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For your awesome ships, what is their idea of an ideal/perfect date? Sorry for bothering you!

You’re no bother at all!! 


An ideal date for Eren and Armin would consist of either a homemade dinner or a quiet cafe, a nice leisurely walk, and then marathoning either old cartoons or movie series while cuddling. 


A roadtrip. Taking a car for the weekend and driving out of the hustle and bustle of Trost


Very much a traditional date couple; things like a romantic dinner with candlelight and whispered sweet nothings, maybe a romantic walk under the stars. And then sex. 


Amusement park, aquarium, or roller skating rink dates. Very casual, very laid back. 


Unconventional and straying from the standard kind of dates. Sasha and Connie’s dates can range from anywhere between making food art to seeing musicals together or taking art classes together. Honestly as long as they’re together and having a good time then they’re happy.


Surprisingly, Levi can be grossly romantic and will set up some of the classiest dinners Petra (and by extension and help, Hanji, Isabel, and Farlan) have ever seen.