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“The main reason I decided to star in ‘House of the Disappeared’ was because of Kim Yun Jin sunbae. I watched drama 'Lost’ when I was in America and she really helped me raise my self-esteem. The script is very unique. It’s a very tightly written scenario with a mixture of thrills as well as motherhood… It’s something many viewers will be able to enjoy and relate to. If I had to point out the most influential aspect, I would have to say it’s all thanks to JYP sunbae, There are still many things to learn as a junior from JYPEven if 2PM were to disband ten, twenty years down the line, I wouldn’t just let it go. Though I am slowly transitioning into an actor, that doesn’t mean I’m solely going to focus on acting, no. With the first generation groups reuniting, there’s a constant shift in the entertainment industry. I think the same will go for 2PM, following the footsteps of our seniors.” - Taecyeon, 2PM

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