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Got7 reacting to your cooking and it tasting awful...(hyung line)

A/N: Admin requested this and I kind of just threw it together on our way to the mountains/while we were in the hotel room but I hope it’s ok. The would pretty much react the same trying to be nice and let you down easily. Sorry if it’s not very good lol -Admin Totoro

Mark: He would stare at the food for a little and then take a tiny bite. His eyes would start to water from the bitter taste of the burnt rice but he would quickly swallow and put a smile on his face so you wouldn’t be too disappointed.

“How about I just make some of my special ramen?”

Jaebum: As soon as he tasted it, he would scrunch up his face in that cute kind of judgmental way he does sometimes but in order to spare your feelings he would choke it down and start laughing a little bit. 

“I’ll take over the cooking if you do the dishes.” “Deal!”

Jackson: He would put the fork in his mouth and immediately start acting and making yummy sounds so you wouldn’t feel bad. He would then try to take a second bite and regrets it as soon as he does but his smile never leaves him.

“That was great but I think next time we should just order take out.”

Jinyoung: He would take a bite and immediately put his spoon down chuckling at how salty the soup was. He would look up at you and laugh a little harder. 

“I’m not laughing at you but can I please ask you to never make this soup again?”

Nightmares and New Toys - Carl Grimes x Reader

Lorelai talks very maturely for her age, but this isn’t something I’ve just made up as an excuse for her to talk like a five year old. When you have older siblings and cousins then it’s easier to pick up information. Say the kid wants to keep up with their five older siblings who are all older than six, the child has to learn everything faster. I know many kids who have gone through this. 

Request: @livelikethereisnomidnight (The link isn’t working so I really hope you get to see this!)

Summary: Carl and the Reader are older and have two children. Their daughter Lorelai has a nightmare and needs her father to cheer her up.

Characters: The Reader, Carl, Lorelai and Glenham

POV: Second Person

Warnings: Fluff and lots of cuteness

Nightmares and New Toys

It was two in the morning when you woke up to the sound of crying. Immediately you jumped up in your bed and grabbed the pistol you kept on the nightstand. Feverishly searching around your room for an intruder, only to lay eyes on your husband, Carl. He was running to the door, hastily while trying to put on his night pants. This would have been the moment when you yelled at him for never listening to you and putting clothes on after you had sex, but you were focused on the crying that you now identified as your daughter.

“Carl, what happened?” You asked, but he was already down the hallway in her room. Following after him you practically flew into the room, praying to God that the cause of her tears wouldn’t be a monstrous creature tearing her soft flesh from her little bones. To your relief, you walked in to see her crying into Carl’s shoulder. He was rubbing her back and whispering into her ear.

“Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay, daddy’s here now. I love you my little Lorelai.” Lorelai continued to cry into his shoulder,

“D-d-daddy, t-the m-monster e-eaten y-you a-and mo-mommy.” You ran over to her, she must have had a bad dream.

“Baby, no. Daddy and I are right here, we’re okay. Lorelai, you’re safe, we all are.” She stayed, a tiny little thing enveloped in Carl’s big arms. Her arms squeezed around his neck,

“Mommy, they took you from me.” You looked at Carl and he gave you a sad smile. You knew what he was asking. He wanted you to let Lorelai sleep in your bed, something you had dealt with for nearly three years. You were done with letting her kick you off your own bed, but seeing how upset she was you nodded at Carl and he smiled brightly.

“Hey, babygirl. Do you want to lay in mommy and daddy’s bed.” She picked her head up from his shoulder and looked at him,

“Mhmm. I want to lay with you and mommy.” He rubbed the back of her head in his hand and you wiped the tears from her cheeks. Carl handed you Lorelai and you went back into your bedroom, only to find your son laying under three layers of blankets. You smiled at Carl,

“It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any sleep.” He chuckled.

