this rant is so repetitive but I am just so angry.