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everythingiscyan  asked:

how would the 104th and vets react to watching attack on titan?

I’m assuming we pretend they’re not still living in that universe

Mikasa: Okay
Reiner: Cheers on deaths
Bertholdt: sweats nervously
Annie: Not impressed
Eren: WOAH! THIS IS SO COOL, actual Levi fanboy
Jean: Hyped about it, only watches the anime, complains about manga spoilers
Marco: Thinks it’s too gory
Sasha: Is low-key creeped out
Connie: had a nightmare about it once
Historia: Enjoys it but is very very critical about it
Armin: Starts writing meta right away
Ymir: Laughs about deaths and mocks fans
Levi: kinda enjoys it, but the fandom only consists of children so he stays away from it
Hanji: Loves it
Erwin: Writes moral meta about it
Nanaba: doesn’t really enjoy it, but understands the appeal
Mike: His favorite characters are the minor characters and he’s salty
Moblit: Yumikuri fanart everywhere