yummy meals

💚🍃Green lunch box 💚🍃after eating so much vegan pizza, cookies, pretzels, hummus and chocolate for my birthday dinner, I’m having a green day 🌱 Started with a big green detox smoothie with spinach and fruit and for lunch I made a pasta, greens, zoodles and guac box 🌱 Thursdays are the busiest day of the week for me so I need plenty of fuel 🌵

Today’s a very exciting day as I’m seeing my favorite artist live, The Weeknd ⚡️✝️⚡️ Packing my lunch with a pasta salad (pasta with lemon juice, carrot noodles, arugula and tomato) and an apple 🍎, heading to classes and then having the time of my life 🎉 Get ready for a ton of Instagram Stories hehe