“It’s okay, I got a shift at seven.” You set Lorelai on the bed and tucked her under the covers next to Glenham. Carl sat down next to Glenham and kissed his forehead. “Hey, buddy. What are you doing here?” Glenham stretched his arms and yawned.

“I heard you guys were up and I wanted to get up, too.” You scoffed.

“Bubby, we’re up because Lorelai had a bad dream.” He looked over at her and hugged her.

“No, Lorelai, don’t cry. Don’t cry, little sister.” You put your hand over your chest and looked up at Carl. He mouthed to you, ‘He’s so sweet’. You nodded and got under the covers.

“Lorelai, you okay now?” She frowned and shook her head at you. You thought about what would cheer her up. She loved ice cream, but it was not even three in the morning. She loved playing with Glenham and Hershel on the little swings Rick installed, but it was too early to be waking everyone up with the sound of their cackling laughter. What about blueberry muffins. The other day Carl found a powdered box of muffin mix so you made them yesterday. No one was allowed to eat them because you were saving them for the party Rick and Michonne were throwing for everyone, but you could always make more.

“Would you feel better if daddy got you a muffin.” She practically shot up from the bed,

“Yes, yes, yes! Daddy, get me a muffin!” She squealed, zealously. You giggled as Carl groaned.

“Baby, why me? Why can’t you go get them?” You gave him a mischievous smirk and reached over top of Lorelai and Glenham and gave him a teasing kiss on the cheek. It was soft, but full of desire and it lasted just long enough to get him going, but not long enough to satisfy his lust.

“You’re going to go get them muffins because mommy knows daddy wants to play with mommy’s toys. If daddy doesn’t, mommy won’t let daddy touch her toys, ever again.” Carl virtually fell off the bed and raced down the stairs. You fell on the bed laughing hysterically.

“Mommy, you have new toys? I want to play with them.” Glenham exclaimed with a smiled.

“Yeah, I want to play with them, too.” Lorelai shouted. Your eyes became the size of cantaloupes. What could you say? You couldn’t exactly tell your children they couldn’t play with your toys because that would more incest and sexual abuse. They didn’t know what most of that sentence meant. They were toddlers.

“Bubby’s, I was just kidding. I don’t have any new toys, but I promise when I go on the run tomorrow with Grandpa Rick, Grandma Michonne and Auntie Judith we’ll definitely get you new toys.” They both frowned.

“Mommy, that’s too bad. I really wanted to play with your new toys.” Lorelai said with her arms crossed.

“Yeah, but daddy’s bringing you muffins. Doesn’t that sound yummy?” You asked.

“Yay!” They shouted. As if on cue Carl walked in the room with a plate of muffins. He sat on the bed and the kids immediately grabbed a muffin scarfing it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, you must really be hungry, you’re eating like walkers.” You giggled and hugged him.

“I love you.” He kissed the side of your head.

“I love you, too. Now, let’s get them back to bed.” With full bellies, the kids fell back asleep and you and Carl followed suit.

“Y/N, babe. Hey, wake up, I have to go.” It was Carl, he was shaking your arm. You yawned and stretched your arms over your head.

“Hey, you’re leaving now?” He nodded, you sat up and looked over at Lorelai and Glenham.

“They’re still asleep, just let them.” He whispered and you nodded. Looking into his eyes in a moment of silence you cupped the back of his neck in your hand. Your fingers dancing on the silky waves that fell effortlessly from his head. He raised his hand and wrapped one of his arms around you, the other rested on your cheek, slowly stroking your smooth skin. Unable to take the tension you brought his lips to yours, melding them together in heavenly bliss. The arm around your waist lowered as he cupped your ass, pulling you into his lap. His tongue circled yours, enlisting a moan from deep in your throat. Your hips began to gyrate into his unintentionally, but neither of you were against it.

“Mommy?” Lorelai asked. You finally realized you were dry-humping your husband in the same bed as your children and you scurried away from him. Carl practically leapt from the bed.

