“We are a very 100-percent-or-nothing culture,” says Robin Ha, the author of a new graphic cookbook Cook Korean! Cold noodles may be served with ice to keep them frosty. Hot soups are served from a still flaming burner. Fish are often air dried or fermented.

For diners with increasingly diverse tastes, Ha believes Korean food can be quite welcoming. Much of it is easy to make and, due to the heavy use of fermentation, can last a long time without refrigeration. (Perfect for a grab and go lunch!) Most recipes don’t even require an oven. “It’s all sautéing or putting things in a pot to boil,” Ha says.

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– Petra (who’s contemplating a run to Bon Chon even as we speak …)

9.4.17 work out… Weak. Not much gains. Still at 14k. Think I found my zone. Give it a few more workouts and I’ll push more reps or sets! Arms are simple fucking 💀💀💀💀🤓💪✌️

Post workout smoothie… Dragonfruit Blackberry… Yummmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm… wait for it…. mmmmmmmmmmmm 😋