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As I like all things makeup, and as apparently you like seeing them, here’s a collab of things I have done in the past. Some oldies and some very recent. I added both cosplay tests and “beauty” makeup, and I just love how different one person can look depending on how makeup is applied. Older and younger, masculine, feminine, etc., and how the structure and features of your face can be “changed”. These are really not too much out there or diverse, but I just love testing things with my face. Still loads to learn!

Went on my way to play around with my face and hair today. (Haha my hair is actually long enough to almost touch my shoulder blades, and for this I had to tie it on the other side of my head and toss the tips on the other side. Sadly the color isn’t right, and I couldn’t bother to photoshop it.) As much as I love Shiro, it pains me I just don’t have what it takes to pull him off well enough. But at least it is fun to do this kind of stuff at home.


I am feeling sappy about my old costumes, and how I somehow manage to like (some) of them even today, after making the costumes years ago. Sure, I would make some things differently now, but I’m still pretty ok about how my Flemeth (Dragon Age II) turned out. Hope to get to wear it sometime again.

Photos by @jesmoth
Edit by yours truly

Costume made and worn by yours truly

More of my cosplay stuff on my FB page, YumiKoyuki Cosplay.

So this is a quick update. The ~very secret~ costumes of ours for the WCS preliminaries were Amir (jesmo) and Pariya (yours truly) from Otoyomegatari and we managed to get our costumesready just in time. The hard work is over and we would have been happy for just taking part in the competition today, having experienced something. Only that wE ACTUALLY WON THE THING. WHAT. WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS OF WCS 2016 IN JAPAN NEXT YEAR. WHAT. WHAT.

Yeah, I am really overwhelmed, but mostly I’m in this weird state of confusion of not being able to take it in just yet. According to the winners of previous years, it might take weeks to months to understand it fully. Now I’m just like. Ok. Wow. So. That happened. Sure.

But oh dear, so many amazing comments have been said to us afterwards. I am so humbled I just can’t. Just know you are awesome, ok? Ok.

Photo by Kizzy


So hey, I cosplayed as Taina from sorasusi’s comic at Närcon Summer (2015, Sweden) last weekend! It was quite interesting to cosplay some other person’s character and think about the possible props I could use for photos. I just hope I did her and sorasusi justice asdfgh. (Also I thought if I should edit the Närcon wristband away but decided to leave it here. I figured that maybe Taina visited some concert or something?)

Photos by Biitti
Editing by YumiKoyuki


Haha, it’s been a while since I posted cosplay pictures here! Here, have some of our Life Is Strange group from Yukicon 3.0!

Chamira as Chloe Price
Toni Ojakangas as Mark Jefferson
YumiKoyuki aka yours truly as Max Caulfield

Phots and editing by Merry All-Nighter

I did it too! I hadn’t yet taken a photo of me after dying my hair (only snap shots where my face couldn’t really be seen too well) and I had just come home after the theatre premiere so I was super sleepy and looked like that, too. I had to take like a billion of photos to get a presentable one. :D


Avatar: The Last Airbender

| Sokka | Photographer

Desucon Frostbite 2015, Finland

We had a photoshoot with Biitti and AG a week ago, and I’ve been jumping up and down for the absolute gorgeousness AG managed to capture. She is an amazing photographer and you should go and like her FB page. Also go an like Biitti’s FB page, since she’s also amazing. I kid you not.

You can also follow my work on my FB page, YumiKoyuki Cosplay!


The cosplay project I told you guys about. It was this. Ahhh. It was so fun and I’m happy though of course it’s not perfect. But still. It was fun! >u<


The second and last day of Yukicon was today and I had so much fun that I could cry. I was surrounded with awesome people who are just the bestest of companies to have, we had an ATLA group and took part in the group cosplay competition (for advanced cosplayers/competitors and won the 2nd place, yay!) and I just. I. I mean. I just don’t remember when the last time was that I had this much fun and I was so so happy after a con. I felt so at ease in Sokka’s clothes, even when I haven’t cosplayed a male character since 2009, but I just feel so close to Sokka as a character and it was so great to just be myself and still at the same time be in character. I am waiting for some photoshoot pictures we took with other Avatar cosplayers we met during the weekend but I thought I could show a couple of other photos while waiting.

Point being, I love these dorky people and I had the most fun since forever and I haven’t laughed as much in the longest of times! ;_; <3 Can’t wait to get to cosplay Sokka again (though in his winter attire) at Desucon Frostbite next month!

Photos by Santtu Pajukanta (up) and Kyuu Eturautti (bottom)


I might have mentioned that my next cosplay is going to be Chel from The Road to El Dorado and a few days ago I finished making her earrings (okay they are missing the clip on earrings from the backside but otherwise). I wanted to make both pairs of her earrings and I am quite fond of the outcome. The earrings are made of Paperclay that was sanded and polished with extremely fine abrasive paper. The other pair was painted with Deka Lack acrylic paint and the other was gold leafed (which was the first time for me trying that, so much fun!).