“Hey, baby girl. Did you sleep well?” You asked her, pulling your shirt down from where Carl had accidentally pushed it up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“No nightmares?” Asked Carl, from the corner of the room. Lorelai nodded ‘yes’ and Carl walked back over to the bed in front of . “Good, baby I have to go now so give me a kiss.” He said puckering his lips out to her. Lorelai screamed,

“No, daddy! Don’t go! Daddy, please stay!” You and Carl looked at each other, surprised. Carl got in the middle of the bed and pulled her into his arms.

“Baby, don’t cry. Hey, it’s okay.”

“Then don’t go, daddy!” She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. He cradled her and started to sing,

“You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy”

You layed down on the bed in a curled up ball. His voice was cracked and hoarse, but it was beautiful in its own way. The way he held her was mesmerizing, his love for her evident in the tightness of his hug. You just watched, as he looked into her eyes with more love for one human being than you had ever seen before.

“When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much, I love you

So please don’t take

My sunshine away”

When he finished she was gingerly touching his cheeks, smiling at his beautiful blue eyes. He made a face and she started to giggle.

“Daddy! You’re so silly!” You smiled at the adorable action. They were so sweet together.

“I am, but baby I have to go now. Can you let me?” She frowned and crossed her arms.

“Fine daddy,” She paused. “But under one condition, you bring me more muffins.”

“I can do that.” He said as he bent down to kiss her nose. She giggled under his gentle touch and he sat her back down on the bed.

“Bye daddy, bring me muffins.” She said, bouncing on the bed.

“Bye my baby, I love you.” He said with a sad smile.

“I love you, too.” She responded happily. You got up off the bed and walked to him. He pulled you in by your waist and kissed you.

“I love you, Carl.”

“I love you, too.” You smiled at each other and he suddenly gave you a mischievous smirk.

“Can we set up some playtime tonight, you did promise me.” You scoffed and put a hand over your heart.

“I promise you nothing,” He frowned. “But I don’t see why not. I’m nice about sharing my toys.” He chuckled and brought your hand to his lips to kiss your knuckles.

“Daddy? What are you doing? Go get my muffins.” You and Carl started howling at Lorelai. She was adorable.

“Fine, I’m going. Love you guys, see you soon.” Carl said, defensive. You shook your head in disbelief and hugged him.

“Have fun.” He gave you a questioning look and walked out the door.

“I won’t have fun until I get to play with your toys.” You giggled as he lept down the stairs and out the door. Wow, it was going to be hard to wait for him to get back.

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The Chocobro's Favorite Cakes


Opera Cake

The cake Coctura makes to celebrate his and Luna’s wedding, which is also the one he shared with Luna when they were kids and the one Ignis tried to recreate for him for years, is called ‘The Tenebraen Berry Opera.’ An opera cake is a French cake made with layers of almond sponge cake soaked with coffee syrup, chocolate ganache, and coffee buttercream. Though I’m sure it’s absolutely delicious, I would say he loves the cake more for the reason that it reminds him of Luna.


Carrot Cake

Prompto loves spicy food, so I think he would naturally love a carrot cake’s sweeter pumpkin/ ginger/ cinnamon spice. Noct of course does not approve of this cake due to the horrid presence of vegetables and is always sure to express this to him.


Boston Cream Pie

A sweet, vintage-y cake with a flavor all its own. I could see Gladio getting his love of the cake from his father, and that them and Iris enjoyed it together growing up.


Chiffon Cake

One of Ignis’ in-game favorite dishes are the 'fluffy chiffon cake,’ though I could also see him enjoying plain or strawberry cheesecake. Elegant cakes to match his elegant personality.


‘The Story’

Grant Gustin X Reader


“Daddy, can you tell me how you and mommy meet?” Mia asked.

Grant sat there, his smiling growing as he put his phone down. He looked at his daughter who flashed a cheeky grin at him, giggling to herself.

He couldn’t help but chuckle along with her. “Again?” He asked.

