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Remember his comments as a 20-year-old?

Everyone in the studio was speechless after his statement about how parents should raise their children to become someone like him. (this is just a rough translation)

M1:(right after his answer) I give that 100 points *everyone laughs*

W1: There’s nothing left to say, right?

M1: He’s even good (put emotions) in his answers…

W2: Even for parents find it hard to say that (what he said abt there are good points in their children). Last time when I watched GPF together with my son, and he said that he also want to become like Yuzuru Hanyu. But now that I listened to Hanyu, I realized it’s impossible.*everyone laughs*

M2: (was asked for his opinion about Yuzu’s answer as a 20-year-old) Oh, how to say this? It doesn’t seem right haha……

Everyone just went on about how he doesn’t seem like 20 years old at all, from his answers to his expression on ice. 

Guys, I know, I feel the same. This boy is a gift to the world (or an alien). He never seems to be his age, physically and mentally. He looks forever younger and thinks like so much older than his age. Truly belongs to Hanyu planet XD

A Completely Incomplete History of the Magical Girl Subgenre in Manga and Anime, pt. 2

Welcome back to my occasional, completely unscientific, very self-indulgent look at the evolution of the magical girl subgenre! In my first post, I said that the subgenre can be loosely divided into three generations, starting with series like Sally the Witch and Majokko Megu-chan in the ‘60s and ‘70s. In this post, I’ll describe the second generation of magical girls: the new crop of shows starting in the early ‘80s that added some interesting elements that would transform the subgenre. Come join me below the break, gentle readers!

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80’s Magical Girl Openings: Studio Pierrot

Magical Angel Creamy Mami 【魔法の天使クリィミーマミ】


Magical Fairy Persia 【魔法の妖精ペルシャ】


Magical Star Magical Emi 【魔法のスターマジカルエミ】


Magical Idol Pastel Yumi 【魔法のアイドルパステルユーミ】



I can hear it calling for me from deep within my heart
This dream keeps on repeating, we will never be apart
So instead of counting sorrows, that never could be counted
Softly, from your lips, sing the song of your heart again

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Author: Ryan North
Artists: Liz Prince, Carey Pietsch, Rebecca Tobin, Yumi Sakugawa, and Jon Vermilyea
Cover Artists: A: Mike Holmes B: Nick Iluzada (Subscription Cover) C: Luke Pearson (Incentive)
It’s a rad stand-alone ZINE Special! Enjoy this crazy special as the citizens of Ooo create their own zines to share. Marceline has a lot to say about her music, Peppermint Butler has a few life tips for anyone who will listen (and everyone should listen), and Finn creates his very first journal comic. A sick homage to DIY and mini-comics culture printed on uncoated paper and made to look like a zine from the ADVENTURE TIME gang!

I love this book.


Public School served up a casual, cool collection for Fall/Winter 2014. Tweed coats, three piece suits, and loose fitting trousers made their way down the runway. Combing the NYC streetwear aesthetic with high-end tailoring, designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne took on a new challenge for their normal all male collection: womenswear.

Their female silhouette included some slouchy, layered androgynous looks. My favorites included a pair of oversized shorts, a long cream sweater, an ankle length jacket, and an oxblood cape. This collection embodied sophistication in the utmost relaxed manner. The pants hung low on the hips giving style and ease to an overall upscale look.