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Park Jihoon || Carnival Dates & Cotton Candy

Requested by Anon

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Carnival date with Jihoon feat. cotton candy

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It was 7:30 at night. You were standing at the bus stop, almost freezing to death as it was extremely cold outside. You were wearing a long dark green coat and matching gloves, but it still wasn’t much of a help to keep you as warm as possible.

That was until you felt a pair of arms wrap around your body.

“Waiting for someone?”

You jumped at the sound of someone whispering in your ear. You turn around, noticing it’s just your boyfriend, Jihoon. You playfully hit his arm. “Hey! Don’t scare me like that!”

Jihoon chuckled at how cute you are when you’re scared. “Ow! Well don’t hit me, meanie!”

You and him stuck out your tongues at each other, laughing afterwards before he wraps his arms around you, trying to keep you warm. “Why did my baby wait outside in the cold for so long?” He whined as he rests his chin on your shoulder.

You glared at him. “I had to wait for your slow butt to get here for the past 30 minutes!” You snapped at him, scooting away from him, which almost made him lose his balance and topple over.

“Hey! I’m sorry!” Jihoon whined, clinging onto you from behind. “I didn’t mean to make you wait. I just had to do something. Please forgive me?” He put on his best puppy dog face, which made you easily give up. Why does your boyfriend have to be adorable and why do you have to give in so easily to him?

“Ugh, you’re lucky I love you.” You told him before pecking his cheek. Jihoon smiled widely and gave you another big squeeze.

“And I love you too, my adorable baby!” He exclaimed. You blushed and kissed his cheek again.

Minutes flew by before the bus finally came. You and Jihoon stepped inside of the bus, making your guys’s way to the last seats of the bus and plopping down. You and Jihoon were planning to go to the carnival downtown for your date tonight.

Jihoon pulled out his phone and earbuds and handed you the other earbud. You put the earbud in your ear as “I’m Fine” by Victon played. You laid your head on Jihoon’s shoulder and closed your eyes.

“Y/N, we’re here.” Jihoon said. You slowly opened your eyes before coming face-to-face with Jihoon, whose big, dark puppy eyes were staring into yours. He smiled softly before mouthing “Let’s go.”

You and Jihoon walked off the bus together, before you stared at the beautiful sight of the carnival in front of you, widening your eyes and your jaw dropping. The carnival looked so nice in the nighttime, the glowing neon lights and the smell of the food made you excited.

“Y/N! What do you want to do first?” Jihoon asked you. You stared at your boyfriend, who looked absolutely excited, seeming like he could care less about what to do at the carnival, as long as he’s with you.

“Uh…” You trail off, looking around the whole carnival before staring at a little headband shop. “That headband shop looks nice-”

“Okay! Headband shop it is! Let’s go~” Jihoon said before grabbing your arm and dragging you along with him.

You and Jihoon enter the headband shop. It was so nice inside, you were staring at the cute and different variety of headbands that this shop offers. You were walking around the whole shop before you stop, staring at a cute black headband that had cat ears. You try them on, staring in the mirror to see how they look on you.

“That’s so cute!” You hear Jihoon exclaim from behind you. You blush as he said that. You quickly turn around to face him, seeing him wearing a pair of bumblebee ears. You start laughing at him. “What? Am I not cute?” Jihoon frowns, crossing his arms.

You keep laughing, approaching your boyfriend and squishing his cheeks. “Of course you’re cute! You look adorable, Jihoon.” You tell him, which made him smile and blush.

You and Jihoon purchase your headbands and walk out of the store together, wearing your headbands while holding hands together. Meanwhile, everyone that passed by you guys were sighing in awe at how adorable you two look, making you guys both flustered.

As you kept walking, Jihoon widens his eyes and points to a cotton candy stand. “Cotton candy! Y/N let’s go!” He says before pulling your arm again and heading towards the cotton candy stand.

You guys make your way to the cotton candy stand, Jihoon staring at the delicious cotton candy in awe. He watches the way the man behind the stand is making the cotton candy, which made you smile and made your heart flutter at how adorable he is. The man looks up and asks what you and Jihoon would like.

“Blue for me and pink for my girlfriend please.” Jihoon said, smiling at the man. You blushed at how he can easily say that you’re his girlfriend to just anyone he meets. The man smiled back at said “Coming right up.”

As the man hands you and Jihoon your cotton candy, Jihoon bites into it immediately. “Ah, yummy!” Jihoon exclaims. You giggle at his cuteness before eating your cotton candy.

You and Jihoon found a bench to sit on as you guys continue eating your cotton candy. Jihoon burps as he finishes the whole stick, which didn’t fail to make you giggle. Jihoon smiled and stared at you, admiring the side of your face. He slowly moved his hand towards yours, about to intertwine your guys’s fingers together before you jumped.

