yummy vegan recipes

Deconstructed sushi bowls for lunch today 😍  Short grain brown rice, a bed of mesclun salad, cucumber, crispy seaweed, lime, broccoli, crispy tofu marinated in tahini, soy sauce and lemon juice and sautéed mushrooms, garnished with pickled ginger, spring onion, baked sesame seeds and avocado swirls because is it even possible for me to serve a savoury dish without avocado?😂😂 ✨ The right avocado kind of looks like a heart hehe 💚  Really enjoying playing with my food on uni break, as much as I love the food they give me at my college let’s just say not the most aesthetically pleasing 😂 sending lots of love as always, always keen to answer any questions you have my inbox is pretty empty right now :) -Zoe xx

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Funny enough now that I’m on holidays I wake up at 7am (usually it’s 8-8:30am) but I haven’t lost the habit of making delicious breakfast 🍦 Pineapple nicecream 🍌🍍 Ingredients : 2 frozen bananas ¼ cup frozen pineapple chunks Toppings : raspberries, more pineapple, agave syrup, cacao nibs Directions : Blend the ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor until smooth and serve right away !

Strawberry milkshake 💕 I simply blended 2 frozen bananas with 1 cup of plant based milk and 1 cup of strawberries 🍓 so frothy and creamy 🍧
The weather has been so nice lately, I’ve been reading in the sun for 2 hours and it’s the best feeling to leave my coat at home and get those summer dresses of out hibernation ☀️

The freshest summer juice for those hot sunny days ☀️ Watermelon Fresca 🍉
Ingredients :
3 cups watermelon
Juice of 2 oranges
Juice of one lime
2/3 cup water
Handful of ice
Handful of mint leaves
Directions :
Combine all the ingredients in a blender and pulse until thick but smooth. Add a few more ice cubes in the jar before pouring if you want it extra cold 🍉

Hoped this breakfast would make me want to study 🙈
Vegan Milkshake with strawberries and melted dark chocolate 😍
2 large frozen bananas
1 cup plant based milk
3 squares of dark chocolate
Handful of strawberries
Directions :
Melt the dark chocolate in a bowl placed above boiling water (or I guess the microwave could work too)
Drizzle the melted chocolate on the edges of your jar
Cut strawberry slices thinly and stick them to the jar
Blend the bananas and milk in a blender or food processor
Pour in the jar and enjoy 😊