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Produce 101 - My Top 11

11. Takada Kenta (His sayonara hitori performance is what got me)

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10.Yoon Jisung (how can someone be so funny and talented at the same time)

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9. Kim Taewoo (NEEDS MORE AIR TIME!!!)

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8. Park Jihoon (No one can resist the wink)

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7. Yoon Heeseok (got to support my jellyfish boy)

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6. Justin (He was actually the first trainee to go on my list)

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4. Kim Jaehwan (How can you not love his voice) 

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3. Lee Gunhee (HOW IS HE SO TALENTED!!!!!)

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2. Kang Daniel (I was shook by his deep voice and pink hair)

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1. Yoo Seonho (……………idk he is just so fluffy)

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I prefer the relationship between Ban Ryu and Soo Yun more than the complicated and unnecessary mess between Moo Myung/ Sun Woo, Ji Dwi and Ah Ro. Their relationship are simple (other than her brother, Suho’s rejection) and they quick to realize their feelings towards one another. Its a good thing as we don’t have to witness complicated situation further more than we have to handle with the main characters’ love situations (which drives me crazy).