“Gross! Your hand is sticky!” You complained.

Jihoon scoffed, almost offended. “W-well yours is too, you slob!”

You gasped. “How dare you call your own girlfriend a slob, you jerk!” You yell back before turning your back away from him, munching on your cotton candy angrily.

Jihoon frowned and tugged on your coat. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it. Please, forgive me.” He whined. You grinned and turned around quickly, kissing him on the lips before turning around again.

“H-hey, your lips are sticky!” Jihoon pretended to complain, secretly smirking. You glared and turned around again before kissing his lips again, longer this time.

Jihoon smirked into the kiss before cupping your face with his sticky hands. Even though your guys’s lips were both sticky, you still sighed into the kiss, enjoying the feel of his lips pressed against yours.

You broke the kiss, and as you did, you noticed Jihoon’s smug look on his face, which made you glare at him once again. “You planned that, didn’t you?”

He grinned and gave you a wide smile. “Haha, yup! And you love my kisses, even when my lips are sticky.” He teased before clinging onto your arm and lying his head down on your shoulder.

Your face turned pink and you rolled your eyes. “Ugh, I do love your kisses, you sticky lipped weirdo.”

“Hehe, I’m your sticky lipped weirdo.” Jihoon said as he sat up and pecked your lips. “And you are mine.”

BTS Reacts - Being Introduced to Their S/O’s Culture

Jung Hoseok: Hobi would probably be really intrigued by all aspects of a new culture surrounding his foreign S/O, and he’ll probably do the most digging into what means the most to him: music and dance. Bangtan are sitting in the dance room taking a break, when Hoseok curtly asks you to show them some of what your local traditional music might sound like. As soon as the melody streams from your speakerphones, he gets a stunned look on his features that quickly turns to one of mirth. He’s never heard anything like it before - he bops his head to the rhythm, amused:

“Ah, jagi, your country really has a unique sound when it comes to traditional music!”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin wouldn’t keep himself from asking all sorts of questions about you and your home. He’s not timid when it comes to approaching foreigners, so he won’t hold himself back from the inquiries, especially since you’re much closer than that. You don’t really have much to say anymore, so you blabber to him in your native tongue just to keep him quiet, to which he responds by speaking in yet another language (albeit poorly). He knows you have the tendency to tease him in your own language, so he’s decided to pick up learning a new one just to get back at you.

“Yah, I can say things you don’t understand either, you know!”

Park Jimin: It’s not that Jimin hasn’t traveled before and seen all kinds of people and cities - it’ll just take him a while for him to get used to customs and regularities of a foreign country, since they differ quite a bit from the norm in Korea. Having a foreign significant other helps him understand more, and in spite of how shy he appears, he would want to get to know all about your upbringing better. When you do something that seems unusual, he can’t help but wonder how differently you’ve lived your life growing up, not out of offense, but curiosity. You ask him what’s wrong.

“Um… jagiya, is that normal in your culture? I’ve never seen anyone do that in Korea.”

Jeon Jungkook: Kook would be excited to know all about the culture that shaped you into who you are today. He’d want to learn all he can so that he doesn’t embarrass himself in front of your friends or family when the time comes, maybe pick up a greeting phrase or two to impress them. You’re in the midst of teaching him all about the various customs, when he gets a whiff of delicious food coming from the kitchen of the restaurant you’re in - you’ve picked this out so he could get a authentic taste of your home country. He grins widely - he didn’t expect the food before him to look so yummy and wholesome.

“Ah, what is all of this? I don’t think I’ve seen this type of food before - are you sure I can eat all of it?”
( The maknae is truly asking out of politeness - he’ll gobble down anything he can get his hands on seconds later! ) 

Kim Taehyung: Honestly, Kim Taehyung would be nervous at first, when you introduce him to something so vastly unlike the norm upheld in Korea. When he flies over to your country for the first time, he’d be very homesick, but having you around to ease him into lifestyle and civilization of your home would get him excited in time. Eventually, you’ll find him getting more involved, speaking casually and freely to locals, eager to immerse himself in the environment. He glances around while listening to what your local music sounds like before speaking to you.

“This place is really different from home, jagi - I’m really glad I decided to come visit you.

Min Yoongi: Motionless Min doesn’t look the type, but he loves to travel. He has a very broad view on the distinct cultures every country has to offer, and he always experiences them with arms wide open. Being the traveler that he is, especially from Bangtan tours, he always makes sure he’s ready for any foreign encounter - having you by his side is like having a survival kit in your country. He won’t ask too many questions in case you ever get annoyed with him, but he does take mental notes whenever you explain something to him, that’s habitual in your society.

