“We are a very 100-percent-or-nothing culture,” says Robin Ha, the author of a new graphic cookbook Cook Korean! Cold noodles may be served with ice to keep them frosty. Hot soups are served from a still flaming burner. Fish are often air dried or fermented.

For diners with increasingly diverse tastes, Ha believes Korean food can be quite welcoming. Much of it is easy to make and, due to the heavy use of fermentation, can last a long time without refrigeration. (Perfect for a grab and go lunch!) Most recipes don’t even require an oven. “It’s all sautéing or putting things in a pot to boil,” Ha says.

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– Petra (who’s contemplating a run to Bon Chon even as we speak …)

natey-night  asked:

is that crab from Joe's crab shack? it looks like crab from Joe's crab shack 😻😻😻

LOLOL. No, it isn’t. The Joe’s in my town is actually pretty bad. Their crab is always dry. It’s a hole in the wall place deep in the HOOD. Like literally the best crab in town is a little place most people in this large city don’t know about. They serve it with broccoli, new potatoes, and corn on the cob, and the portions of the sides are too much for me to eat in one sitting. It comes with a half crab set of legs, and the legs are HUGE. No scrawny crabs here, baby! They added 2 more halves for my plate. YUMMMMMMM.

5SOS Preferences #1 ~ Jealousy



“That makes four.”

Ashton’s head shot up from his plate, spaghetti falling out of his mouth as he mumbled a ‘huh’. You sourly stared at your chicken, twirling your fork around the top of it lazily.

“That’s four times she has looked at you in the past minute.” It came out sullen and childish but you knew, you KNEW it was a valid point. Your waitress had made it a point to stare at him, address only him, and lean over him like she was trying to tell him her boobs were on the menu.

“What? You’re being silly, come on now.” Ashton smiled at you and you bit back the urge to return the favor.

“I’m being serious! She keeps looking over here, and it’s not for me.” You snuck a side glance at the petite blonde once more and sure enough her eyes were on your oblivious boyfriend. She licked her lips and you felt your face burn in anger.

Ashton laughed suddenly, jolting you out of your seat. You narrowed your eyes.

“What the hell is so funny?!”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” He giggled into his napkin. Your big eyes widened even further and a blush spread across your face and neck like wildfire.

“W-what? No I’m not, stop it.”

“It’s fine babe, I think it’s sexy.” His large hand squeezed your knee under the table as he winked playfully. You squirmed under his touch but still pouted in response.

“Do you think she’s prettier than me?” The question tumbled out without intent and you cringed, mentally reaching forward to pull back the insecure words.

To your happy surprise, Ashton leaned in and murmured, “No one has ever been or will ever be prettier than you. I am the luckiest guy in the world and I won’t forget that. Ever.” Mollified by his words, you leaned forward and kissed him quickly, savoring the taste of tomato sauce and his own personal favor combined.

Needless to say, the waitress received a very small tip that day.


He was pretty sure he had been continuously chewing on his lip piercing for the past hour. Like he didn’t remember ever letting it go. But then again, how could he relax right now?!

Luke’s head snapped up as he heard the hotel door open and you called out for him. Swallowing the lump in his throat and nervously running both hands through his hair, he made his way out to the living room area to greet you.

“Luke!” You pounced on him, wrapping your slender legs around his skinny waist.You leaned forward and pecked his lips twice before nuzzling against his neck. However he remained stiff in your grip like a statue, blue eyes stubbornly trained on the ceiling.

“Luke?..” You peered up at him, frowning. “Is something wrong?” You released his waist and your feet hit the carpet with soft thuds.

He hesitated, bringing his gaze to yours and then almost immediately to the floor. He could tell you but then you might get mad which is why he hadnt texted you about it earlier… But then again if he didn’t tell you he would lie and you always knew when he was lying…

At this point your boyfriend was chewing so harshly on his lip ring that you were sure it was going to fall off. You snapped your fingers quickly in front of his face until icy orbs met yours.

“Hi! Yes I’m still here.” You giggled awkwardly. “Now what’s going on?”

He stuttered out something unintelligible before whipping his phone out of his pocket and showing you a photo on Twitter of you in an affectionate hug with a tan brunette boy. You couldn’t help but to snicker at the caption “Y/N’s got a cute boo on the side- damnnnn girl! #HavingHerCakeAndEatingItToo ’.

You glanced at Luke, who was still avoiding eye contact with you like it would kill him, and it all fell into place.

“Oh my god, Luke…” You tried to contain your laughter, but you simply couldn’t. A snort turned into a giggle, a giggle into laugh, and laughter into absolute hysterics. You were bent at the waist, downnright cackling at the look on the confused singer’s face.

“He’s… He’s my b-brother.” You managed to say after a few long moments. The shade of red Luke turned was more than enough to send you into another fit of giggles.


You giggled and pushed your boyfriend away as he once again nipped at your ear.

