まじかるルルルル♪  MY♥MILKY♥WAY Translation

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Magical Rururu♪
Pythagoras Productions Shuffle Unit: MY♥MILKY♥WAY
Nomura L, Nomura R, Nakama Teruma
CV: KENN, Suzuki Yuuto, Someya Toshiyuki
MY♥MILKY♥WAY 1st Single まじかるルルルル♪

T/N: Hello, guys!! I didn’t find any translation online so I decided to give it a go, hehe. If there is actually one and I missed it then I’m sorry >.< I also would like to apologize because I’m no 100% sure with my translation lol and I did a lil tinkering with the lyrics to deliver the (supposedly right lol) meaning. This song is just so cute and magical Kanji lyrics are from here.

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