CLASH Magazine

Photographer- Jan Lehner 

Styling- Harry Lambert 

Makeup  - Jenny Coombs at Streeters using MAC cosmetics  

Hair - Yumi Nakada Dingle using Aveda Men

Casting- Eddy Martin for File and Parade

Model - Kevin Carlbom @ Nisch Management


Alla Kostromichova by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia October 2011.

Fashion editor: Olga Dunina
Hair stylist: James Pecis
Makeup artist: Francelle
Hair colorist: Yumi Nakada-Dingle
Manicurist: Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Some Nogizaka46 members about Rena's first appearance and performance with them

And since we’re at it…
All Nogizaka46 overseas fans…let’s get along, okay? :)


It’s already gotten in the news but, as a surprise,
Matsui Rena-san appeared at the end of our mini live.

I met and spoke to Rena-san for the first time,
the day before yesterday, after our performance
in Music Station was over!!

Here’s a commemorative pic
from the day I first met her

External image

Rena-san is very cute *^^*
Rena-san, let’s get along well!

External image

And, best regards to everone from the SKE48 Family
and to all Rena-san’s fans too!


Matsui Rena-san kindly made
a surprise appearance
during the final MC!And then we performed
[Kizuitara Kataomoi] in 16,
including Matsui Rena-san.
External image


For the mini live, all of us - Matsui Rena-san included - got on the stage!The Nogi uniform suits Rena-san too much!
External image
Also…her skin is so smooth that I unconsciously ended up gazing at her…
External image


As for today’s handshake event,
the most most memorable thing
was Matsui Rena-san’s surprise appearance!It was her first time working
with Nogizaka after the concurrency was announced,so somehow we were nervous ourselves(*゚ー゚)v
But it was a really good kind of nervousness.!We performed Kizuitara Kataomoi together. How was it?After experiencing this national handshake event
it was possible for us to finally perceive
this concurrency as something that’s really happening.A new Nogizaka46 is going to start now,
so I think we must all brace ourselves.If this is going to create a good chemical reaction
is, I think, all up to us Nogizaka! *excited*I’ll work harder and harder((´。•ω•。 ))。ο♡Please do keep supporting Nogizaka46, Rena-san included! With Rena-san(∗ˊ꒳ˋ∗)


During the mini live
Matsui Rena-san appeared
for the first time on Nogizaka’s stage.
Even though it was just a brief performance,
I still was intensely able to perceive
the high level of her expressivity.I started to get very excited about this,
feeling like there’s so much for
us Nogizaka to absorb from her(o^^o)Please keep supporting us, Rena-san included!


Yesterday, as a surprise,
Matsui Rena-san performed
Kizuitara Kataomoi with us!Nogizaka’s uniform really suited her a lot!!♪( ´▽`) I’m glad!


Matsui Rena-san made a surprise appearance
and performed [Kizuitara Kataomoi] with us.Seeing her kindly wear Nogizaka’s uniform,
I was finally able to realize how Rena-san
became, for real, a Nogizaka46 member!I still haven’t properly talked to her,
but next time I’ll work hard and try to tell her something! I’ll overcome my shyness lol


And Matsui Rena-san
came to greet everyone! Personally, I got to talk with her
being I myself from the Aichi prefecture 〜(´・ω・`)Yeah, local talks that only Aichi citizens can understand!  ←


Matsui Rena-san debuted with us!
I’m sure the concurrency must be hard
but let’s work hard together!^
Rena-san’s fans,
please take care of Nogizaka46!


Wonderland Magazine - Neon Jungle

Photography- Alastair Strong

Styling - Harry Lambert

Hair- Yumi Nakada-Dingle using Aveda

Make up - Sandra Cooke using Nars

Manicurist: Steph Mendiola @ Caren using Chanel