She nodded her head, slightly scrunching her nose. “Please daddy!”

He let out a sigh, and caved. Though he had told her this story hundreds of times, he didn’t tire from telling her.

“Alright.” He exhaled. “Daddy was working one day. He had to go to this really cool place called 'comic con.’ Daddy and auntie Danielle and the others daddy works with all had to sit at the very long table and talk about the show. Then during questions, mommy was next to ask a question, and the moment I saw her-”

“You thought she was beautiful!” She squealed.

Grant chuckled, and nodded. “Exactly! Mommy was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” He stated. “And I just had to know her name.”

Mia smiled, listening to the story like it was for the first time.

“So, daddy looked for her all over the big building and when he thought he’d never see her again-”

“You saw her with auntie Y/F/N!” She interrupted once again.

“Yep. And then the best thing happened, she agreed to go on a date with me.” He winked.

“And I grow in mommy’s tummy! And now I’m here!” She cackled.

Grant loved seeing her with such excitement. she had your smile and enthusiasm, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.

“I’m home!” You exclaimed, placing your keys in the little basket by the door.

You were exhausted from work but yet happy to be home with your little family.

“Mommy!” Mia cheered running over to you.

Grant propped up to his feet, walking behind her to meet you by the front door.

You knelt down to your knees and opened your arms wide. Without missing a beat, Mia ran straight into you. Her tiny arms wrapping around your neck.

“Hey baby!” You muttered, giving her quick little kisses all around her face. “Missed me?”

She was giggling and squirming in your embrace, her laughter filling the air.

Grant was leaning against door way by the living room, watching you and his daughter. His whole world was right before him, and for that, he felt whole.

You met his gaze, flashing a soft smile. “What?” You chuckled, wondering why he was staring at you for so long.

His lips curved a bit, “you’re beautiful.” He whispered.

You felt your stomach flutter.

“Daddy say we can bake cookies!” Mia squealed, catching your attention.

“Oh he did?” You asked. “That sounds yummy! Go get the cookie dough out, and I will help you and daddy, okay?”

Mia nodded and sprinted off toward the kitchen, leaving you alone with Grant. Slowly, he walked over to you, and clutched his hands against your waist.

“Have a good day at work?” He asked, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

You shrugged, letting out a long sigh. “Eh, it was okay.” You muttered. “How was your day off with Mia?”

“It was great! We watched Disney movies, played with play dough and she made me tell her the story of how we met again.” He chuckled. “It was a pretty great day.”

“Ugh, no fair. I wish I could have hung out with your guys.” You huffed.

Grant gently pressed the back of his hands against your head, and gasped. “Oh no babe, you’re really hot. Looks like you can’t go to work tomorrow after all!” He exclaimed.

As much as you wanted to call in, you knew you couldn’t. You had used up all of your vacation days for Christmas.

“Yeah and then I’d get a call from my boss telling me I’m fired.” You groaned.

Grant nodded and noticed the way your lips fell. He didn’t want you to feel bad for not being able to hang out with him while he’s home for the week before leaving to shoot 'The Flash.’

“Hey.” He whispered. Gently pressing his lips against your neck. “I love you.”

Your lips curved, slightly. “I love you too.”

Grant began to tickle your sides, making you belt out into laughter. “Sorry what was that? I didn’t hear you.” He cackled.

“I love you too!”

Laughter filled the air as you both began to have a little tickle war. That was until Mia yelled. “Daddy! I can’t get cookies!”

Feeling you stomach loosen as you both stopped with the tickling, Grant let out a breath. “I’ll be right there.”

Turning his gaze back to you, he flashed a smile. “Alright, go change so we can hang out.”

“Okay.” You exhaled. “Are we watching that Pixar movie, Mia has been wanting to see?”

Grant nodded, “yup, I bought it today. Now hurry up, Mrs. Gustin! Mia and I have been waiting all day to watch it!”

“Okay okay!” You chuckled. You quickly pressed your lips to his and started up the stairs.