“So do I have to do that when I visit your home, too? I just wanna be prepared.”

Kim Namjoon: Intellectual Kim Namjoon wouldn’t really be phased by the fact that he has a foreign significant other whose traditions may differ from his own. He’s lived abroad himself, so he would take to you just the same as anyone else. He’s open minded and accepting of your culture, so there won’t be much confusion between the both of you when comparing societies. If there’s one thing he’s fascinated by, it’s probably the entertainment industry from your country - you come home greeted by the sight of him eating Oreos on the couch, glaring intensely at the television set.

“Hey, could you download the next episode of this show for me? With Korean subs?”
( Namjoon-ah, why are you watching a soap? From my country? )
“You were the one that left the foreign channel running!”

I’m not too familiar with Turkish culture, but this react can still be applied to your situation, and hopefully others, since I’ve generalized it. I did do some research, but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do the react much justice if I’m nearing uncharted waters, so I decided to play it safe; I honestly wouldn’t want to butcher your culture lolol. I hope you enjoy this react despite the changes, anon! <3

[170115] bear day party - phone call with taemin

taemin: hello this is exo’s kai, hi~

fans: huh?? what??

jongin: this voice is…

taemin: /keeps on imitating jongin/

jongin: stop mimicking me! this is his typical voice when he imitates me

taemin: hello (still imitating)

jongin: it’s taeminie taeminie

fans: /laughing/

jongin: but you’re in japan

taemin: put a mic on me asap please (acting)

jongin: huh??

taemin: i’m watching you from backstage

jongin: stop lying… i know you’re in japan

taemin: /laughing loudly/

jongin: you even sent me a picture!

taemin: anyways, happy birthday (in formal language) i thought of doing a video call but i saw myself in the mirror when i woke up in the morning… i ate too much weird stuff before going to bed… happy birthday! (in formal language again)

jongin: are you talking to me in formal language? i’m the hyung now? ok dongsaeng-ah, eat lots of yummy food in japan

taemin: ah thank you hyungnim

jongin: overseas call will cost you a lot, i’m trying to hang up now cause i’m being considerate of you

taemin: got it. anyway, treat me to a meal later cause it’s your birthday

jongin: okay bye~

trans cr. kimjoninis

[link to audio]

Arashi With magazine behind the scene

During the rooftop shooting, Sakurai-san said “Ah! Looks yummy!” and smiled at the nabe (hot pot). Matsumoto-san also commented “I’ve made this before. It’s really easy to make and so good~”. From there, the 5 of them chatted while eating. Even when a staff said “Okay let’s go to the next set!” they just kept eating away the nabe. After a while, Matsumoto-san was the one that finally stood up and said “OKAY” and the rest of the members said thanks for the food and resumed the magazine shooting. At the very end, everyone at the set joined to celebrate Ohno-san’s birthday with the largest taiyaki in Japan! (A pancake-like Japanese dessert filled with red bean paste and in the shape of a fish called Tai).

[Credit: Translated by me. Poor photo by me also.]

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Here’s the promised continuation for Reigisa/Nagirei! Hope you like it! Have a Happy White Day from all of us here!

It was a lovely Friday evening, perfect for unwinding after a long hard week and doing the things that you want and need to do. For Ryuugazaki Rei, that was studying for the soon-approaching final examinations for the year. As much as he would usually engage this activity alone, today was different.

This evening, his classmate, teammate and boyfriend, Hazuki Nagisa, is over at his house so that they can study together. They have made some progress in the past hour or so, but as soon as Nagisa got distracted, hell broke loose. However, it was only after Rei had promised to come over to the other’s house after the examination period was over to play video games that Nagisa decided to behave and study properly. 

“Rei-chan, I’m thirsty.”

“Well, my throat does feel a bit dry… What do you want? There’s coffee, tea, barley tea, rose tea, black tea, brown-rice tea, oolong tea…”

“Why are there so many varieties of tea? Ahh, just plain water will do. Make it a little warm.”

“I’ll go fetch it right away.” Rei stood up, stretching his sleeping legs.

“Thanks so much, Rei-chan! You’re a lifesaver!”

“Make sure you focus when I’m out!”

“Sure thing!”

Rei shut the door behind him. He simply stood there for a while, with a smirk on his face. Pushing up his glasses, he declared to no one in particular, “Time to execute the plan.”


“Ah, Rei-chan, welcome back… what’s in that white box?”

“Heh heh heh…” Rei chuckled, setting the mugs and the white box in question on the table. “Behold, Nagisa-kun! What you about to see is sure to astound you!”

“Ohh! I wonder what it is!”

“Feast your eyes on… this!”

