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I have so many requests to catch up on! T^T I’m so sorry, guys! Life has been pretty crazy. But here’s a WIP and a promise to you all that I’m working on them! <3

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Also, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! May the Fourth be with you!!!

I love how beautiful and tasty smoothie bowls are, especially when you add yummy toppings to them👌🏻 it’s funny how I always crave smoothie bowls in the colder seasons and by the time I finish it I find myself sitting by the fire with a big blanket trying to get warm again😂 but their so good I can’t stop!
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TalesFromYourServer: Accidentally Slightly Poisoned a Child

TL;DR: Kid orders banana split waffle, menu doesn’t say it has nutella, kid is allergic, cries to her mother that she’s scared for her life, dad pokes polite fun at how I was so worried I almost cried, kid got rash and not dead, and I got 15 bucks.

Okay okay, title is more dramatic than the event actually was, but drama is fun, no?

So, to the story, I was serving during brunch at my restaurant, and a family of 4 is seated at my booth. They’re nice, order a meal each, and then a banana split waffle to share.

Our banana split waffle is yummy, a Belgian waffle topped with caramelized pineapple, banana, chocolate sauce, caramel, and whip cream.

Or at least that’s what the menu says.

So, I bring them their food when it’s ready, check on them, making sure they’re enjoying themselves, then suddenly while I’m getting something for another table, a coworker tells me that the family of 4 needed me.

I’m a little confused because they seemed OK a minute ago, but I go to them right away and see that my manager is already there and talking to them. I get there, and don’t want to interupt, so this is what is said:

Dad: understandably agitatedIs there Nutella in this banana split waffle?? It doesn’t say there is on the menu!!

Manager: I confirmed with the chef that yes there is Nutella in the recipie, and we were unaware it wasn’t mentioned in the menu. Is there a problem?

Dad: Yeah, my daughter is allergic and we didn’t know anything could be wrong with it since it didn’t say it’s there in the menu!!

So, the dad was surprisingly polite, just justifiably angry, but then. Then. If the word “allergic” wasn’t worrying enough, the girl looks terrified, and I shit you not, turns to her mother and says;

“Mommy I’m scared!!!D:”

And I just fucking nope the shit out of there, there is nothing I can do for them right now. I end up chilling near one of out PoS systems and panicinf, thinking the child’s gonna fucking die at my table or slmethjng, and I just zone out for a bit and kinda flutteredly check on my other tables.

After about 5 or so minutes my coworkers suggested I make sure the family is ok, and it’s just the dad there when I get back. Here’s what happens:

Me, poisoner of kids: Hi, sir, my manager told me about what happened and I wanted to make sure your daughter was okay??

Dad: Oh, yeah, she’s fine, she’s just gets a bad rash, but otherwise she’s fine.

Me, no longer poisoner of kids: Oh I’m so glad!! I was already worried, and then she cries to her mom that she’s scared, gotta say did not make things sound good.

The dad laughed, and genuinely appreciated my concern. When his wife and daughter get back he poked lighthearted fun at me by commenting on how worried I was–and I almost started crying because like, sheit, I don’t want the kid to keel over!!–but overall everything was okay. Manager comped their meals, even though they continued eating everything else.

I’m just so glad the girl was okay, their reactions made me think her reaction would’ve been much more severe. The dad appreciated my concern and let me 15 dollars, which I didn’t have to tip out on because they had no check.B)

And we have now changed the recipe to no nutella, LIKE IT SAYS IN THE MENU.

Yay mild rashes instead of death.

By: SkyeTerri

severelybabykryptonite  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Well, writing is such a pleasure and writing Richonne Fanfiction is simply icing on a very yummy cake. My(Alex311)  top 5 are the following:

1. The Best Man
2. Such is Life
3. Second Chance
4. Say Something
5. The Angel Seeker 

I want to invite other writers to share their favorites if they like. Anyone can feel free to share as well.