Before walking back to the kitchen, Grant playfully spanked your butt, a cheeky grin plastering his face, as you shot your gaze back at him. “Hey! Hands to yourself mister or I will smack Your butt!” You teased.

He took that as a challenged and swatted you once again. Before you had time to do anything, he turned on his heels and sprinted toward the kitchen. Laughter escaping him.

Even though you were so tired, these were the days you lived for.

Margarita Monday

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 324
Warnings: Fluff and mentions of drinking
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by:@emilyymichelle. Prompt: Tequila / Quote: “Honey, I love you but it’s hard to cook dinner and give you a piggy back ride.”

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Oh, Emily

Summary: In which Dan and Phil haven’t come out to their viewers yet but have a daughter, and she basically outs them accidentally during a live show.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,208
Beta: thank you the wonderful phangirlingforphan for beta’ing this <3

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A New Beginning

Summary: Phil saves neko!Dan from an abusive life. A little angsty at first, but really fluffy.

Word count: 1902

Tw: abuse of nekos.

Context: nekos are hybrids of a cat and a human. Neko!Dan has cat ears on top of his head, a long fluffy tail and small kitten teeth. He also displays characteristics of a cat such as sleepiness and playfulness.

Phil had bought Dan from a grimmy pet shop a few years ago. Back then Phil had been twenty two and Dan was seventeen, although Phil hardly belived the crusty man when he said so, Dan looked to be about twelve.

He was initially just going to the pet shop to look around, maybe buy a goldfish or something easy to care for. However when he saw the small neko crouched in a cage that was obviously too small he was shocked and felt sorry for the poor thing. He’d thought that people had stopped using nekos for profit, or at least didn’t sell them in pet shops anymore.

The poor thing was shaking so much that the metal of the cage was rattling. It’s hair on top of its head that it’s ears were flat against was dirty and matted. It’s bedraggled tail was wound tightly around its bare stomach as the neko only wore some short boxers.

Phil immediately crouched down to where the neko was kept on the floor. “Hey, how are you little one?” He whispered just loud enough for it to hear.

The neko heard Phil and surprisingly moved to the front of the cage straight away. It smiled a smile that didn’t quite reach its eyes and poked It’s fingers (with what normally would be sharp nails that had been cut short roughly) through the bars. “I’m hungry, I want food. Do you have food?”

Phil considered how to answer this. He had already decided that he couldn’t leave this vulnerable neko here. He wanted to take it away from here as soon as possible. He decided that he would answer the question and suggest the idea of it coming home with him too. “I have lots of food at home, do you want to come home with me?” Phil replied, he couldn’t help feeling like the witch with the candy house in Hansel and Gretel.

The nekos eyes widened as it gasped “really? I can come home with you”

Phil nodded “I’ll just sort it out and we’ll be out of here soon”.

Phil walked to the man at the desk. “How much for the young neko over there?” He asked, pointing to the cage.

“Oh, well the stupid little thing went and cut himself on glass when I was cleaning his cage the other day, so you’re looking at damaged property my friend” the man gruffly replied. He continued “I don’t want to be getting any bad feedback of poor performance of one of my pets, so are you sure you want that one? I can reccomend a good place just across town, they have ‘em all trained up for you there”.

Phil cringed at the man calling the neko 'property’ and mentioning the nekos that have been 'All trained up’. He didn’t want a slave, he just wanted to save this neko. “No it’s fine, I want this one” he replied.

“Alrighty then, that’ll be £200, I’m giving you a thirty per cent discount. So no refunds ok?” The man barked out.

“Yeah, yes sure” Phil answered. He almost laughed at the thought of bringing the neko back to this disgusting place.

Phil had taken the neko home that day. He learnt on the way home that the neko was a boy called Daniel, but he preferred to be called Dan.

As soon as they entered Phil’s apartment he lead Dan to the kitchen, holding his hand gently. The neko was surprisingly open and trusting with Phil, he guessed that it was because he had offered him a way out of that horrific place.

