yumi's drawings


some aged-up designs for the code lyoko kids!

i’d think odd would slow down on the hair wax at some point in his life….?  and william would probably give up on his edgy emo haircut at some point too….

now redrawn and colored digitally here!

yumi-yuka-yuki  asked:

The way you make Jefferson seem so crazy is so funny it's great :D

Ah! Thank you!! When you said crazy, it brought to mind a conniving Jefferson, you know, an actual “working behind the scenes, class A asshole”…

When in reality the way I draw Jefferson is just–

(Still an asshole mind you)

Code July Day 7 : BroTP

My BroTP is, well, everybody. If ever a day came where everybody trusted each other and worked together, XANA would be doomed. I used a selfie stock photo for the pose reference… Odd to me is someone who would take pictures like this. X)


Code July Day 5: Sports

I like to think that after defeating XANA, the kids either continued or started venturing into extracurriculars. Including the sporty ones.

Ulrich playing Soccer

Aelita doing Track/Cross country. After running from monsters on Lyoko for so long she has the Legs to run long distances. Plus Yumi, who specializes in short distance track, convinced her to try it out.

Jeremie swimming. You’d think he would shy away from anything athletic but in Deja Vu he’s a good enough swimmer to rescue Aelita, so perhaps he has some experience in the water!

Yumi doing Gymnastics. Gotta keep up those moves even without Lyoko!

Odd Skateboarding :)

I WAS GOING TO INCLUDE WILLIAM but idk what sport he’d do….hmmm

Code July Day 4 : Pick on Yumi

“If lost return to Ulrich Stern.” I love her to pieces, but if I had to pick on her, this would be the way.~ Left this one pretty sketchy because I want to redraw it later. Their styles are kind of a mix of the main seasons and Evolution, and I tried to make the background vaguely match Evolution. Good God, the beige. Evolution had so much beige. 

this one goes out to @crescentmoonrider you know what we have between us