:Quick #YummyEats Series: Extra Lean Ground Turkey Lasagna Sauce.

Hello all :)

I’m very excited for this new post, but saddened as well because this is the last post on my #YummyEats series :( However, I would like to close on a delicious note (notice what I did there? lol).

I L-O-V-E lasagna, but everytime I would order it from Olive Garden, or grab a “ready-made” box at my local Costco, it always turns out too salty, too cheesy, and oh goodness the high calories (per serving)…Yikes!! So, I rummaged through my foodie brain and came up with this succulent, yet low sodium, low fat lasagna sauce recipe that you could try out and layer it with low fat (or 2% milk) cheese blend, and of course your whole wheat lasagna pasta :) 


-Extra lean ground turkey (dark or white)

-Barilla tomato sauce (tomato & basil flavored)

-Green beans, broccoli, (you could add bell peppers as well)

-Seasonings (let your mind go wild & use your senses to cook); I chose salt, paprika, Italian seasoning, oregano, nutmeg, and chicken bouillon

-Olive oil & onions (love them! & they help lower cholesterol, just like celery)


1. Chop onions, broccoli, greens beans (well, all your veggies) and add them to your hot pan, to which you’ve added about 1.5 Tsp of olive oil.

2. Saute the veggies until caramelized, then add your seasonings mentioned in the ingredients section (in no particular order). **I cook with my senses, so I am not a huge fan of measuring exact amounts, thus add all your seasonings to taste** :)

 3. Pour in the entire jar of Barilla tomato & basil, as well as the extra lean ground turkey. Stir to help all the veggies coat to the tomato sauce and ground turkey.

4. Next, allow the sauce to simmer for approximately 5 minutes (no need to fully cook the sauce since we’ll be layering the lasagna pasta with it, and cooking it the rest of the way in a 350 degrees, pre-heated oven for about 35 minutes).

5. I incorporated light, “fiesta blend” cheese to my lasagna recipe, as well as whole wheat lasagna pasta. (Tip: I made sure to not add too much salt to the sauce because the cheese’s salty taste will contribute to the dish’s seasoning).

6. Finally, bake the lasagna (covered with aluminum foil to prevent the top layer from hardening) for about 35 minutes, as previously mentioned.

I ate my lasagna with a side of shredded carrots, to which I added dried cranberries, toasted almonds, a light vinaigrette dressing; and some kiwi for some freshness and palate cleansing.  

So delicious! Enjoy! :)

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