“What do you like to eat, Dan?” Phil said as he opened a cupboard. He looked down at him to see that the neko was furrowing his eyebrows,  trying to think of the name of food that he’d eaten. He most likely didn’t get very tasty or nutritious food at the pet shop, Phil decided to throw a few suggestions out for him. “I have bread, oh you could have toast. But what do you want on your toast?” He asked more to himself than Dan as he searched through the cupboard, the younger stayed quiet. “I have jam and peanut butter, oh and honey. I don’t even know why I have marmite, I hate marmite, but you could like it. Oh why don’t I make you some toast and put different things on pieces to see what you like?”

Dan nodded his head, he stepped closer to phil and started nuzzling his hair and ears against his shoulder. “Oh I’ll have to give you a bath later!” Phil added as he saw Dan’s unclean hair rubbing against him. Dan’s smile grew and he purred very faintly, but it was enough for Phil to hear and it made him smile widely too.

When the toast was all made (with great difficulty as Dan kept nuzzling and hugging Phil) they Sat down on the couch together. Dan, it seemed, didn’t want to leave Phil’s side and almost sat on top of him.

Half an hour later it was apparent which thing Dan likes the best. He hated the strawberry jam and the honey, the peanut butter was okay. But after one bite of the marmite toast he made a noise that sounded like 'yummy’ and ate it quickly. Phil made him some more of the marmite toast as Dan looked very malnourished and also offered him some milk, to which he gasped and gulped down quickly once he was handed it.

Once Phil was content that Dan had eaten enough for now he decided that he’d need to give the neko a bath next.

Dan was suprisingly easy to persuade to get into the bath. His natural enstinct of being afraid of water (after all he was part cat) seemed to vanish when he saw all of the pretty bubbles and Phil’s large choice of bath bombs. His eyes widened and he ran over to touch the bubbles, he squealed excitedly when a few of them popped.

Phil’s worries of whether to keep Dan’s boxers on where gone when the neko suddenly slipped them off and jumped into the bath, making a large splash. He giggled, Phil found it adorable and giggled along with him. Phil attempted to comb Dan’s hair right away to rid it of the dirt but Dan just flinched away and protested “ouch, no that hurts”.

Phil frowned “Dan, I have to get this dirt out sweetheart. It will feel so much better after, I promise” the neko just poured. Then Phil had an idea “how about you try out a bath bomb then, look, you can choose any one you like” he said pointing to the box containing about fifteen glittery coloured spheres.

Whilst Dan was distracted in amazement of the colours and patterns produced by the bath bomb, Phil was able to comb Dan’s hair so eventually it was knot and dirt free. He then moved on to pour a jug of warm water over his hair and ears. Dan’s ears rested flat against his head so no water would go inside.

As Phil was massaging the raspberry shampoo into his hair Dan began to purr again, louder this time. Phil made sure to rub Dan’s ears which achived a relaxed sigh from the neko as he pushed his head up into Phil’s hands more. He then rinsed Dan’s hair again with the jug of water, putting his hand on his forehead so no shampoo would go in his eyes.

Next he needed to move on to Dan’s tail. He knew it’d be a particularly sensitive part of the his body and it had been damaged quite badly. Some of the fur was missing and it was bent in a few places that suggested that it had been confined in a small space for a long time. It was a little bloody at the end which was probably from the glass incident.

Phil took hold of Dan’s tail as gently as he could. Dan looked back at him as if not trusting Phil to clean his tail whilst his back was turned, however he didn’t protest like before, he sat in silence.  Phil washed it using a soft sponge and some fruity body wash first.

After he had washed Dan’s hair and tail, Phil figured that the neko could do the rest himself. “Dan, wash yourself with this” he said, handing him the sponge with a little more of the body wash on it. “I’ll just get something for you to wear later”.

