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the signs as fast food chains

(I’m sorry is you are unfamiliar with these, i googled fast food chains in america because idk :/ )

aries- McDonalds

taurus- Whataburger

gemini- Denny’s

cancer- Starbucks

leo- Burger King

virgo- IHOP

libra- KFC

scorpio- Subway

sagittarius- Panera

capricorn- Wendy’s

aquarius- Taco Bell

pisces- Papa Johns


The signs taste
  • Aries: You taste like a hot marshmallow that crunches when you bite down.
  • Taurus: You taste like buttered toast that crunches when you bite but sends warm buttery taste along.
  • Gemini: You taste like grape bubblegum, you have to chew a while to get to the yummy grape center.
  • Cancer: You taste like a frosted sugar cookie that melts in your mouth right away.
  • Leo: You taste like sweet tea delicious and never gets old.
  • Virgo: You taste like warm chocolate brownies, with layers of tasty flavor.
  • Libra: You taste like a butterscotch, sweet and lasts forever.
  • Scorpio: You taste like hot coffee, bitter yet somehow sweet.
  • Sagittarius: You taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a classic combination of flavors.
  • Capricorn: You taste like strawberries, with a bit of a crunch but then a little sweetness.
  • Aquarius: You taste like spicy chocolate that heats your mouth up but then warms you with sweetness.
  • Pisces: You taste like gummy bears a bit chewy but sweet and wonderful.

Hello Red!

Raspberries are a delectable and nutritious treat that which Mother Earth has given us. Most people around the world enjoy a bite of a raspberry and for good reason, they’re perfectly delish! Low in calories and fat, but high in fiber this fruit is a great source to help you lose weight and keep a healthy diet. Raspberries have ten times the amount of antioxidants than tomatoes which makes the raspberries a perfect solution to reduce the risk of cancer. Did you know that the Anthocyanins ( also fight against bacteria) that which give the fruit its red color can also make your skin glow and gives collagen stimulation which gives you a beautiful complexion. Raspberries also help support your cardiovascular system and is a natural mood booster! Give your body a splash of red in your diet!

The Signs as Different Types of Pancakes

Aries: Bacon Pancakes

Taurus: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Gemini: Banana Pancakes

Cancer: Regular Pancakes with lots of Whip Cream

Leo: Strawberry Pancakes

Virgo: Silver Dollar Pancakes

Libra: Triple Chocolate Pancakes

Scorpio: M&M Pancakes

Sagittarius: Strawberry Banana Pancakes

Capricorn: Whole Wheat Pancakes with lots of coffee and yogurt on the side

Aquarius: Buttermilk Pancakes with lots of Berries

Pisces: Buttermilk Pancakes

The signs as snacks

Aries: Flaming Cheetoes; a bold but friendly snack for a bold but friendly personality.

Taurus: Doritos Loaded; fried, fried gooey and delicious, Taurus is known for stubborn indulgence. A twinkie would work too.

Gemini: Combos; a salty crunch contrasting with a creamy center reflects the dual nature of Gemini. (Also, I love a Gemini and I love Combos. xD yes.)

Cancer: Chocolate Chip Cookies; the ultimate comfort food for the nurturing, loving Grandma of the zodiac.

Leo: Nachos; bold, spicy, messy, easily overdone and oh so fun, just like Leos.

Virgo: Fruit; humble, sweet, healthy, fruit is just the snack to represent the soft and practical nature of Virgo.

Libra: Potato Chips; who doesn’t like potato chips? Libra’s graceful nature goes over well with pretty much everyone, just like potato chips.

Scorpio: Durian; extremely misunderstood and widely disliked, but when ripe the flavor has extreme depth unlike anything, and is rather loved. (When unripe, which I’ve tried, tastes like onion pudding lol)

Sagittarius: Wasabi Peas; bold, spicy, and misunderstood, wasabi peas, like Sagittarius, aren’t for everyone.

Capricorn: Beef Jerky; a practical, protein-filled meaty classic, beef jerky reflects the strength and natural, down-to-Earth nature of Capricorn.

Aquarius: Mochi; unusual, sweet, simple, and versatile, mochi is great as dessert or a snack, and a great representation of Aquarius.

Pisces: Nutella. Because Nutella understands, Nutella doesn’t judge. just like Pisces. Nutella.

~Sergeant Scorpion

the signs as fandom themed recipes

aries- tfios cupcakes

taurus- dexter cupcakes

gemini- doctor who “fish fingers and custard”

cancer- new girl ramen

leo- the “man of steel” burger

virgo- harry potter butterbeer latte

libra- frozen marshmallow pops

scorpio- the walking dead brain cupcakes

sagittarius- the simpsons strawberry+sprinkles donuts

capricorn- adventure time milkshake

aquarius- monster popcorn

pisces- dauntless chocolate cake