The content of the strange white box was revealed to be… a cake!

“So? Is there anything you have to say about this?”

“W-Wow, Rei-chan… it looks amazing…”

“Isn’t it? Well, that is to be expected, since I did my research, after all!”

“But Rei-chan… today isn’t my birthday, you know?”

In response to Nagisa’s comment Rei let out a sharp gasp in shock, and the sound of his heart being stabbed could be heard clear and loud.

“N-N-Na-Nagisa-kun… You mean you forgot what today is…?”

“Today? Hmm… didn’t you say that today is the day that I would finally conquer math?”


“Then… there’s some national-wide discount on cake?”

“As if something like that exists?!”

“Umm… I have no idea, then! What day is it today, Rei-chan?”

With that, Rei blew up.

“How could you forget, Nagisa-kun?! Today is—”

However, before he could completely unleash his outburst, he was interrupted by the sound of Nagisa’s laughter.

“Relax, Rei-chan. I do remember. I was just pretending to forget, so I can see Rei-chan’s amusing reaction. It’s White Day today, isn’t it?”


Feeling the weight of the silence Nagisa started to get worried… but just a bit.

“R-Rei-chan…? Are you mad?”

“Don’t joke about things like that! You had me worried for a few moments there!”

Nagisa chuckled lightly. “My bad, my bad… But really, you went all out. When I said to return it three-fold, I wasn’t expecting anything like this. As expected of Rei-chan!”

“But of course!” Rei replied… or rather, declared triumphantly.

“Say, Rei-chan, why don’t you feed it to me?” Nagisa suggested, in an attempt to trigger another interesting reaction from Rei.

However, it didn’t seem to work. Instead, it seemed to have affected him positively.

“Why not?” Rei, smirking triumphantly, lifted up the fork that he had prepared.

Looking at the expression on Rei’s face and the way he was beaming, Nagisa could not help but wonder why he was so motivated all of a sudden.

Scooping up a generous serving with the fork, Rei lifted it up and brought it closer to Nagisa.


“Ahh…!” Nagisa took the cake into his mouth, savoring the soft sponge cake and sweet vanilla cream. “Mmm! This is really yummy!”

“Isn’t it?”

“Ah, Rei-chan, why don’t you have a bite as well?”

“Eh? But I bought it for you…”

“It’s fine, isn’t it? I won’t be able to finish it all on my own, anyway.” Nagisa snatched the fork away from Rei, who didn’t have time to react. “Here, Rei-chan, say "Ahh…!”

Though he was a little reluctant, Rei decided to follow along. “Ahh…”

However, the cake missed its target, Rei’s mouth, and makes its mark on the corner of Rei’s lips.

At this Nagisa laughed, and Rei’s eyelid twitched. He definitely didn’t find it as amusing as the former did.

“Nagisa-kun! Why did you do that?”

“Ehe.” Nagisa rubbed the back of his head and stuck out his tongue. “It was an accident?”

“It didn’t seem that way to me, though?!”

“My bad, my bad. No need to be so serious, Rei-chan.”

Rei sighs and pushes up his glasses, careful not to let his hand touch the cream on his face. “At least look apologetic when you want to apologize.”


“Well, since you are the one at fault. I expect you to take responsibility for this.”

“Rei-chan, I’m sure this is the wrong situation to use that phrase… but how do you want me to take responsibility?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Get this off my face!”

“Hmm…” At this, a mischievous grin appeared on Nagisa’s face as he thought of a good idea. “Well, okay! Come closer, Rei-chan!”

Rei leaned over the table towards Nagisa, who quickly brought his face forward to dart his tongue out to lap up the cake and cream. Feeling Nagisa’s tongue on his face, Rei nearly jumped in surprise. He backed away immediately, looking scandalized.

“N-N-Nagisa-kun! What was that for?”

“Well, you did tell me to get it off your face…”

“There could be some other way of doing it! Like using a tissue or something to wipe it off normally!”

“You’re as serious as ever. But that’s one of the things I like about you, Rei-chan.”

“T-Thanks for the compliment.” Rei muttered under his breath, a blush reddening his cheeks.

“Do you want more cake, Rei-chan? There’s still plenty to go around.”

“You finish it. And when you’re done, we’ll start on math.”

“Nooooo! Anything but math!”

“You were the one who begged me to help you… You did say that you want to avoid getting a red mark for your finals, right?”

“I did say that, but…”

“If you complain, you’re never going to get around doing it.”

“Hmm… okay! Thank you so much for the present, Rei-chan! Happy White Day!”

“Same to you. Now hurry up, we don’t have that much time to waste.”


- END -

Art by: Tails
Story by: Amamiya Toki

Free! © Kyoto Animation