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Fresh from the shower Sherlock wraps a towel around his waist and walks into the bedroom to find something to wear. John pounces and pushes him onto the bed whipping off the towel and leaving his lover completely exposed. When his lover is good and ready John crawls on top of him and starts to sink down onto Sherlock's waiting cock. Sherlock's hands move to John's waist and he asks the only relevant question he can think of "aren't you going to take off your kilt?" John smiles wryly and says no.

YUS!! \o/ yesssssss good ~♥

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in argentina we have these really cheap and cute things called mielcitas!! theyre basically honey ('miel' =honey) with different colors and flavors!!! theyre literally made to cut a corner of the lil thing and start chewing/sucking!!!!!!!!! idk i just love them...... theyre not very aesthetic pleasing but oh gosh theyre so good to chew on...

You mean these?? :O 

Gosh, they look yummy! :D They’re like bright colored versions of those honey straws someone sent an ask about a while back!! They look like they’d be fun to squish too, omg!!

SHINEE REACT: To trying out your amazing cooking/baking

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Hi, can I get a SHINee scenario where their girlfriend can cook really amazing food and desserts and they taste her stuff for the first time. I have a passion for cooking and baking so I wanted this one to be relatable lol. Thanks you!!

YUMMY :D This made me so hungry.

Scene: You, being an excellent cook/baker, decided to finally make something for your boyfriend to eat.

Onew: You decided to make fried chicken for Onew because he had been working so hard lately, yet he still made a huge effort to give you enough time each day -regardless of how tired he was. 

He wouldn’t hesitate to dive right in. This is Onew we’re talking about. He lives to eat.

“It already smells amazing jagi.”

His expectations weren’t crazy high but the burst of flavour in his mouth was overwhelming and it would be clear on his face how much he enjoyed it.

That chicken would be done in five minutes tops.

Onew eating is art itself. 

Jonghyun: You decided to surprise him at the set with a homemade dish. 

“For me? You made this for me? YOU made this?” he would be so happy and surprised at the same time since you had never made anything for him before.

He wouldn’t hesitate to dive right in.

“You’re the best jagiya, please cook for me more often.”

Minho: The boys were working extra hard and to cheer them on you had sent them a little something. 

When their manager handed Minho the package saying you had sent them some food he would be really surprised because you had never made anything for him before. He would dive right in just like Onew though.


This is actually pretty good…

“You guys are so lucky my girlfriend is such a great cook.”

Ends up eating everyone’s share.

Key: You had made something yourself for the first time and left it on the table and Key being curious Key decided to have a taste (completely unaware that YOU had made it).

“OMG Y/N-ah where did you buy this from it’s amazing!”

When you tell him you made it he wouldn’t believe you easily. “You’re saying you made this? You?” Key had always assumed that you just didn’t know how to cook before this.

He’d probably ask you to make more for him and when you do and send it to the shooting venue there’s no doubt the other guys would wolf it down just because he had been bragging about how skilled you were.

“Hajimaaa! She made this for me!”

Taemin: You two held a barbecue party outside but Taemin didn’t expect you to be cooking anything because you never had before -at least not for him. So when you took over preparing the food he was slightly nervous.

Should I pretend to like it even if it isn’t good?

Oh…what’s this?

Piles more food on his plate.


“I feel like I’m flying.”

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so i tried something new for funzies. boiled kale w vegan butter, whole wheat bulk pasta, and spicy tofu i made all mixed in a bowl. only prob was the pasta was a bit bland tho, any suggestions?

Hi Anon!

Sounds yummy! 

I’d suggest steaming kale, rather than boiling it. When you boil veggies, much of the nutrients are lost into the water during the boiling process (this is also why boiled veggies don’t taste as good). 

Take your kale ahead of time and just lightly massage it with your hands, this can break down some of the fibrous parts of kale and makes it more palatable. Steam the kale, then in a separate pan, saute some chopped garlic in your vegan butter. This puts the flavour of garlic into the butter(adding some black pepper would also be very yummy here). Reserve half of the garlic butter, then take your steamed kale and lightly coat it in the vegan garlic butter in the pan.

With your pasta, cook it as normal then drain and coat in your reserved garlic butter. You can also mix in your spicy tofu here. 

To serve, Put your pasta + tofu mixture into a bowl/plate and then top with your garlicy steamed kale. 

Best of luck! 

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