“Stop ittttttt, we’re in public!” You playfully whined as he crushed you to his body, attempting to feel your bum in the process.

“You love it,” he smirked. “Don’t even try to deny it.” You rolled your eyes and kissed him lightly, just barely ghosting your lips against his, before firmly pressing them toge-

“CALUM!” The two of you jumped apart in surprise as three girls in matching crop tops came running up to you. You both smiled at their obvious excitement, but yours shrank  as the leggy brunette subtly pulled down her shirt, showing a little more boob than needed.

“Can we take a picture with you? Please please please?” Her curvy blonde friend asked, smiling innocently at the young bassist.

“Well yeah of course!” He grinned and immediately wrapped his arm around the girl, making an adorable duck face. Next was the shorter brunette who almost began crying when Calum hugged her, and your heart went out to her. It was an intense experience, meeting a hero. But he handled it like a pro, hugging her tighter and telling her how much he and the rest of the boys loved her. You grabbed her hand on impulse and squeezed it, and she beamed at you. The fans truly were beautiful.

For the most part, anyways.

“Is it okay if I kiss your cheek for the picture?” The tall one practically purred, batting her long eyelashes at him. You felt yourself tense at the request, even though you’d heard it from girls before. This girl looked like a blue-eyed Cher Lloyd- how the hell were you not supposed to be jealous? The ridiculous flirting wasn’t exactly appeasing the overwhelming envy.

Oblivious to the mental daggers you were sending their way, Calum allowed the girl to kiss his cheek (did she really need to be THAT close to his mouth?!). However he caught your eye as he handed the phone back and was quick to end the conversation with the increasingly touchy young fan. After promising to follow them all on Twitter, the two of you began making your way to the hotel, him more than a little confused and you still scowling over the cheeky girl.

“Okay, okay, stop.” His fingers gently circled your wrist to stop you. Yo huffed angrily and glared at him, anger intensifying at the sight of her lipstick stain on his tanned face. Growling, you reached over and without asking began to wipe it off aggressively. He cringed from your harsh actions but his lips curled up into a smirk.

“Not one damn word, Calum Hood, or I swear to god you will not get laid tonight.”


Date night was always fun with him, whether it be full of video games or drinking or random spontaneous outings.Tonight was movie night and Harry Potter was the immediate choice. The two bags of extra-butter popcorn had long-since been devoured, although plenty of kernels had been lost in the tangled pile of sheets and limbs, but youwere too engrossed in the film to care.

“This is my favorite one.” You sighed happily, rubbing your leg against his. Michael’s head turned towards you from the other side of the loveseat.

“What?!” He gasped. “This is the one where Dumbledore dies!”

“Yeah but they show a lot of Draco in it, and he is yummmmmmm-y!”

He mumbled something in response but you had already refocused your attention on the blonde Brit on the screen, feeling your heart break a little for him as he broke down in the bathroom at Hogwarts. You sighed, drowning in the Malfoy feels.

“I’ll be right back.” Michael ripped his legs from around yours and abruptly strode out of the room. Perplexed, you frowned and tried to concentrate on the film.

Twenty minutes later you padded down the hallway to Michael’s room, blinking in surprise when you saw him sprawled out on his bed and texting away.

“Hey, what’s up?” You hopped on the bed and crawled next time him, nuzzling against his chest, but he said nothing and moved away from you. Hurt, you sat up and stared at him.

“Michael?” Tap tap tap tap tap… His fingers continued dancing across the screen without so much as a glance your way. Huffing in annoyance you batted the phone out of his hands and onto the bed.

“Watch it!” He snapped and went to grab it back, but you were faster. You sat yourself in his lap and grabbed his hands in yours. He let out an exaggerated sigh and let his head fall back onto the headboard, childishly staring at the ceiling instead of your pleading eyes.

“Michael come on…” You murmured coaxingly. ‘Talk to me!“

"Why? It’s not like I’m Draco.” Surprised by your boyfriend’s rather silly problem, you froze and sat back in his lap. You could see the blush spreading across his face and you tried not to coo at it.

“Michael… Michael I love you, not some blonde mommy’s boy.” Half-serious and half-teasing, you released his hands and began massaging his scalp. He swallowed thickly and tried to stay mad, but you weren’t playing fair. He could NOT give in this easy, no way.

You leaned forward and left a trail of open-mouthed kisses across his cheek, down his jawline, and continued down his neck. You pushed your hair out of the way so you could gently scarpe your teeth against his pulsepoint. WIthout meaning to Michael groaned out loud.

Smirking against his neck you continued your journey downward, very thankful he had gone shirtless. He tensed as your kisses got dangerously low and sloppy, self-control wearing thin. You tugged at the band of his underwear and he snapped, grabbing under your thighs and flipping you backwards.

“You’re not gonna remember anyone’s name but mine when we’re done.” Michael crushed his chest to yours and sucked harshly at your neck, earning gasps and moans from you.

You managed to bite back the urge to make a pun about his “wand”.