Phil was a little anxious as he searched for something comfortable that might fit Dan. He didn’t want to leave the neko in the bath alone for too long as he already felt quite protective of him and didn’t want Dan to accidentally hurt himself. Dan was much smaller than himself in height and had a very skinny frame. In his unorganized mess of a wardrobe he found a navy blue t-shirt with pickatu and ash on it that was slightly too small for him and also decided to give Dan some clean boxers to borrow. They’d have to go shopping soon.

When he went back he saw that Dan had somehow gotten even more water onto the bathroom floor, but he was still playing happily and that’s all that Phil was bothered about. “Okay, time to get out now Dan” he stated to which Dan immediately obeyed, stopping what he was doing.

It was nice to have Dan following what he was told, however Phil definitely planned on teaching Dan about free will and allowing him to protest a little and make his own decisions. It was a very important part of dans development as he was naive to everything except the cruel prison like way he was brought up. Dan was still like a child/kitten.

They didn’t make a big deal of the fact that Dan had stood up from the water and was completely naked as Phil helped him out of the bath. Phil quickly wrapped a towel around him then ushered him to sit on his lap as he softly patted his hair and ears dry.

When Dan was dry he gladly raised his arms above his head for Phil to dress him (which Phil thought was adorable) and stepped into the boxers. The t-shirt, as Phil had expected, was huge on Dan and made him look even smaller.

“Who is that?” Dan asked pointing to the yellow creature, as Phil lead him out of the bathroom.

Phil looked back at Dan to see where he was pointing, “that’s pickatu, he’s a poke'mon”. “And that’s Ash, his trainer, he looks after him” he said pointing to the other cartoon.

The nekos eyes lit up as he looked up to Phil, his dimples showing. “It’s like me and you, I’ll be pic-, Urm, the yellow one and you’re Ash because you are looking after me”.

Phil smiled down at Dan. How could the younger be this cute? He wanted to hug him and kiss his dimples. He was so glad that he’d saved Dan today. It was the best decision he’d ever made.

“Yeah” Phil replied as he picked Dan up (who was as light as a feather anyway) and carried him on his hip to the living room. He was going to introduce Dan to pokemon next.


A/N: this took a couple days to write but I’m really happy with it! I think I’m going to write more parts of this (which means fluffy drabbles). I have actually written one already which I will upload just after this. I have so many phanfics saved that I’ve just written for myself.

Thanks ^ω^

jgirl98  asked:

I'm kinda sorta completely into language kinks, like you don't even understand wat is being said but yo baes voice just sounds so yummy o/////o

No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK YES | Oh god you don’t even know

(fuck me u p (french esp, i will m e l t)

I think there is an unhealthy focus on x is a good person/bad person rather than, how am I doing? What qualities can I try to embody to be sure I am being kind to myself and others, but firm and aggressive when I need to be without resorting to abuse tactics? Can I really call myself a good person and pat myself on the back for wishing harm on someone for saying something I do not like? How am I treating my friends or this other blogger right now? I’m very very angry at them and it sounds very yummy and sexy to make an aggressive vaguepost as a middle finger to them that I can act like wasn’t about them at all and avoid facing the fact that I hurt them deeply when I do it. But what does that accomplish other than indulging in the desire (realized or not) to abuse someone and feel good about it? Is that something a good person does? Is that something I would be able to openly and proudly admit to doing, even admitting that it IS abusive behavior?

I am deeply uncomfortable with how Tumblr enables abuse by allowing people to pick and choose which abuse is acceptable based on the feelings of the abuser.

Abuse is not justified just because you’re pissed. If it is, I suppose I deserved being beaten by my mother who was a mentally ill survivor herself, mad at me for not being close with her like I am with my father (gee, wonder why).

We talk so much about the dangers of normalizing abuse but we let it happen all around us and we cheer the abusers on. It’s very worrying.

