yumikuri week day 1

Yumikuri Week, Day One: Trust; A Lights and Sounds Drabble.

Yumikuri Week, Day One; Prompt: Trust.

Historia invites Ymir to play with aerial silks with her. When she asks the vocalist to trust her and grab her hands, will Ymir grab them or choose to fall into the net?

The only thing she wanted to do was to catch Ymir as she swung toward her. Wrapping her legs snugly into the silk, Historia let herself fall a few feet and tucked herself carefully into the bend, smiling at her girlfriend. “Trust me, I’ll catch you.

Rating: T for minor language.
Words: 1,195
Warnings: None.
Lights and Sounds AU

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Ymir: Christa stop being such a sissy Christa: but what if you don’t catch me?! Ymir: Then you’ll fall on your ass… Christa come on just trust me. I wouldn’t let you fall. Christa thinks about it a second before falling Ymir: Told you I wouldn’t let you fall *kisses Christa’s forehead*

I drew this in time I just sort of couldn’t post this I’m sorry, and I haven’t had time to do any edits to it D: