yume's face


I’m starting to notice a trend here.
What is it with white cracked faces and black open mouths and black eyes with white glowing pupils that scares us so much? The pareidolia? The uncertainty? The biological conditioning for recognizing and wanting to stay away from signs of dying people and dead? Skulls? The natural fear of eyes of some creature glowing in the dark? There’s something so terrifying and unnerving about it. There’s so many examples of games using this design in scary characters and moments, almost as much as generic pale spastic Japanese girl with long black hair and a tendency to look at the floor.

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I made two versions. Personally my favorite is the second one (the green hair kinda kills the contrast of the grey with the other bright green parts for me :/ even if it still looking good).

And sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it.

Btw, if anybody wants to see the palette, it was this one.


You can’t understand how THIS  f e e l s.

                              .      .      .

                     No… Please don’t GET too close.
                         … you might get hurt findout.
                              .      .      .
                      You are better off NOT knowing.
                               For this is MY   H e l l .
                              .      .      .
           And NOBODY else deserves to get hurt by it.

                …I do not want YOU hurt.

                              .      .      .
                                         .      .      . 
                                                          .      .      . 

                                                … Please HELP me… before it EATS my heart away…

you know, i have yet to decide if undertale!mado gives me life or actually KILLS ME SLOWLY WITH FEELS AAAA
ye sorry for being cheap i actually got the FACE image from yume nikki gensou lmao

Mad Max Wreck-it-Ralph AU where Max is Ralph and he just wants to be left alone but wanders into a Wasteland racing Game in his quest for solitude and meets Vanellope!Furiosa who is an outcast in her own game which is run by King Joe.

(Dude Furiosa as Calhoun and Max as Fix-it-Felix also tickles my fancy)