  • missing school in elementary school: YAAAAS THIS IS MY JAAAMMMMM I MEan uh [coughing weakly] yes mommy chicken noodle soup sounds y-yummy
  • missing school in middle school: oh hey make up work is a thing [turns on tv] BUT SO IS THIS AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL MARATHON AM I RIGHT
  • missing school in high school: [half-crawling through hallway] no really im [wheezing] iM fiNe [shivering] dat... make up work... tho [collapses]
VIXX  Lazy Day

When you have a lazy day in with them.

N – How do you feel about the couch and Home Shopping Network? Honestly though, even before I heard about his little ‘habits’, I thought the man would just want to rest. He’s such a bubbly and vivacious person and that takes a lot of energy. Hakyeon needs a break from being the leader, from being the mom and making sure everyone behaves, from always having to be on. He’d want it fairly quiet, maybe some background music or the TV playing nice and low as you curl up together and just exist for a while. He’d rest with his head on your chest because truly, your heartbeat and gentle hands stroking his back and running through his hair are his only concerns at the moment.

Leo – The main elements would be conversation and cooking. And everything would be done together. He misses you terribly when he’s away and he wants to spend every minute he’s with you attached to your hip. He’d constantly be touching you, holding you, playing with you (though not as rough as with the members, much more gentle). You’d exchange ideas about your futures or thoughts on music, anything that built intimacy and tethered you together really. Happily he’d cook for you because Leo thinks all the yummy sounds you make when you eat his food are the most adorable thing ever.

Ken – You would not be bored. Ken would make it his mission to keep you entertained and laughing. Jokes, snacks and comedy movies would be abundant. Along with epic amounts of snuggling of course. If by chance you got sleepy while all warm and cozy in his arms (and long ago able to drown out his chatter, lol) he’d extricate himself from you and with a kiss on your head tell you to take a nap. A bit later when you woke up you’d find that Ken had taken it upon himself to sketch you while you were sleeping, just enjoying the quiet time and seeing you through his artist’s eyes.

Ravi – When Wonsik isn’t composing he doesn’t know what to do with free time which is part of the reason he sleeps so much. Maybe a little antsy at first, if you keep him distracted he’d settle down and get into relaxing with you. He’d probably try to steer the direction of the day to be one spent in bed because frankly, he worships you and your body. You’d probably go several rounds but in between there would be snuggling and movies. Ravi would totally dote on you, bringing you food in bed and ‘helping’ you in the shower. The next day he’d send you all these lovey-dovey texts and snap chats and be an adorable, giggly lovestruck boyfriend.  

Hongbin – He mostly wants to talk to you. Sure, you might snuggle on the couch and watch a movie but for the most part he wants to get to know you better. Even if you’ve been dating two years. Hongbin feels like there is always something else that can be learned about you and he wants to share all of himself with you too. Bean just really needs to deepen and maintain that bond between the two of you that tells him you’re there for him and him alone, not his looks or fame.

Hyuk – He’d use the opportunity to indulge his inner child. Snacks, games, movies, pillow forts and so much laughing. It would be like an all day slumber party. While most of the time he’s trying to be ManHyuk sometimes he just needs to feel like there aren’t so many demands and expectations placed upon him. You help him with that because he knows you don’t judge him even when he wants to be silly and blow off steam. After a long day of playing and having fun, Hyuk would definitely reward you with lots of cuddling and a movie of your choice, although he might heckle the hell out of it.

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What am I writing, you ask?  I…will message you about this tomorrow, haha, because it is a little more complicated than it needs to be for a response here but I have a feeling you’ll enjoy the idea.

Yesssss, write the thing <3
You are a terrible influence.  And by that I mean you are fabulous.  I’ll start it soon, promise.  Maybe.  I will.  Your encouragement is fully appreciated.

I’m making matza toast today! :-)
That sounds super yummy!  Haha, my mom and I had a matzo brei as our ~fancy Passover dinner tonight, a night late and with no effort in preparation.  No regrets.

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Whaaaaat is unicorn hot chocolate?!? That sounds yummy!