First picture on tumblr from our Akuroku shoot! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to cosplay this redhead again! Roxas, Kingdom Hearts - birthbysleeping Axel, Kingdom Hearts - yumidun Photographer - mrevilfaget There are more pictures, including pictures in robes, on birthbysleep’s Facebook page(Birthbysleep - Dem Dem) and my Instagram (Yumidun) so check those out!


さあ、ゲームを始めよう 〜
Ok third times the charm. Swear I’ve been trying to post this photoset for over an hour.

Hanna @yumidun and I tested makeup for Sora and Shiro that we’ll wear at NCS opening ceremony this summer! Many years late to the party but I’m so happy to finally FINALLY able able to do NGNL!
Don’t think I’ll ever do my best girl the justice she deserves but this anime deserves a lot of love so I’ll do my best to be the most moe gamer I can!


Some of my favorite shots from @yumiduns and my casual akuroku shoot! I live for my punk Axel and skater Roxas AU so these are just a whole load of hnnngggs for me *3* More to come (once someone tells me to get off my ass and start to edit the other pictures heh) 

Roxas, Kingdom Hearts - @birthbysleeping (me)
Axel, Kingdom Hearts - @yumidun
Photography - @mrevilphotography 
Edit - @birthbysleeping


In which Axel tells Roxas nonchalantly “Yeah, skating is pretty cool but rly anyone can stand on a piece of wood with wheels and jump around”. To which Roxas replies “Oh yeah? Hah I’d like to see you try my ‘piece of wood with wheels’” and confidently places the skateboard in front of Axel. And Axel realizes, he has never ever stood on a skateboard before. Shit. 

I had almost forgot I had these pictures laying around. Just a funny and cute photoset idea we had on one of our shoots this summer, and I think they turned out super adorbs. Think @yumidun made legit faces for a terrified Axel lolol 8D

Roxas- @birthbysleeping

Axel -  @yumidun

Photography - @mrevilphotography


Närcon is over tomorrow and I’ve completely forgotten to update here asdgh. Gonna give a full report on the con once we’re back and not dead after the massive concrunch to be able to finish for the Master competition! Meanwhile enjoy some sneaky snoiky pics @yumidun and I took before getting into our org coats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’d very much like to have a real shoot like this lelelele 8)))

“Side by side”

First shot from DRRR shoot with yumidun as my Shizou! I truly love this couple so I’m so glad I could finally have a shoot with my Izaya with such a pretty Shizou chan ;v; 

Orihara Izaya - birthbysleeping
Heiwajima Shizou - yumidun

Photography - mrevilphotography


『またね相棒』I ‘ L L  B E  W A I T I N G

First batch of photos of mine and yumidun s akuroku shoot with mrevilfaget  are finally done and I have to say I LOVE how they turned out, the perfect mix of cute, sexy and angsty! Can’t wait to share the casual pictures we took too so stay tuned for that! 

Roxas - birthbysleeping (me)

Axel - yumidun

Photography - mrevilphotography


(tldr) Finally on my way home from a crazy 2 weeks of con crunch (without an actual con), travel and general craziness. To make a long story short, one of my best friends was chosen among 9 others to compete in the Swedish Cosplay Mastership and since he decided to go with KH1 Cloud we decided I would make KH1 Sora and be his assistant on stage in his performance. This was not only super fun but also INCREDIBLY nerve-wrecking because of that fact that the competition is broadcasted live on national TV… (This probably wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if we haven’t decided to do a fight scene with my friends 2m Buster Sword…with a steel handle… On a quite tiny stage…) And to add on top of everything, the KH orchestra I had tickets for was for the night before the competition. So basically I was in London the day before I was gonna help out on stage.
But with 2 hours of sleep we arrived back in Sweden, costumes finished and did the performance! No one fell off stage, yours truly didn’t get hit by a buster sword and we didn’t fall asleep. It went by without a hitch. And low and behold; MY FRIEND WON. I could seriously ramble on and on about how proud I am of him but gonna spare my cheesyness until a later time. Also bless @yumidun for being handsome af as Noctis and helping Elias and me not dying either on or off stage XD. We’ve spent a good few days celebrating by sleeping and playing vidya games but now it’s back to reality for me. Demu over n’ out. NOTE: WROTE THIS ON APRIL 1ST BUT REALIZED NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME IF I POSTED IT LOLOL.


My AKB0048 Motomiya Nagisa cosplay I wore for Saturday at NärCon this weekend with my friend and rival yumidun (・ω・) this costume made me really feel like I’ve evolved as a costume maker as I made the west in a day and put on all the final details the next! Too bad our wigs didn’t arrive in time so had to borrow wigs from a friends friend ;3; oh well! Next time the wig will look a bit better!