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  • Last 10 songs you listened to…
  • Last 3 popcorn flavors you ate…
  • Last 20 selfies you took…

I was tagged by @suchadearie, thank you! <3

The last 3 things I cooked:

Well, does breakfast count? I cooked this “egg in bread hole” toast kind of thing because @calmandbalancedpersonhah visited me on Thursday, and I promised her like a year ago if she comes to Pest and visits me then I’ll make her this for breakfast, so that’s what we ate on Friday. And then I baked (yeah, I know that’s not exactly cooking either… but I don’t really cook to be honest) blondies with coconut because it was my niece’s nameday… so I made cookies (but I’ll stick to brownies next time… white chocolate just doesn’t behvae the same way dark chocolate does when I try to use them in cookies)… aaaand last week I think, I made american pancakes for breakfast. 

The last “real” meal I cooked was a soup, and that was about a year ago. Yeah…umm, I really don’t cook that much, sadly.

My prompt is: the last 6 cities/towns/places you visited/went to a trip to. And I tag @guerins @rywen  @suchamessofagirl and @freifraufischer (but of course only if you feel like doing this meme). 

anonymous asked:

hello laurd of butter i wish i could drive up to ur hell hole (college) and write all ur paperZ 4 u then let's go get pancakes cuz yumm

i hope michael sent me this but also i agree whoever u are come eat pancakes with me. actually let’s eat waffles instead and eat them at one of my dining halls bc they have an imprint of a train on them bc that’s my schools mascot


*unusual asks #67,#78,#82*
#67-my hobbies: I spend most of my day with my kiddos, thank GOD, so my hobbies include playing/entertaining them with dress up, playing made up games in the yard, playing Pokemon Go on our walks to the park, going to Church with our family and doing activities there.i also love reading, shopping, crafting, coloring, playing with all my little space things and watching movies while cuddling with Daddy.

#78-i sleep with the door open (small children) although, I am excited for the day I can sleep with it shut again!

#82- my favorite ice cream flavor is Nutty Coconut from Baskin Robbins! Yumm-o
Thanks SO much @dellantiapet !! 👾